Latest Ohemaa Mercy songs

Latest Ohemaa Mercy songs

West African music has been making great improvements over years. The secular industry has made tremendous growths. So is the gospel industry. Actually, countries like Ghana have the best Gospel music. This is so due to the artists who have devoted their energy into the music industry. An example of music that has dominated the gospel industry is Ohemaa Mercy songs.

Latest Ohemaa Mercy songs


Apart from artists like Joe Mettle and Sonie Badu, female artistes too are working towards making sure that gospel music does not lose its meaning in the country. The fans have been spoilt for choices when it comes to these gospel artists and music. One of the best songs are the Ohemaa Mercy songs. Be it praise or worship songs, Ohemaa Mercy songs are just so touching. They are the kind of songs that you would listen to and get moved. For those who do not know these songs, just flow along, by the end of this article, you will have insight on her and the kind of music that she does.

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Who is Ohemaa Mercy?

Born on September 1977, Mercy Twum-Ampofo was the daughter to one Mr. Amoah. Mercy was born in Accra, but was raised in Koforidua As a small girl, Mercy had a thing for music. She spread her wings when she joined a music band by the name ‘Golden Bells’. Her contribution towards the band was appreciable since she sang so well. Mercy attended her primary school in St. Peter’s Anglican Primary school which is located in Koforidua, after which she joined Ghana Secondary school for her secondary school education. Upon completion, she joined S.D.A Teachers Training College, which is located in Koforidua. She is a teacher in St. Peters Anglican Primary School. She later got married to one Mr. Isaac Twum-Ampofo. Her marriage gave rise to three adorable boys. Her first son is Nyamekye, her second born, Nhyira and the youngest of them all is Aseda.

Music career

Ohemaa mercy started her music career in 2004. Unlike other artists, Mercy had a couple of goals that she looked forward to achieving by getting into the industry. Some of these goals were; to preach through her music, to give hope to those who were humble in Christ, to stretch a helping hand towards the poor in the society, to preach excellence in gospel industry and in turn bring the youth back to Christ and help reform those in prison through ministering to them.

By the end of the year, she was releasing her first album. The title of the album was Adamfo Papa. Unlike other artists, Ohemaa Mercy songs in this album had the best airplays. This is not what she imagined she would get from the public, especially for the fact that she was just a beginner. Within no time, her music was being played in the local radio stations. This was so encouraging for her. She took some time without recording, for her first album to make sales. In the year 2006, Ghana Music Awards, Mercy got nominated for seven categories. This was evidence that her music was taking a good course and that she had genuine fans. She did not win any awards this year. She however did not get discouraged. She continued working towards her second album.

In 2007, Mercy had already finalized on her second album which she released that same year. The title of this album was Edin Jesus. This was also a great one. Actually it did her magic, because within six months after the album had been released, she sold over 800,000 copies. By the end of that year, this album won the best-selling that year.

2008 was Mercy’s year of elevation in the Gospel Music Industry. During the Ghana Music Awards that year, the mother of three got nominated for ten different categories. This was an unusual thing that had never happened. No artist had ever gotten such a high number of nominations before. Out of the ten, she won three. These were the Album of the Year award, the Gospel Album of the Year and the Gospel Artiste of the year award. That same year during the National Honours Awards, Mercy earned herself a Grand Medal that was awarded to her by then Ghana’s president, His Excellency Honourable John Kufuor. Mercy then embarked on her ministry.

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In 2010, she started working on her third album. This one she named, Wobeye Kese. This album too made her proud when it made tremendous sales months after it had been released. Within a span of four months, the album secured her four nominations, again in the Ghana Music Awards that were held in the year 2014. To prove to everyone that the God she served was a true one, she scooped the Gospel Artiste of the Year Award. That same year in Canada, Mercy won the Gospel Artiste of the year. She also got a nomination for the Best Female Artiste West Africa. This was in London, during the Africa Gospel Music Awards. This was enough proof that Ghanaian gospel had the capability to change one’s life completely.

After releasing Wobeye Kese in 2009, Mercy embarked in her ministry, prior to the goals she had set before she got into music. She later released her fourth album, which she named Prophecy in the year 2012, which was followed by another album named His Word in 2014. In 2016, she released her sixth album, Aforebo.

Ohemaa Mercy new album

Ever since she began her music career fourteen years ago, Mercy has been able to release six albums, which amount to a total of fifty songs. The titles of these albums are:

  • Adamfo Papa
  • Edin Jesus
  • Wobeye Kese
  • Prophecy
  • His Word
  • Aforebo

Aforebo is the Ohemaa Mercy new album that was released in 2014. Ohemaa Mercy new album marked her tenth anniversary in her music career. The album has a total of eleven songs. The titles of these Ghanaian worship songs are;

  • Woye Nyame
  • Wobesan Asore
  • We praise
  • Sumsum
  • Obaofor
  • Nhyira
  • Meyi Naye
  • Meto Ndwom
  • Medo Wo Ase
  • Ebedwo
  • Adepa
  • Aforebo.

Being the newest album that Mercy has worked on, Aforebo contains Ohemaa Mercy latest song.

Ohemaa Mercy worship songs

This lovely lady seems so obsessed with Christ. This is seen through her level of devotion in her music. Ohemaa Mercy worship songs bring out this aspect so well, especially the Ghanaian gospel songs for worship. She is not ashamed of her faith in God and this is seen through the message in her music too. These Ohemaa Mercy worship songs that are the reason why she is this famous. Some of them include;

  • Ya Pae
  • This is your time
  • The Name Jesus
  • Ohemaa Mercy-Thank you
  • Thank you (slow version)
  • Oye Bi Mame
  • Obeye Ama Wo
  • Obaatanpa
  • Mengye Nto Mu
  • Mengye Nto Mu
  • Fa Woho To No So
  • Bigger Than
  • Apam
  • Adom Bi
  • Ohemaa Mercy-Apam (slow version).

Other Ohemaa Mercy worship songs from her Wobeye Kese album include;

  • Se Wobegye Yesu Adi
  • Ne Hwere Nfi Wo
  • Yesu Nim Wo
  • Yesu Mogya
  • Wanum Nsem
  • Se Obinim
  • Reason why
  • Jesus on my side
  • Aseda

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On to Ohemaa Mercy worship songs from her ‘His word’ album which mainly comprises of Ghanaian worship songs, these are the songs in the album;

  • Ohemaa Mercy-Menka Mno Nto Mu worship
  • You fight for me
  • Yu are Good, Ohemaa Mercy-unbreakable
  • Nhyira
  • Menka Mano Nto Mu
  • Freedom
  • Firi Mu
  • Birbi Besi
  • Abro Su.

These Ghanaian worship songs have worn Mercy big awards. Ohemaa Mercy latest gospel music is entitled Wobesan Asore which is a hit in her sixth album, Aforebo.

Ohemaa Mercy - Aseda

Ohemaa Mercy is one lady who is genuinely after God’s own heart. From her music, it is evident that she is a true believer whose goal is to have a saved generation. Her music effortlessly depicts the character of a lady whose life revolves around having the best relationship with her God. A very good example of a worship song that proves this is Ohemaa Mercy Aseda. For some reason I tend to think this song is the reason behind her son’s name. This is a track in her Woye Kese album. This song managed over 4600 views on YouTube ever since it was uploaded. Here is a quick link to the music video of Ohemaa Mercy Aseda;

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Ohemaa Mercy - Wofiri Mu

Directed by Kwasi Oduro Junior, Ohemaa Mercy wofiri mu is a six minute Ghanaian gospel music. The song was part of Ohemaa Mercy’s fifth album, whose title is His Word and was released in 2014. This is the album that moved people’s heart and earned Mercy a name in the society. This particular song had the highest number of views of all the songs in this album. On YouTube, it managed over five hundred and sixty thousand views. For those who have not listened to Ohemaa Mercy wofiri mu, here is a quick link to the song;

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Ohemaa Mercy - Nhyira

Ohemaa Mercy Nhyira is also a debut single hit song in her ‘His Word’ album. Despite the fact that the song is a Ghanaian worship songs, the song had the best response from the public. It managed more than nineteen thousand views on YouTube. This song was released in 2015. The producer of this song who also features in it is one Moris BabyFace. Here is a quick link of Ohemaa Mercy nhyira;

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Ohemaa Mercy - Thank You

Ohemaa Mercy thank you was released in 2013. The praise song had the highest views in the ‘His Word’ album. This year, Mercy went the praise way and weird enough, she got more fans. Actually, this song got her the highest number of YouTube views within a very short period of time. So far, Ohemaa Mercy thank you stands at one million six hundred thousand views. Isn’t this encouraging, especially for young artistes who are still struggling in the Ghanaian gospel music industry. Here is a quick link on the YouTube video of Ohemaa Mercy thank you;

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For the years she has devoted to the music industry, Mercy has left a legacy that the upcoming gospel artistes look up to. Through her music, she has been able to touch the lives of many people. She probably is living her dream. Her music has also earned her a name in the country, West African Region, Africa as a whole and even beyond. Her hard work has seen her meet prominent musician like Don Moen. Though her music career, she has been able to share a stage with well-established musicians like Kirk Franklin, Darwin Hopps, Israel Houton, Don Moen, Fredd Hammond, Andrae Crouch, Juanita Bynum and many more.

From her music career, Mercy can be described as a woman after God’s own heart. Mercy has now devoted her energy to her ministry. She is a role model to upcoming artistes and the society as a whole.

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Ghanaian gospel music

In as much as secular music is making progress in West Africa, Ghanaian gospel music is in the limelight too. Actually, Ghanaian gospel music is becoming the trendsetter in the music industry. The reason behind this honor is the efforts put in by the overwhelming gospel artistes the country has. The latest gospel music by artistes such as Sonie Badu and Joe Mettle have earned the country a name in the charts and awards. Their music is being played in top charts and these Ghanaian gospel artistes have had to travel the world, meet prominent people and even win awards, thanks to their music.

In as much as the society is compromised by the secular kind of life, there is hope, thanks to personalities such as Ohemaa Mercy who have taken the initiative of using gospel music as a tool to transform the society. The music styles used by this artistes are a very powerful tool in capturing the attention of the society and have the message delivered. The much that we as the society can do is support these gospel artistes.


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