Top trending Edem songs and videos of all time

Top trending Edem songs and videos of all time

Denning Edem Hoter is Ghanaian recording artist and entertainer whose love for the world of music began at an early age and he is said to have been seen knocking on tins and basically anything that could provide him with good rhythm. This is a habit we must say paid off as his music is rhythmically very satisfying and dancers can’t seem to get enough of him. Edem started out early in music where he started his first band in junior high school and also later formed another group in senior high. He is said to have really been active in the music scene even then as they did many amateur performances.

Top trending edem songs and videos of all time

Growing up is already not the easiest of tasks. Add growing up orphaned at an early age and you have Edem’s early life. Looking at him you will not believe the young boy grew into the man whose music you can’t help but bob your head to. Denning Edem Hotor who simply goes by the name Edem Ayigbe was born in the Volta region of Ghana and was the only boy child in his family.

His commercial career in music also started soon as Edem always knew his heart was in the art. He was an underground musician for several years and he was able to do a multitude of collaborations with the likes of Osibo, Nival and Kokmoti. It was his song Wotome Woshi in the year 2006 that catapulted him to fame. It is no wonder Edem Ghana fell in love with him as he is a true musical genius in his own right. His latest song 2019 is Toto. So what are the most popular Edem songs?

1. Edem ft. Stonebwoy - Power

This is Edem latest track that is a gospel song. This still being a relatively new song is one that has been well received with fans showing they are happy about these two artistes collaborating. This new heartwarming Edem new song is produced by none other than the mix master Garzy himself. This has a simple message with a power beat. It is a song that sends a message of thanksgiving to God for His power over their lives and I must say we love it.

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2. Edem - Ghetto Arise

This is one of Edem’s most popular hits of all time. If you have not heard of it, I advise you go check it out. Inspired by the ever so catchy reggae vibe, this track as he says is a dedication for the Ghetto youth. He says that even when the Ghetto people lack in many things, the strength to believe in hope is a sure way to help the people from the Ghetto. The video goes to show two ghetto people who struggled with the ghetto life but as the video progresses we see them morph into new versions of themselves. It goes to show that the ghetto youth have the capacity to rise as well and yes, it will tempt you out of your chair too.

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3. Edem - Koene 2014

This is definitely one of the defining songs of his career. Winning the Black Canadian Music award of best African act, Koene went ahead and thrust Edem into his new spotlight of being internationally recognized. He beat the likes of Davido and Tiwa and was humbled thanking his Ghanaian fans for the support he believes led to his win.

This one is an upbeat as with Edem music and is a definite banger. This song features the amazing female singer Ice Queen and Lil Shaker and we are glad. Ice Queen who is from Zambia and Edem are actually former Big Brother housemates.

As it begins, the introduction is a single beat that is full of promise. It continues to escalate to the most captivating beat you will ever hear. With a good mix of dancer’s scenes along with the artistes it’s a banger always worth a second and third view. The costumes and make up used in this video are reminiscent of a very festival mood and the whole songs vibe just makes you want to dance and be on your feet.

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4. Edem - Gbevu

Gbevu is a popular Ewe word that refers to vagabond. This was another hit that reminded everyone that Edem is really here to stay. This was one of the hits he produced in his 2017 creativity phase where at one point he released hit after hit.

One of the things about this song that I believe is worth celebrating is how Edem stays true to his Ewe roots. Using a rather mainstream phase is a very profound way of giving heritage to his music, make a hit and embrace culture.

The video was a simple masterpiece. In spite of the overall repetitive nature and lack of an intriguing story line as we are used to getting from Edem, it was comparatively plain. It features the two artistes on some blocks in a field. They proceeded to throw their lines with a passionate fire we love.

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5. Edem Ft Stonebwoy - Go harder

This was Edem’s 2014 song that absolutely made headlines and was widely well received. As is usual, he had a serious message that portrayed the depth of his music very well. He uses a rain analogy to pass a message of encouragement in Edem Go Harder. He says ‘through the rain, through the pain we go harder’

The video goes ahead to show the story of a ghetto dad who keeps going against all odds so as to provide the basic needs. He also provides a very memorable and creative scene that he and stonebwoy appear on a literal rainy scene clad in black and we love it.

This song also goes to show Edem as an absolute vocal powerhouse and there is no denying influences from Jamaican music and dancehall. It really is difficult not to want to dance to Edem’s tracks and this one is the kind to stick in your head all day long.

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6. Edem - Ohene

Featuring Obrafuor, Edem Ohene was released on 31st may 2016. It is a catchy hiphop/hiplife song that wad its video directed y Phamous Philms, Edem’s choice of videography. These two dreaded artistes did this song in simplified manner mixing their native tongues into the English parts of the rap flawlessly.

One of the things we appreciate about Edem always is the power and fire as well as the lyricism that he adds to the entire song. We must say we absolutely enjoy it. Ohene being a slower song compared to Edem’s other songs, we see him bring in a fresh new vibe that is very appealing

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7. Edem - Nyomuviade

Edem Nyomuviade was one of the tracks featured in Edem’s 2009 Volta Regime album. He performed this hit track alongside the Ghanaian artiste and rapper Kwabena Kwabena. Ayigbe Edem is seen performing alongside a band and rapping his heart out at a time before his beloved dreaded hair was the awe aspiring long hair he has today.

Kwabena Kwabena brings in his wonderfully curated vocals to the table taking the whole song to a whole new level. This is not a banger for a night out but more of the song you will tune into when stuck in traffic. We love it and definitely believe it deserves to be on our trending Edem song list. It’s a two thumbs up review for this one.

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8. Edem - Family

Produced by Kamenya, this hit track is the kind to steal your soul and keep it. The emotion in this song is a real and can be heard as he sings his heart about his life. The message in this song is all about how people family included will only care for you when your money is right.

Having grown up the way he did, this song was nostalgic and reminiscent for rapper Edem. He says that the story he tells in this song is completely true and listening to it makes you think about how the world has put a lot of importance on money. It is a captivating track that definitely deserves a spot on his top trending all time songs.

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Observing a rapper such as Edem, it’s easy to see that coming from a life of struggle and strife does not always lead to a life of struggle and strife. An artiste with a golden heart, he is one of Ghana’s most philanthropic artistes seen giving donations on a regular basis. He even has his very own charity based organization. His lyrics that support the ghetto youth and the young people around Ghana and Africa continue to inspire people.

If you are not familiar with Edem’s work, I suggest you take a moment and you might be pleasantly surprised. Eden latest work is a range of well-done music and he also has several other songs he did as an underground artiste. With his passion, talent and story, it was only a matter of time before Edem was a big star. His love for empowerment is but a plus for all his fans in Ghana and also across West Africa and Africa at large as his fame and influence continues to grow.


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