New fashion dresses 2019

New fashion dresses 2019

With the right fashion dresses, you are assured of standing out from the crowd at all times. Have you noticed the increase in the number of events recently? As if that is not enough, the people attending these events are normally dressed to kill. This ,therefore, makes it necessary for one to invest in the latest fashion dresses and keep up with whats trending. After all, you only live once. Hence there is the need to keep that flame burning no matter your age and body size. For the lovers of fashion, keep it locked because this article is meant for you.

We all have that one friend who will always have issues with what dress to wear to a certain event or occasion. Not because they do not own those trendy and classy outfits. No, they just do not know what outfit fits what occasion. Well, this article is dedicated to them. By the end of this, they will have their issues sorted out, especially for the new African fashion dresses style to try. For those who do not know about the new fashion dresses in Ghana, stay put because 1 got you covered. The following are some of the best fashion dresses for womens you can find.

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African fashion dresses

With the need to look unique, African fashion dresses have worked magic for this. Regardless of the print, African fashion dresses have always stolen the show. Thanks to our very able designers who have been able to beat the western influence which was on the verge of making African fashion a thing of the past.

One good thing about African fashion dresses is that they can be worn to any event. All that matters is the designs, of which a couple are multipurpose. Another advantage is that they are not limited to a particular group of people of a certain body size. Anyone can try them on and just look perfect. They range from the kente cloth dresses to Ankara, to kitenge and even the Ethiopian dresses. There are always emerging new fashion of dresses that you can check out any time. A great example is the new fashion Ethiopian dresses that look so awesome and unique. They might just be your jackpot if pulled out the right way and for the right occasion.

The most common fashion dresses in Ghana are made of African fabric. The two main African prints in Ghana are the Ankara print and the kente cloth. These are common for ladies clothes. The two types of prints tend to blend in with literally any fashion dresses. They can be ranked as some of the best fashion dresses for womens and will never disappoint.

Fashion dresses designs

1. Mermaid dress for all body shapes

New fashion dresses 2019

Image:, @dress by Pistis

In as much as these fashion dresses designs may be brought out by any of these prints, there is still a limit on the body sizes and designs. A very good example is the marvelous mermaid dress design. This design is known for fitting from the chest area down to the hips and below the thighs after which it flows like a fishtail. This design can be tried by any body type, but looks best in slender and tall bodies.

2. Mermaid dress for prom

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This fashion dress design is ideal for dinner dates and prom. It is also one of the perfect fashion dresses for wedding. If you do not own this fashion dress, then it’s high time you made a trip to the stores that sell fashion dresses in Ghana and make an order.

3. Maxi mermaid dress

New fashion dresses 2019

Image:, @Pistis Ghana

This elegant fashion maxi mermaid dress will stand out in any wedding you attend.

4. Midi mermaid dress

New fashion dresses 2019


Though not a maxi, it still looks good all the same.

5. Maxi mermaid off shoulders

Another one of the fashion dresses designs that is a must have this 2019 is the off shoulder. This fashion dress design is characterized by the shoulders not being fully covered or covered at all. Normally, the supposed neckline of this dress is made to hang over the shoulders. This design is one of the latest fashion dresses designs in town. One perfect thing about this dress is that it can be brought out in any length and still bring out its beauty. It is also one dress that saves the day because it can be worn to a dinner date, a wedding, for a girls’ day out and to prom too.

This particular design is the dress maxi. It is fitting and fits perfectly. One can say it is figure hugging. This design can be incorporated into other designs like the mermaid designs. Actually, the mermaid off-the-shoulder dress is the perfect dress for any fancy function.

6. Midi flare off shoulder

New fashion dresses 2019


This style may be perfect for the younger girls that still want to show off their great legs. A mature woman would rock in it too.

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7. Maxi straight Off shoulder with a headscarf

New fashion dresses 2019


The off shoulder dress is known for being very comfortable. Another good thing about it is that it can be pulled in any print. The off shoulder dress is one of the new fashionable dresses you must own this 2019. It is also great when properly accessorized and the easiest way is to have a headscarf over it.

8. Slit dress

New fashion dresses 2019

Image:, @Laviye

For those who love showing off skin, the thigh length slit dress is the perfect design for you. This is one fashion dress that leaves men drooling at your nice African dress. Wearing this dress requires lots of confidence because of the attention you are bound to receive from the people around you. It, however, looks good, although it cannot be ranked among the fashion dresses for church. This dress is also a must-have for ladies. It is actually one of the must-have fashion dresses for ladies who have nice legs and are ready to flaunt them.

Modest designs for church

New fashion dresses 2019

For those who are not sure about what looks to pull to church, well, this is your turn. There are a couple of designs that are not only comfortable but also decent for church. They include the following.

9. Midi Skater dress

New fashion dresses 2019


One of the designs for fashion dresses for church is the skater dress design. This design is characterized by being fit on the upper part of the waist, then flowing downwards into an A shape. It is most common in midi and mini length. The midi length skater dress is the most perfect for church and other decent occasions.

10. Mini skater dress

New fashion dresses 2019


The mini skater dress can also be worn to church. It is ideal for the person that wants a shorter dress. Its flare part compensates for decency when one seats down hence will cover up in church as should be the case. One good thing about the skater dress is that the flair bottom minimizes the aspect of it being short. It is also a very comfortable design. It can be pulled by literally any body type, although the curvy ladies tend to look better in it. This is one design that does not limit anyone’s age. A young lady and an old granny can pull the same look and still look gorgeous. The skater dress can be tried with any neckline type and look very stylish.

11. Pencil dress

Another fashion dresses style for ladies is the pencil dress. The style is symbolic to the shape of a pencil; long and slender. The dress is known for being long and slender, fitting enough to take up the shape of the body. The pencil dress is not only classy but can also be part of the new fashion engagement dresses. This design is a modification of a western design that has been assimilated into African print and it looks so perfect.

Ankara-Kente mix dress

The Ankara and kente print look so gorgeous in this design. This dress can also pass as a fashion dresses for church.

12. Ankara mix style for the medium sized lady

New fashion dresses 2019


This is a great one for a woman of medium size with curves. The lace design tends to bring out the excellence in the style.

13. Maxi Ankara mix dress for plus size

New fashion dresses 2019

Image:, @EssieAfricanPrint on Etsy

This will be perfect for a plus size woman with more curves. It is also decent and respectful.

14. Ankara mix print for the petite woman

New fashion dresses 2019


The petite woman is also not left behind.

With these images, you can easily see that there is diversity when it comes to this design, which can be worn to work, church, weddings or even for dinner. To bring the classy lady aspect in you, how about trying this design.

Kimono styles

All the way from Japan, the kimono is a traditional robe with a maxi length that is worn on top of other outfits. The kimono is one of the new fashionable dresses this 2019 that have had African print work magic on them. The best part is that they are very diverse. They can be worn alongside a pair of jeans, skirts or another dress and still look very awesome. The kimono with African print is a must have this 2019 because of the magic it works on dull colored clothes. It is one piece of cloth that can transform your outfit into something that everybody will fall in love with.

15. Jacket kimono

New fashion dresses 2019


When worn as a jacket. You can have a short and small top inside.

16. Kimono top with pants

New fashion dresses 2019


When worn with pants. It works as a top when worn this way.

17. Dress paired kimono

When worn with a dress and as a gown. It adds a touch of elegance to the overall attire.

The secret behind wearing a kimono is how you pair it with other outfits. It’s so amazing how it gives life to boring outfits. Another good thing about this outfit is that it can be pulled by any body type and look very stunning. The best part of it is that it can be worn to any occasion, even for dinner and still not lose its beauty. Why shouldn’t you invest in something that will always save the day?

18.Fashion kaftan dresses

The kaftan is an Arabic outfit that looks like a robe, normally it is worn by tying a belt on the waist to make it more stylish. In most cases, this dress looks like a coat, but when the belt is tied, it looks so beautiful. The sleeves of this dress are normally wide but tend to be slender on the wrist region. This design was stereotyped to be Asian until a few African ladies in the best tried it on and looked so gorgeous in it. It now isn’t a new thing in Ghana, especially for weddings. Everybody is in the hype of being unique.

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19. Ethiopian Habesha Kemis

New fashion dresses 2019


Another new fashion for dresses design that is becoming common is the Ethiopian Habesha Kemis. This is an outfit of Ethiopian origin that is embraced by Eritrean and Ethiopian women. This dress is characterized by its long length that reaches the ankle in most cases. It is cotton made with white or grey fabric with a little embroidery on the neckline. The embroidery is made using very shiny threads that give it its elegance. In some cases, the Ethiopian Kemis is worn alongside a shawl, commonly known as the ‘netela’. This one of the fashion dresses for weddings and looks best in curvy ladies. It can be pulled by a lady of any age, although mature women look better in it. It looks best when well accessorized. If you want to stand out then go for this decent yet classic dress.

20. Ugandan Gomez

New fashion dresses 2019


One more new fashionable dresses design that is being tried and never ceases to look amazing is the Ugandan Gomez. This is a long dress, long enough to cover the feet, made using cotton or linen. The Ugandan traditional dress is made such that the sleeves are made to be raised and hang, with a square neckline. A piece of the cloth is tied around the waist of the dress. This is one of the very perfect new fashion dresses for weddings, especially for mature women.

One perfect thing about this dress is that it is comfortable and easy to accessorize. This is the perfect dress to buy your granny if you want her to steal the show and look gorgeous especially when attending a function.

It’s so beautiful how different African communities are trying new fashion for dresses designs from their fellow African communities and looking good. The thought of African culture still living in us is so encouraging. Apart from the women, men can also stand out in fabulous fashion dresses for men. The secret is to find a design that fits perfectly.

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