Wizkid and Davido who is the richest?

Wizkid and Davido who is the richest?

Nigeria is known to be a hub of great talent and has given the world some of the best musicians that we love listening to. Think of Psquare, D’banj, and the legendary Fela Kuti; these musicians are known to have put Nigeria in the world’s musical radar. New great ones have arrived and taken Africa’s music industry a step further. Among these, include Wizkid and Davido who are churning hit after hit. However, music being a career accosted with pomp and color; many people have been asking this question; between Wizkid and Davido who is the richest?

Davido or Wizkid, who is worth more?
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It takes a detailed analysis of the artists’ wealth to know between Wizkid and Davido who is the richest. As a matter of fact, Davido and Wizkid are not only musicians who rely on music to make the big money they have. They also have investments that help double their music earnings. To help us answer this question; “Davido and Wizkid who is the richest” we will compare their material wealth side by side. We will talk about their houses, cars, businesses, and net worth. When we get at the end of this article, you will know Wizkid vs. Davido who is richer.

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Who is the most richest musician between Wizkid and Davido?

Well, let’s begin tearing into each of these artists’ empires and find out what lies beneath their bubbly musical careers.

Wizkid net worth vs Davido net worth

Wizkid has been on the music scene since his fame in 2010. However, he begun his career earlier than most musicians. At 11 years of age, he had known he wanted to be a musician. He has since released songs after songs making his name a brand in the world music industry. He has collaborated with some of the world’s best like Chris Brown.

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Apart from his musical prowess, Wizkid also has an eye for business. After making his brand, he has since sought deals from some of the best Nigerian companies. He has an agreement with Glo that amounts to over N100 million, but this isn’t the only company that has given him a deal of such magnitude. Being an icon in Nigeria, he was also spotted by Guinness that chose him as a brand ambassador hence adding another N100 million to his fortunes. Pepsi also followed suit and made him a brand ambassador.

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You would think that these deals are enough to make someone stop the hustle and count his blessings, but no, Wizkid still has a lot going on for him. He has many businesses that generate millions of Nairas, but that aside, he is the founder and CEO of his own record label; Starboy Entertainment. Wizkid net worth 2018 is 12 million dollars.

Davido is also a musician who enjoys worldwide popularity. He like Wizkid, has been consistent with his work, releasing songs after songs. Some of which became YouTube biggest hits. When he recently released Assurance, the song garnered more than 12 million views in less than 24 hours. He has featured great names in the world of music like Meek Mill and other giant names in the world's music space. Davido might not had begun his career in music as early as Wizkid, but his consistency has been his significant boost.

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Davido was born in a wealthy family, but has been on many occasions quoted saying that he is a self-made millionaire. He says that his music career has been the source of his wealth and not his family as many haters would love to claim. He, however, has never been shy to brag that he is the son of a wealthy man. So yes, he is OBO (Omo Baba Olowo) ‘son of a wealthy man’, but he is keen on making his own money and building his own empire. His father is a respected business tycoon Mr. Adeleke who is well-known in Nigeria.

Like Wizkid, he has bagged significant deals that run in millions. To begin with, Davido got a deal with MTN, the major telecom company, the deal was worth N30 Million. He is also a co-owner of HKN Music which a record label that they founded with his brother Adewale Adeleke.

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Davido is known to charge expensively for his shows and concerts, and his shows are always sold out before the event. He has since earned a lot from his performances across the world. His strategy to collaborate with the world’s best musicians earned him a high reputation hence he one of the most sought-after African entertainers worldwide.

Apart from his well-performing albums and singles, he has recently launched a clothing line known as IF in the United Kingdom. The clothing line is one of the best coming from an African entertainer. His high-paying endorsements have added so much to his fortunes. According to reliable sources, Davido’s net worth in 2018 is $16 million. This net worth doesn’t include the inheritance he got from his tycoon father, Mr. Adekele. So yes, it is safe to say that Davido is a self-made millionaire as he has always said.

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Wizkid cars vs Davido cars

Like any other successful musician, Davido house and cars have been a subject of social buzz. Wizkid hasn’t been spared either. These two musicians are compared in everything. No one can talk about Wizkid without bringing in the comparison between him and Davido. Let’s zoom in on the machines these two musicians drive and gauge whose cars are the most costly.

Davido new car, Bentley Bentayga has been doing rounds on social media. The car is a real beast that goes from zero to 60km/hr in 4.1 seconds. The car has a speed of up to 187 miles per hour. As you would have imagined, the car costs a lot. Whenever you see one, know its owner coughed about $200 thousand to get it. That, at any rate, isn’t cheap!

While his latest ride has been the talk of the media, Davido has several cars in his garage that cost a fortune. In his garage, he has;

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1. Chevrolet Trailblazer that costs between $2,330 to $16,446.

2. Audi R8 that costs around $120,000

3. Porsche that costs $150,602

4. Range Rover that costs $50,201

5. Audi Q7 that costs $110,600

6. Mercedes G55 AMG that costs $ 160,650

Well, let’s now look into Wizkid’s garage and see the rides he has accumulated.

1. Range Rover Sport 2016 that costs $65,500

Davido or Wizkid, who is worth more?

2. Porsche Panamera S that costs $160,000

Davido or Wizkid, who is worth more?
Source: Youtube.com

3. Porsche Turbo S that costs $160,000

Davido or Wizkid, who is worth more?
Source: mymusic.com.ng

4. BMW X6 that costs $160,000

Davido or Wizkid, who is worth more?
Source: petervardy.com

5. Bentley Continental GT Convertible that costs $198,000

Davido or Wizkid, who is worth more?
Source: Youtube.com

6. Porsche Cayenne S that costs $80,000

Davido or Wizkid, who is worth more?
Source: roadsport-usa.com

7. Mercedes Benz Amg G55 that costs $118,000

8. Rolls Royce Phantom that costs $420,700

9. Lamborghini Aventador 2 that costs $250,000

Davido or Wizkid, who is worth more?
Source: express.co.uk

Well, you can judge for yourself whose garage is richer. Let’s now move on to other metrics of gauging their fortune.

Davido house vs Wizkid house

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Houses just like a car can say a lot about a person’s lifestyle. After all, it where you come back after every day’s job. They say East or West home is the best, but can a home really be a home without a house? Well, let’s look into Davido’s vs Wizkid’s cribs.

Wizkid owns houses at different locations in Nigeria. To begin with, he owns a N68 million house in Lekki and another in Surulere that is estimated to be worth N13 million.

Davido or Wizkid, who is worth more?
Source: gistmania.com

The famous singer has also bought a new home in Los Angeles that is said to have cost him millions of dollars. He recently took to Instagram and shared the picture of his Los Angeles house. “Crib so big I got no neighbors! ??,” the singer captioned one of the photos. He captioned others “Living” and “#YoungPablo,” the caption stated. This house can be rated against Davido house in the USA. While some people were ranting about this house being a rental, it is clear that Wizkid new house, has earned him new respect from the entertainment industry.

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On the other hand, Davido is not a small deal either. He has several houses in Nigeria and a more expensive Davido house in USA. Davido has an N140Million house in Lekki, but this he says has become too known by upcoming artists and people who need money who frequently camp at his gate until they are given something.

He is, therefore, building a palace in an undisclosed location for his security reasons. Though the cost of his house in the USA isn’t in the public domain, rumor mills have it that it must be in the millions of dollars.

Cars and houses aside, Davido still has a lot of wealth. So that you know, he recently acquired a Davido private jet that costs N9.7Billion.

You can now judge for yourself who is the richest musician between Wizkid and Davido. Feel free to drop your highlights in the comments section of the article.

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