Lionel Messi net worth 2019

Lionel Messi net worth 2019

Lionel Messi is a football star who has consistently demonstrated his soccer prowess for over a decade now. Lionel plays as a forward in the Barcelona team and is also a member of the Argentine National Team. Some refer to him as the best player of all time and he has proven this by the many awards he had received for his playing skills. Apparently, Lionel Messi net worth has all been amassed from his successful career as a professional footballer. Keep reading to learn more about this footbal star.

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He is an icon who has made it big in life and a true definition that indeed talent can pay. Football alone has opened up many avenues in his life; enjoying luxurious life and travel destinations, lucractive endorsement deals, business opportunities among many other things that account for net worth of Lionel Messi. His star in football began to shine very early in his life. As at the age of five, Lionel Messi was already training and would participate in matches. Luckily, his father, grandmother and entirely the whole family did an incredible job in nurturing this young talent. However, Lionel Messi may have had some ingrained football genes as he comes from a family that loves soccer and has produced several professional footballers.

Lionel Messi is alleged to be the highest paid footballer in the world today beating his rivals such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar. He has many honorary titles; including being named the FIFA Player of the Year severally and having scored many nostalgic goals in his professional life, which makes him an arguably rare talent. The Lionel Messi net worth 2019 of $400 million speaks of just how accomplished this young star is.

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Lionel Messi net worth

lionel messi net worth, net worth of lionel messi, lionel messi net worth 2019


It is natural for fans to ask how much he is worth or how much he is paid. The case for Lionel Messi net worth in dollars is not exemption. Many people have been going deeper into the web in an effort to find out his value. Lionel Messi net worth Forbes is estimated to be $400 million. It is alleged that this Argentina star makes about £50 million a year as Barcelona FC compensation for playing for their national team. However, the federal tax of 52% in Spain makes him take home £26.4 million every year. Elsewhere he charges $53 million for playing in other matches such as buyouts. These whole football thing has made him garner a lot of wealth and honor in the fields globally. In fact, in most countries he is a household name.

Lionel Messi began playing football at a very young age, in fact at the age of six he was already a member of the Rosario Football Club and at one time played for Newell’s Boys where he scored 500 goals a record that is still long standing. His coach at the Newell’s Old Boys, Adrian Coria has been on record saying how his first impression with the young Messi was. He was to fragile small but he was phenomenal and evident that he was born different and his growth would be something impressive to watch.

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Today, Lionel Messi plays for the FC Barcelona. He has been on the team for about a decade now and has remained a significant striker player in the team who has scored impressive goals and helped the team raise to greater heights. Looking closely at the net worth of Lionel Messi it is evident that although he makes a lot of money through other avenues, it is all tied to football. In one way or the other football has opened doors for him to do businesses with corporates and internationally recognized bodies.

When Lionel Messi first signed a contract to play for Barcelona FC there were a lot of hurdles since and his previous coach was always in pursuit of him. In addition, he suffered frequent injuries from intensive training but this would not thwart his dream or deter his ambitions. His 8-year contract would end in 2012 beginning 2004. He was to be paid £1500 a week although it was later reviewed at £10, 000. In 2005 the Barcelona player signed yet another deal that saw his compensation increase to £25,000 a week making him the highest paid footballer who was a teen, three months later is was increased to £50,000 which explain that his value was on an upward trend all this while.

In March 2007, after playing against Real Madrid and successfully emerging the winner, Lionel Messi was to receive £100,000 a week. His light continued to shine brighter and brighter in each and every match he was in. in 2009, after the Champions League, the football club extended his contract with an additional compensation to stand at £250,000. In 2014 he was being paid weekly £400,000 after tax while in 2017 his compensation was £550,000 weekly after tax. Clearly, Lionel Messi net worth has been amassed gradually with his pay growing daily.

This has not been the only source of wealth for Lionel Messi net worth 2019. There are other corporate arrangements and deals he has signed as a commitment to work with them either to popularize with them or even partner. It is not a surprise big enterprises want to build a legacy from Lionel Messi reputation and empire. Here are some of his contracts.

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Lionel Messi net worth endorsements

lionel messi net worth, net worth of lionel messi, lionel messi net worth 2019

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If you have observed the up to the minute business trends you must have observed that companies and organizations are seeking to be affiliated with a high profiled person who is both popular and has an influence on people. This is because if they sign business contracts with them, then they will enjoy their popularity which will then boil down to people having a preference for their products. Besides, it makes it easy for companies to push for their products. If for instance a celebrity commands a great following, it would be easy for the customer base to give him audience and trust that the products in question are superior and will supersede their expectation. Here are some of the endorsements he has been linked to;

Lionel Messi is the Goodwill ambassador for UNICEF and uses this position to do philanthropic work and charity. He is also the 2010 face of the Pro Evolution Soccer alongside yet another professional footballer, Fernando Torres. Elsewhere, Lionel Messi is in sponsorship deals with corporates giants such as Adidas, Nike, Pepsi, Audemars Piguet, Dolce & Gabbana, East Africa Sports, Walkers, Turkish airlines, Gillette and Samsung. You must have surely seen him in the above company’s billboards, posters or doing television commercials.

It is still believed that there are many corporate deals, Lionel Messi has signed locally and even in other countries. This therefore means that he is making a large chunk of his fortunes from these endorsements as he does not do them for free. The Adidas endorsement alone made him walk home with $24 million every year while other endorsement is estimated to add into the Lionel Messi net worth 2019, about $8 million.

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Lionel Messi salary per week

lionel messi net worth, net worth of lionel messi, lionel messi net worth 2019


Lionel Messi plays for Argentina National Football Team and FC Barcelona. However, his primarily focus is on Barcelona although he is also paid for playing for the football team back at home. Just recently this star announced that he would exit soccer but upon a few deliberations he has decided to stay put. In fact, he has signed a new contract with Barcelona to continue playing for them even as other footballers are seeking greener pastures in other teams and Arsenal hunting this talent up annd down. The current contract will expire in 2021, which means he still has a few more years to play for the team. The compensation pact settles that Lionel Messi salary per week will be £667,000 after tax or if put yearly he will be making £29.2 million.

Clearly, Lionel net worth in dollars of 400 million dollars has largely been from compensations received from playing for different clubs. In a single match he can be paid up to $53 million. He surely is the among the highest paid professional footballers in the world and his name has been on the Forbes list of top footballers in the world.

Lionel Messi without an iota of doubt makes a lot of money and more flows weekly into his bank account as he is still active in football to date. Just like any other person, he has invested in many sectors of the economy including sportswear and real estate development. However, he also enjoys life to the fullest.

Money has made him enjoy the coolest things in life. He has a very unique taste for super modern and sleek sports cars most of which he has had custom made. He also owns several homes and estates in posh areas and a five star rated restaurant. Below are Lionel Messi house and cars at length and how much they are worth.

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Lionel Messi cars

lionel messi net worth, net worth of lionel messi, lionel messi net worth 2019


Everybody has a dream car in mind. Ordinarily such are not the common cars we see around being driven down the streets, rather, it is the kind of car once it is seen it causes a buzz as people are left wondering who is in the car; a dignitary? Celebrity? Or politician? Well, naturally, some of the high-end cars are far from being a reality for a middle level income earner who is tortured by the tax man. However, this is not the case for the very wealthy. Money is at their disposal and they therefore do not have to strain as much to have a car.

In fact, in most cases, they would even go to the extremities of having a car made as per their specifications and not just wait for the manufacturer’s ideas which can at times be not as per you taste. This is what the rich and the wealthy do and in this category our celebrated football star happens to be in the list.

Lionel Messi’s cars include the envious Maserati Gran Turismo. There are very few in the world and owned by notable people, he also owns the Audi, Ferrari, Dodge Charger, a remarkable Toyota and a Lexus. Well, is his fleet of cars not admirable? They sure are. There are undeniably state of art and high-end cars. Some of our popular celebrities have not even come close to owning one yet Lionel Messi who owns several. The guy clearly has great tastes buds for the automobile getting the best of the best for himself. He is an accomplished man, the wallet is awesome, the heart is kind and the looks are enticing not wonder women love him – on a light note though. His luxury Lionel Messi cars are estimated to be in the tune of hundreds of euros of million in acquisition and shipping including all the legal work.

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Lionel Messi house

Lionel Messi net worth 2019


Well it would be void to have all that amount of money and fail to have a residential unit for yourself. Housing is one of the basic needs in a human being's life, at least according to Abraham Maslow. It does not hurt an inch when we move from surviving to enjoying life and all its pleasantries so long as one is able to. Lionel Messi is not just the kind that would look for any housing unit, he needs a palatial home that is land marking and he surely has one under his name.

In the past, Lionel Messi has owned different homes. He has repeatedly sold of and bought a new and modern unit that befits the time and when it gets outdated he then move to look for another up to the minute home. Apparently, he has moved into his Rosario mansion, Catalan City in Spain. This is one of the Lionel Messi house an outright voice of class.

It has excellent interiors, very spacious and is fulyl furnished with all the facilities a modern home is defined by. The dining room, kitchen, living room, guest lounge, state of art bedroom technically all you need is in this house. The location is also very interesting which is an icing to the cake. It is in close proximity to the city which implies an easy and convenient way to get social amenities. It is in a safe and cool neighborhood, free of theft, attacks and invasion. In addition, the house has good landscape and the natural scenery beyond the horizon is breathtaking.

He recently embarked on a real estate project where he wants to construct yet another Lionel Messi house. This is one of the major things we await to see the end product with a lot of anxiety as this is something that we have not seen in the past. It is a very expensive project that will cough up a large proportion of Lionel Messi net worth but it is worth it as he will be living his childhood dream.

In addition to all these, Lionel Messi house and cars, he also owns a restaurant. The hotel is four star rated and is located near the Catalonian City in Spain. It has 77 master ensuite guest rooms and is valued at a cost of 20 million euros. It is popularly known as MiM as he recently re-branded it.

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Lionel Messi bio

lionel messi net worth, net worth of lionel messi, lionel messi net worth 2019

Source: Youtube

He was born Lionel Andres Messi in 1987 in Rosario. Messi is therefore about 30 years of age. His parents are Jorge Messi, his paternal father who was a steel factory manager and his mother, Celia Cuccittini who was employed by a magnet manufacturing company. Lionel Messi has both the Italian and Spanish ancestry although he has dual citizenship for Spain and Argentina his birth country.

Growing up he was raised among his other siblings who are Rodrigo and Matias Messi and the only sister Maria Sol Messi. He grew up in a closely knit family that were majorly football fanatics; a smart gene that was passed down to them. His father loved football and so did the grandmother. Before, Lionel Messi hit the age of five he had shown great interest in soccer and his grandmother would encourage him to play including the moral support of accompanying him to the football pitch for matches and training. This may have sent a long lasting memory to Messi as he profoundly remembers her grandmother for nurturing her.

His father, enrolled him at a local football club, Grandoli and he personally coached the son. Later Lionel Messi joined the Rosario Football club, Newell’s Old Boys where he played for the next six years. During this time, young Messi showed his football prowess and was at good ground that nurtured him professionally. It is recorded that he won over 500 goals for the club and would entertain fans with his unique ball tricks.

However, disaster stroke when Lionel Messi at 10 was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency which require four years of intensive medication but his father’s cover would only cater for two. It was hard sailing through as money was inadequate until a club signed him in at the exchange of them paying for his medical bills. Subsequently, Messi’s family began seeking a placement at Barcelona which was at first decline due to his young age and being a foreigner.

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Lionel Messi career profile

lionel messi net worth, net worth of lionel messi, lionel messi net worth 2019


At the age of 13, Lionel Messi got enrolled at the La Masia, which was basically a Barcelona Youth Academy. However, he did not immediately begin to play for the team due to previous engagement and an injury that kept him out of the pitch for a while. This made him stay reserved and grow more quiet and antisocial. At the same time his mother and siblings went back home and Messi was left with the father.

Nonetheless, during the 2002/2003 season he emerged the top performer having scored 36 goals in 30 games. Victory and glory began coming home for him and he got the admiration and recognition of many. Since then Lionel Messi has remained loyal to his club even after his colleague left Barcelona.

The subsequent seasons were even bigger and greater for Lionel Messi. His contribution in the Juvenile B team was felt and he blended in with other players as though he has been with them all along. He was later promoted to the Juvenile A club when in 11 friendly games score 18 goals, the best player again for that team. In the course of raising up his career in Soccer he got to interact with big star such as Ronaldinho who equally suggested that Messi could even become a better player than himself.

The 2004 season must have been a great milestone for Messi as he got to officially sign his first contract with Barcelona on 4th February. This deal initially was to compensate him £30 million although it was later increased to £80 million. This gave him a platform to play with muscular players and so his interest at first was to work on building up his muscles as he was relatively small compared to other players. However, his stature did not prevent him from big great in the field he occasionally beat them all with undisputed performance. He played for Barcelona in many competitions and at the time was the youngest player to ever play in official matches.

In 2005 when he had just hit eighteen, he became officially a senior team player whose position was a right striker. This buyout meant that his compensation would obviously go up. The contract ended at a figure of £150 million. In the same year he played against Juventus and received a standing ovation from Camp Nou. However, he had to miss out on La Liga amidst a crisis concerning his citizenship. He hence stayed out until his dual citizenship sailed through which made him eligible to play.

He has since then play a number of competitions both with FC Barcelona against their field rival and also for Argentina National team. It is clear, that his value has gone up time after time just like fine wine. He is a highly compensated professional footballer who has the admiration of many. Rightful, Lionel Messi net worth 2019 is as a result of talent and due diligence. Below are some of the honorary achievements in his professional career so far.

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Lionel Messi achievements

lionel messi net worth, net worth of lionel messi, lionel messi net worth 2019


A star like him would not be without something to show that indeed he is a star. Affirmatively, Lionel Messi has had quite a successful career in soccer and when fans say that indeed he is rare and one of the best players the world has ever had, there is some weight to this. This young Barcelona player is smart and good at what he does best; play soccer to enjoy the game and win. In the few years, he has actively played for national teams, his acumen is backed by the following accomplishments;

  • He has severally held the title of being the World Record holder of most goals in a year.
  • He has won four Ballon D’OR Awards.
  • The spectacular standing ovation during the match between Barcelona and Real Madrid.
  • He is among the youngest player to have been sign in a senior Barcelona team and participated in official matches.
  • Lionel Messi has a long standing legacy of scoring over 350 goals for Barcelona.

Clearly, Lionel Messi is one of the great superstars in football whose legacy will always live on. He commands a lot of authority for his expertise in playing football. Well, since he is still active in games, we just need to watch what other phenomenal things he is out to do before he retires.

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