When is fathers day 2018 in Ghana?

When is fathers day 2018 in Ghana?

Father’s Day crossed the 100-year mark in 2010 since it was founded in 1910 and ranks in the fifth position among the world’s most popular holidays. People from across the world commemorate this day to recognize the contribution and efforts of father figures and fathers to their children’s lives. Thus, the day celebrates male parenting and fatherhood, but when is Fathers Day? Well, though it varies from country to country, most countries observe it on every third Sunday of June every year.

When is fathers day 2018 in Ghana?
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On Father’s Day, people do various things to honour their father figures or fathers including visiting them and sending them cards and other gifts. Different families also have varying traditions that help them celebrate Father’s day in style. Father figures include grandfathers, fathers-in-law, step-fathers, and other male relatives who play the role of a father in one’s life in terms of meeting needs and giving advice.

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Father’s Day in 2018

Father’s Day has been marked on March 19 in Catholic Europe since the middle ages where it was originally celebrated as St. Joseph’s Day. However, many countries in the Americas and Europe have taken up the United States date which falls on the third Sunday of June. Therefore, Fathers Day in 2018 falls on June 17th though it still differs in other countries that consider it in March or April.

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The day is a complement to other similar days celebrated annually like Siblings Day, Mother’s Day and Grandparent’s Day. Thus, for the question of when is Father’s day this year, the answer will differ but most countries across the world including Ghana will celebrate it on June 17.

A concise history of Father’s Day

While preparing to celebrate Father’s day 2018, it is crucial to know the person who started Father’s Day and the reason behind the founding of this day. To begin with, Father’s Day history dates back to 1910. It was founded by Arkansas-born Sonora Smart Dodd in Spokane, Washington. Hence, the first celebration of Father’s Day was on June 10, 1910 in the Spokane YMCA. Sonora’s father William Jackson Smart; a veteran of civil war was a single parent who wholeheartedly brought up his six children.

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In 1909, Sonora listened to a sermon about Mother’s Day at Central Methodist Church. This prompted her to talk with her pastor about doing the same thing to fathers since they deserved a similar celebration in their honour. Though she suggested on her father’s birthday; June 5, the pastors delayed fathers day date to the third Sunday of June because they did not have time to adequately prepare their sermons.

When is fathers day 2018 in Ghana?
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The day, however, did not succeed at the start because Sonora discontinued her promotion of the celebration to concentrate on her studies at Chicago Institute of Arts. She later resumed the promotion in the 1930s when she went back to Spokane where the day gained national recognition.

During the first celebration of Father’s Day, young women presented red roses on a church service to their fathers. Sonora then shaped Father’s Day history by moving with her infant son on a horse-drawn carriage taking gifts and roses to all home-bound fathers. The holiday became more famous in 1938 when the National Council for Father’s Day promotion; a trade organization was founded by retailers of men’s clothing in New York City to champion the cause.

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What happens during Father’s Day in Ghana?

Having answered the question of when is Fathers Day in Ghana, it is important to look at what goes on in Ghana on this special occasion. The day is popularized by Ghanaian media including radio and television that fill the air with encouraging words to fathers while giving stern reprimands to irresponsible fathers. Television goes a step further to run images of famous Asante’s leaders with their swords to inspire the fathers to imitate their sacrifices and wisdom.

When is fathers day 2018 in Ghana?
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On this memorable day, it is a good idea to give the best treatment to your father to ensure that he puts aside all the worries of life and celebrates fully. While you may give him expensive gifts, treating him to what he enjoys most will be appropriate for Fathers Day in 2018. Some of the gifts to consider besides cards include watches, nice meals, cars, favourite books, movies, travels and houses depending on your income.

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Fathers and father figures are crucial in the growth and wellness of every child. Consequently, children whose fathers are close have higher chances of becoming emotionally secure, confident and explorative while getting better peer connections as they grow older. The way children play with their fathers also impact on their social and emotional development. As a result, Act 560 of Ghana 1998 puts more emphasis on childcare where parents or people with parenting responsibilities have the duty to meet all the necessities that include education, health, good life, food and reasonable shelter.

When is fathers day 2018 in Ghana?
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All fathers and father figures who sacrifice their time and resources to ensure that their children are living a happy and peaceful life deserve nothing short of the best wishes. Also remember that it's not only this day that one should recognize and appreciate their fathers. Therefore, everyday should be a happy fathers day.

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