Teaching jobs in Ghana 2018

Teaching jobs in Ghana 2018

Many schools in Ghana just like the rest of West African countries experience shortage of teachers. Teachers in schools are to guide the large population of pupils and students in acquiring the syllabus content as per the curriculum requirements. So many schools are out on the market constantly trying to secure teachers for their schools. As a teacher looking for teaching jobs in Ghana one might not be aware of the avenues to follow. The article therefore opens you up concerning the teaching job market in Ghana.

Teaching jobs in Ghana 2018


Education in Ghana is in three phases. Commencing from basic education i.e. kindergarten, lower primary and lower secondary, then followed by secondary education i.e. upper secondary, technical and vocational training education and the final category has the tertiary education i.e. polytechnics, colleges and universities.

In Ghana, teaching positions range from the lowest i.e. early childhood education to the highest level which is being a lecturer, with payment being dictated by your level of education. Those teachers holding diploma certificates are paid lower salaries than their degree holding colleagues. Teaching jobs in Ghana are noble jobs and they can earn an individual a livelihood.

With schools on the lookout for teachers, finding teaching jobs in Ghana may not be easy despite the fact that many schools are without enough teachers. The job market is flooded, with individuals teaching certain subjects getting preference over the others. Therefore the subject one teaches, contributes to a greater extend on how fast he or she gets a job. This is to mean that subjects preferred such as English tend to be more marketable compared to the rest. Therefore, English teachers tend to be employed more quickly than their counterparts in other subjects.

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How to find a teaching job in Ghana

Setting your foot firm as a job seeker is not an easy task for anyone. Not only in Ghana but everywhere in the world. For teaching jobs in Ghana, one should first understand that the subject he or she has trained in matters. That said, a preferable way of finding a job in Ghana is through the use of the internet.

Teaching jobs in Ghana 2018


Here are some of the best job websites in Ghana. All one needs to do is to sign up with the websites and jobs will be sent to their emails any time a vacancy comes up:

With the internet making it possible for one to disseminate information to a large population within a very short time, many organizations are using the internet to look for teachers. A young graduate looking for teaching jobs in Ghana can visit organizations' websites where information is put concerning a vacancy if available. Through these websites, one can get the description of the job position e.g. requirements and the expected remunerations. Teachers seeking for jobs can then make visits to the target institutions and find out more concerning the vacancies.

Here is a list of some reputable job organizations in Ghana accompanied with a brief explanation about each. They are with no doubt the best employers in Ghana.

1. Linguaphone Ghana

Linguaphone are constantly hiring teachers in Ghana. If you are a teacher and are interested in what is available on their website all you need to do is to send your CV directly through their website. Are you wondering what this organization is? Perhaps I jumped into the core issue without giving an explanation about the organization. Well, it’s part of the Linguaphone group. These are the largest providers of language training in Ghana. The organization has tailored the courses they offer to particular needs of the learners. They offer courses such as Direct English, Conversational English and Business English. They also offer training in French language.

2. GeoVisions

Like the above, this organization too has a website through which they seek teachers. On the website, they provide the qualification they seek. A teacher here works for only 25 hours a week. I think this is the best institution that any teacher would want to get into. Successful applicants are all given free rooms and boards.

3. NICS Teach Abroad Program in Ghana

This school was established in 2005 to provide quality education for expatriates who decided to reside in Ghana. It is an American International school. This school has continued to grow steadily with its populace expanding at a very high rate. Because of this, the organization is always hiring. When one is interested in teaching jobs in Ghana, what he or she needs to do is get in contact with the school and establish which vacancies could be available.

4. ITTT online TEFL course.

They are accredited and internationally recognized. This organization provides online training in English. Teachers certified through this are helped to look for employment by ITTT. They too are on the look for teachers to aid in facilitating the programs they offer.

5. Global Nomadic Ltd

It’s actually one of the best avenues teachers use to find jobs. They provide jobs to teachers in Ghana for at least 12 months. They provide jobs from the rural parts of the country to the capital city. If you are a graduate seeking for a job in Ghana, Global Nomadic Ltd is the place to pass by. You won’t regret.

6. Go oversea

This organization has specialized in looking for teaching jobs for teachers in countries of Africa, Ghana included. However, they are on the lookout for teachers in the following subjects; arts, music, biology, information technology and health. One is allowed to work in different environments depending on his or her choice. Go oversea is a place to stop by too as a graduate looking for teaching jobs in Ghana

7. Lincoln Community School in Accra

This is also an American International School. It’s from Kindergarten to 12th grade. It has an American curriculum though with various classes and extra-curricular activities that majorly aim at educating about Ghana. The school too is constantly hiring. Its website provides a complete list of available and future vacancies.

8. Mission: teach

They too provide teaching jobs for teachers in Ghana though mainly for Christian teachers only. They teach English together with special education, high school elementary, reading and art.

9. The international TEFL academy

This is one of the biggest schools of its kind. It’s a certification school for teaching English as a foreign language. They offer teaching English jobs on contractual basis. The contracts last from 6 to 12 months.

10. The student and youth Travel organization

This program brings together teachers to teach big groups of students in given subjects. Teachers who participate find jobs in Elmina, Kumasi and Accra. This program too comes with job placements.

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Best teaching jobs in Ghana

Teaching is actually one of the best jobs in Ghana. You doubt that! Wait until you land yourself in one of the following teaching jobs in Ghana.

Teaching jobs in Ghana 2018


French teaching jobs in Ghana 2018

French is currently one of the foreign languages taught in Ghana’s public primary and secondary school. When a teacher is available, it is taught compulsorily in the junior high school. This program is supported by the French embassy and institut Français in Ghana. One can study French as a specialization in the following universities: Kwame Nkrumah University of science and technology, University of Education Winneba, University of Ghana and University of Cape Coast.

French teaching jobs in Ghana are therefore available in the following institutions; these institutions have an interest in civil servants with a proficiency in French.

Ghana Immigration service, Ghana institute of Journalism, Parliament of Ghana, Volta River Authority and so many others. This is a clear indicator that there is a high demand for French teaching jobs in Ghana 2018 and this will remainto be for many years to come. Opportunities are also available in Alliances Française, Ghana institute of languages and Private schools in Ghana.

Lecturing jobs in the Ghana universities.

Ghana is brimming with Universities. University of Ghana, University of Cape Coast, University of Education Winneba and Kwame Nkrumah University of science and technology just to mention a few. There are both private and public universities.

There are various lecturing jobs in Ghanaian Universities. The jobs vary in faculties. However, the minimum qualification for one to land lecturing jobs in the Ghana universities include the following as per the National Accreditation board: a terminal degree which is a PhD. Persons with a researched master degree can be considered too. Such degrees include, master of philosophy, MBA, MA and M.Sc. this is in attempts to upgrade the university standards to global level.

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ICT teaching jobs in Ghana

Teaching jobs in Ghana 2018


ICT is one of the courses offered in Ghana as vocational training courses. With the current pace of growth in technology, many countries are integrating their systems. This integration requires experts and therefore, they have to pay attention to part of their population in order to earn intellectual resources. ICT professionals are being sought hence ICT teaching jobs in Ghana are many. The qualification of such vacancies are: holding ICT qualifications and abilities to teach ICT.

Mathematics teaching jobs in Ghana 2018

A report indicates that Ghana scores very low in mathematics performance in primary education. There are attempts from the government to improve the performance of mathematics in the country and this with not doubt will lead to the availability of numerous mathematics teaching jobs in Ghana. Mathematics is one of the subjects introduced to the learners as early as in the kindergarten. At this stage, it comes in the form of numbers and progresses in complexity as the level rises until at the tertiary levels. It is one of the most promising lecturer jobs in Ghana universities especially because math is mandatory.

Ghana international school teaching jobs.

Ghana international schools offer international teaching jobs in Ghana. Like the rest of African countries, job opportunities in international organizations are hot cakes. Here are some of the international schools in Ghana:

  • Ghana international school
  • SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College
  • Soul Clinic International School
  • Vilac International School
  • Lincoln Community School
  • American International School
  • German Swish International School
  • Tema International School and British International School

These institutions offer part time teaching jobs in Ghana. One interested in their services can only call and they will come to your doorstep with a teacher for your kid.

Teaching jobs in Ghana 2018


Part time teaching jobs in Ghana 2018

Both full time and part time teaching jobs in Ghana are available. If one is willing to raise extra cash, he or she can apply for part time jobs normally available all over the internet. Like I mentioned earlier, target schools for these part time jobs are the international schools in Ghana. Part time teaching jobs in Ghana can be for students pursuing teaching and are looking for work experience, full time teachers who need to earn extra cash and for volunteers. They are conducted at homes in the evenings or institutes where such services are required.


Promotions are given if there are existing vacancies. Promotions are based on the ability of the individuals to handle responsibilities in the new post and this is thoroughly assessed. Promotion vacancies are created in several ways. They include; transfers, promotions, expansion, retiring and resignation. One gets promotion through furthering education or having been in service for a given number of years.

Nominal promotions can occur too. Here one is elevated to higher grade which increases a person’s pay and benefits without any increase in responsibilities. These are like rewards for the current performance. They are awarded based on record of performance and one’s length of service.

Teaching jobs in Ghana 2018


Let’s look at teaching jobs in Ghana Education Service ranks in order of seniority: Director General, Director, Assistant Director I, Assistant Director II, Principal Superintendent, Senior Superintendent I, Senior Superintendent II, Superintendent II, Superintendent I and lastly Teacher.

Interestingly, it’s important to understand that promotions can at times only be felt. What do I mean by this? In some promotions one least sees a change except for the amount of money earned. For instance, one can be at a level of deputy director but is a subject teacher.

As I conclude, it’s worth mentioning that teaching has never been this interesting, after reading this article, I hope that it will provide you with sufficient information to give your teaching career the good direction it deserves. If you are interested in teaching jobs in Ghana, you can cast you eye on the above mentioned categories.

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