Health benefits of banana fruit

Health benefits of banana fruit

Banana is a very underestimated fruit that has a variety of health benefits. Banana can either be eaten when ripe or unripe. Unripe bananas are very nutritious and come with a variety of benefits. Unripe bananas can either be fried, boiled or even roasted to add flavor. Ripe bananas are eaten whole and they are a fruit. Ripe bananas are loaded with vitamins and other minerals while unripe bananas are basically carbohydrates in nature. Bananas are widely consumed in the whole world because of their high nutritional value and also because they are sweet. So you want to know the benefits of bananas read on.

Health benefits of banana

Do you know that One banana contains 0.3 mg of iron,0.8 mg niacin, 34 mg of magnesium, one gram of protein, 3 grams dietary fiber, 450 mg of potassium, 9 mg of vitamin c and 0.5 mg of vitamin B6. Bananas also contain other minerals and trace elements like folate and riboflavin. Below is a very comprehensive list of all the health benefits of eating bananas

Benefits of eating overripe bananas

When a banana becomes overripe, one can just peel it and apply the peelings on a wound. In the past, they were believed to heal some wounds or allergies in the skin. As much as nowadays modern medicine has taken over the industry, there is need to recognize just how helpful the bananas are. Overripe bananas have been acted upon by bacteria and they are good for the digestive system. When you experience such problems ensure that you use the banana peels and then consult a physician.

Health benefits of green banana

  • Roasted bananas

Roasted bananas are also loaded with nutrients. Roasted bananas have more satiety because they are passed through heat. They can be roasted whole or cut into pieces and then roasted. roasted bananas are good for people who want to cut some weight.

  • Fried bananas
Health benefits of raw banana

Unripe bananas popularly known as plantains are very starchy and loaded with nutrients. The bananas are peeled, and cut into small pieces then they are fried. Fried bananas are very healthy and people who want to add some weight can fry them and get the benefits that come from them. Fried bananas are also a dish that can be served with other accompaniments like vegetables to make it balanced. Fried bananas are loaded with energy and also fats that help to build the muscle tissue.

  • Deep fried bananas

Deep fried bananas are made into chips and they are just delicious. Banana chips are very sweet and crunchy and they help in increasing the caloric index. For an underweight individual, this is a good solution for you. AIDS patients are also advised to eat snacks in between meals to maintain their nutritional health.

Health benefits of boiled bananas

Boiled bananas are made from unripe bananas. The bananas are pealed and can be cut into two pieces or just boiled whole. The bananas are boiled and eaten either for breakfast or any other meal. Most people who want to live a healthy life would prefer boiled to fried bananas. The reason is they are very low in fats and chances of growing big are slim. People who want to lose weight can comfortably eat the boiled bananas or just pair them with any other type of food. People who want to lose weight should increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in the diet to get rid of the excess weight. Boiled bananas can really work very well in this case.

Health benefits of banana leaves

The banana leaves can be boiled, and the liquid obtained is used as medicine. Banana leaves tea popularly known as green tea is very nutritious. The banana leaves contain a chemical substance that is Avery good antioxidant. The leaves are dried and made to be part of the green tea. In the past, the banana eaves were also used to cover food or even way before the introduction of plates, they were used. The liquid on the leaves was viewed to be very helpful in the body. A substance present in the tea helps in to reduce constipation.

Banana stem juice

Health benefits of banana

The stem juice also has been used traditionally and until today the stem juice has been using to make medicine. The stem juice is very nutritious, and it prevents constipation and ulcers. The stem juice is a valuable item to all herbalists. The stem juice can be taken occasionally to prevent the cases of a running stomach, or a tummy full of gas. The bananas are a very important fruit and all the parts of a banana are important.

Health benefits of eating bananas

1. Potassium

Potassium is one of the macro nutrients contained in bananas. Potassium is very necessary for maintain the heart functions nd also it heps to lower the blood pressure. Potassium directly affects the sodium in the body and so it helps to balance the amount of sodium in the diet. In this case, the risk of heart attacks s lowered significantly and an individual remains healthy because of the bananas. Actually eating bananas can reduce the risk of getting a stroke by 20%. The potassium also helps to benefit the kidneys and also to strengthen the bones and teeth. Lack of potassium can lead to increased sodium in the body. Sodium is mainly obtained from salt. Increased salts mean increase in blood pressure. Intake of potassium is therefore very. Take a banana when you feel like if your blood pressure is high or too low and am sure you will experience positive changes.

2. Energy

Professional athletes always eat bananas before they start their sports. This is because, bananas are loaded with large amounts of energy. You can do an experiment before working out missing or just eating bananas. The difference's is quite significant. This is because the bananas have sugars that are also balanced with fiber. This keeps an individual full of energy. The same goes for the individuals who do heavy jobs. Some people are concerned that the bananas can increase blood sugar but this is not true. The sugars found in bananas are actually very safe to consume. They have a glycemic index of 52 and the figures keep varying depending on the variety. If someone wants to lose weight, bananas are the best remedy.

Taking a banana in between meals gives you some kind of satiety. An individual feels full and this will reduce the cravings significantly. One should therefore replace junk and snacks with Bananas for healthier lives. Bananas also help to boost the immunity with their many minerals. Bananas are a must have for any individual who would like to live a healthier life and a more positive life. This is one of the health benefits of ripe banana.

Bananas provide the much-needed energy during pregnancy and during lactation. The cooked bananas provide even more energy because they are loaded with vital ingredients that not only provide energy but also other nutrients necessary for the growth of the body.

3. Digestion

Health benefits of ripe banana

Digestion is the process by which food is absorbed in the body. Fo digestion to take place, food has to be taken in. However digestion is sometimes altered due to lack of sufficient dietary fiber in the diet that is mainly obtained from fruits and vegetables. Dietary fiber contained in bananas is soluble such that once its taken into the body its totally absorbed and no remnants arr excreted from the body. Bananas contain high fiber. The fiber aids in the digestion send prevents constipation.

Good digestion is also one of the health benefits of eating banana flower. They aid in bowel movements and a person has educed gas. Sometimes when a person experiences a swollen tummy due to gas, they are advised to take a banana. It eases the process of digestion and eliminates toxins that lead to indigestions. Bananas are generally rich in fructo oligosaccharides. They feed on the friendly bacteria and hence helps to absorb the nutrients. Bananas are totally medicinal and a banana a day will always keep the doctor away.

4. Heartburn and ulcers

Have you ever had a burning sensation around the chest area? Well this is a very common feeling to almost everyone. The burning sensation is because of a condition known as the heart burn. To reduce the heart burn, simply take a banana and eat it comfortably and you will go back to normal. This is because, the bananas help to balance the pH of the stomach. Heartburns and also ulcers are caused by increased acid in the stomach. Also, when you eat a banana each day, the mucus lining in the stomach thickens. This ensures that the risk of getting ulcers reduces significantly. It is also very important to ensure that you see a doctor incase you have ulcers and pair the medical advice with eating a banana each day and you will get the health benefits raw banana.

5. Vitamin B6

Health benefits of banana

This vitamin helps to create the haemoglobin that makes up the blood. This vitamin is mostly found in bananas and it a very helpful vitamin. One of the major uses of bananas is to ensure that the body is stabilized. Bananas definitely taste better than vitamin pills. To avoid medical conditions, take a banana each day. Children are also advised to eat bananas whether ripe or unripe and cooked to boost their immunity. This is because they are more susceptible to disease than adults. Bananas give a child a healthy lifestyle, and reduces the cases of malnutrition. Bananas are cost friendly and readily available in all parts of the world. Give your child a banana each day and expect a difference in their performance.

6. Skin conditions

Bananas help to cure some specifi skin conditions. When you have an allergy, simply peel a fresh banana and rub it onto your skin gently. The fatty acid that is present in the banana reduces the allergy. Traditionally, the banana peels were used to heal warts. Warts are a bad skin disease that is caused dead cells accumulating in one part of the skin. In case of a wart, take the banana peel and place it directly onto the wart. Tape it well and then leave it overnight. Repeat the process over and over again for a week or two until the wart disappears. Some people have also used the banana peels to do facial therapy where they rub the peel on the skin. This helps to reduce the accumulation of fats in the skin and also reduces rashes. Bananas have been tried and tested and the results are always outstanding. Try out either of the remedies and see if there will be a change.

7. Vitamins and minerals

Apart from potassium and vitamin B6, Bananas also have very high amounts of vitamin C, and magnesium and also manganese. They also have trace minerals like iron and iodine. All these vitamins in minerals are very essential in stabilizing the body functions. Bananas have a wide variety of functions. Minerals such as potassium and iron are very important in the body. Develop a habit of eating a banana regularly and expect tremendous changes in the body.

Health benefits of raw banana

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8. Cancer

Did you know that bananas play a roe n preventing cancer? Well now you know. Cancer is basically the excessive multiplication of cells that leads to creation of a tumor. Cancer is a very deadly disease that has claimed many lives recently. Eating a banana can actually reduce the risk of contracting this deadly disease. Bananas contain a compound known as cytokine that helps to boost the immunity significantly. Eat a banana each day and avoid putting in too much junk. Cancer is recently claiming more lives because people ignore fruits and go for fast foods. Change your lifestyle today by choosing to eat a fruit rather than a burger and your health will improve generally.

9. Improves moods and relieves stress

Bananas contain amino acid tryptophan that the body converts to serotonin. This is an essential amino acid that reduces stress. Also, it helps to regulate the sleep patterns and you find yourself sleeping in regular patterns. Sometimes one major cause of stress is irregular sleep patterns. Simply take a banana after a busy day or when you feel lethargic you can just eat a banana or make a banana smoothie. A banana smoothie is made by blending ripe bananas or just including a different fruit for change in color like the beetroot for a very nutritious drink. With such a drink, stress levels are bound to go down naturally.

Eating banana with honey

10. Hangover cure

Did you now that a banana can cure a hangover? The same way it reduces stress, it can also cure a hangover. Once you have had a long night and you did not get enough sleep, take plenty of water and eat a banana or two. Bananas will rejuvenate you and give you your much needed energy to start the day. You can never go wrong with bananas and make sure you eat them regularly. Eating banana with honey has also been known to reduce stress and to improve the general wellbeing of an individual. Diabetic patients are however advised by a doctor on what to eat.

11. Antioxidant

There are many times we get sick because of toxins. When toxins accumulate in the body, they cause bacteria and they end up affecting our digestive system. It is therefore necessary to eat bananas because they serve as good antioxidants. They cleanse the system and ensure that the system is clean and without blemish. A good way to test if you need to detoxify your body i when you experience heart burns or feel bloated. A bloated stomach is very uncomfortable and all you need is just a banana.Better safe than sorry, and eating a banana solves the problem.

12. Benefits of banana during pregnancy

Benefits of banana during pregnancy

There are some rumors that if you eat a banana when you are pregnant that the cord might not fall off and many more myths. These myths are totally falls. When a person is pregnant she is advised to eat more bananas because they promote good colon health and they also reduce anemia and muscle cramps. When someone is pregnant, they are in dire need of blood and the iron and folate present in a banana gives just that. Also the bananas are very important in ensuring that the muscle cramps that are likely to be experienced during the last stages of pregnancy are reduced. The other thing that people ignore is that the bananas help in digestion. When an individual is pregnant, what the eat has to be rationed.

Although nutritionists recommend a higher intake in fruits and vegetables. Eating banana in pregnancy protects the fetus from diseases and it helps to boost the immunity of the child. Pregnant mothers should therefore make it a habit of eating bananas unless if they are advised not to by the physician. The baby in the tummy also feeds on what the mother feeds. Bananas therefore not only help the child but also the mother by boosting their immunity. Eating a meal with a banana makes it three times more nutritious. After giving birth, mothers are advised to eat bananas for weight loss.

13. Fertility

Bananas play a great role when it comes to fertility since it contains some vitamins responsible for catering for the fertility of individual. Bananas are very important in improve the production of reproduction hormones that aid in fertility. Banana leaf extract is also believed to play a role in boosting the reproductive and the general health of an individual. Most people are more concerned with the reproductive health. The bananas just play a role but if accompanied by other nutrients, the differences visible.

Health benefits of ripe banana

14. Bananas play a role in preventing diabetes

Diabetes is mainly caused by increase or lack of insulin in the body.this malfunction leads to one of the killer diseases especially the Type2 Diabetes. The body has a specified amount of insulin that it requires each day. Bananas have nutrients that boost the production of insulin. A banana is very nutritious, and it contains the chemical components that fight diabetes.

15. White blood cells production and immune boosters

The white blood cells are responsible for fighting germs in the body. Th bananas are very important in fighting germs and also ensuring that the immune system is working very well. White blood cells protect the body from diseases and infections. The best source of white blood cells is actually bananas. Most people underestimate this fruit not knowing how much it protects against diseases. Ward patients that can eat are actually advised to eat fruits. It is soft and easy to chew.

Bananas are actually the best source of energy for patient who ca not feed themselves.a banana is a healthy fruit and i think it should not lack in any ones most parts of Africa, the banana naturally grows in farms and they are readily available. The malnutrition rates are slowly decreasing because people are learning the value of the bananas. Banana for babies should also be mashed to ensure that they are free from diseases. Babies and toddlers are the target groups in the Make a habit of eating a banana each day and you will not regret the choice that you make.

Red banana

Bananas are very important in ensuring that the immune system is boosted. Bananas contain folate, which forms the DNA and the RNA. They contain iron which prevents anemia. They have vitamins both C and B6 which aid in the proper functioning of nerves. Bananas are very important parts of the meal. With all these and many more functions, the body works well, and this guarantees an individual of a healthy lifestyle that is free from diseases. Banana peppers are also included in a meal. They make the meal more nutritious and tasty. People with a weak immune system can also try the red banana. It belongs to the same family as that of the yellow banana, but they are pretty much the same.


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