How to treat bed bug bites naturally

How to treat bed bug bites naturally

Bed bug infestation in homes has considerably increased in our homes affecting both the rich and the poor. They are small insects that feed on human blood and it is very hard to see one. However, they may cause you a lot of psychological stress and shame because you do not know who next they are going to bite. Bed bug bites often go unnoticed unless one of allergic, intolerant to bites or their immune system is weak.

bed bug bites, bed bug bites treatment. bed bug bites effects

Bed bugs can live on technically any surface. Although they are known to live on mattresses, beds and crevices prevalently, they can also be on clothes, luggage, carpets, couches and seats. It is very hard to tell a bed bug because this insect is active at night when it feeds and hides during the day. Besides, they have very swift bites but hard to locate. Bed bugs also infest unconventional areas such as schools, hospitals, corporate offices, nursing homes and any other social place where people interact. It is widespread because bed bug can be carried even on a book.

Apparently, a bed bug is in the size of an apple seed. It has an oval shaped body which is streamlined to allow it access to its hideouts in cracks and crevices and is brown in color. However, the body changes to red after feeding on human blood. They depend on the human for food but in the absence of the latter can infect animals. The body odor when crushed is something most people have described as a sweet almond scent which one can tell from afar because it is very dense. Along with getting more insights on how to treat a bed bug bite, the home remedies, signs and symptoms and the like one can also check out the bed bug bites images to rule out if you are managing the right thing.

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The worrying facts about bed bugs according to Dr. Axe is that they reproduce fast and may invade a premise within a very short time. They actually can lay up to 5 eggs a day, and 500 eggs in a lifetime which then takes about five weeks to mature. The total lifespan of a bed bug is between 10 to 18 months which means they cause you menace and leave even a gruesome more to deal with you. What's' more pest control companies have indicated that bed bugs infestation is difficult to deal with although manageable.

What do bedbug bites look like?

bed bug bites, bed bug bites treatment. bed bug bites effects


Bed bug bites are hard to tell apart from other insect bites because they look alike which makes it difficult for a physician to tell a bed bug bite from another affirmatively. However, if you have noticed some brown or red stains on your beddings, some itchy or swollen spots on the skin, a skeleton of bed bug or seen an actual bed bug, then one can state affirmatively, if they are infested by bed bugs or not.

The question, "What do bedbug bites look like?" is common. Most bed bug bites will appear in the form of a small bump on the skin that may not necessarily be read as is the case with other insect bites. The primary thing is that bed bug bites occur in a zigzag formation or on a straight line. Ridiculously though, they are commonly three bumps which as teasingly referred to as breakfast, lunch and supper. In most cases people will only see the bed bug bites scars and not actually feel the bite. This is because, before bed bug bites it produces a chemical injects it into the skin causing numbness.

The bites will then be visible much later a day to ten after hence why people tend to see bites but no sign of bed bugs. However, there is need to know the various bed bug bites treatment remedies that one can do at home. This is because the bites ordinarily do not have long term effects or no serious cases have been reported. Nonetheless, the protein in their saliva can cause sensitivity and irritation the following are some of the symptoms of bed bug bites.

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Bed bug bites symptoms

bed bug bites, bed bug bites treatment, bed bug bites effects


Bed bug bites will often vanish on their own if the person is bitten has no health issues concerns. However, there are still a few cases where bed bug bites have been serious, here are the signs and symptoms of a bed bug bite;

  • Swollen lesion and bumps on the face, hands, legs, neck or any other part of the body.
  • Allergic persons may have hypersensitivity and irritation
  • Intense itchiness
  • Redness on the skin
  • Fever may develop if the lesions and welts get infected

Bites in a row especially in the zigzag to the straight line. It is actually believed the straight line bites is when the bed bug bites someone in the morning – the explanation is not that they are in a hurry to retreat to their hideout before they can be seen.

The bed bug bites effects on humans are very mild. Other than irritation, the allergic reaction which are treatable, fever, reddening and swollen skin, there is not much of the bed bug bites effects unless someone has an underlying condition which may trigger the acuteness. Nevertheless, bed bug bites treatment should be administered immediately and infestation extermination form a pest control company considered.

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In an adverse state, bed bug bites can accelerate anemic conditions majorly because, this insect draws blood. If for instance the victim does not handle the bite, infestation nor seek treatment for them this means the number of bed bugs will skyrocket. This means the bites can last for as long as you act if you were wondering how long do bed bug bites last. The bites will no longer be countable and hence he or she will be losing a lot of blood to the insects. In other cases, the bed bug bites open up the skin leaving it susceptible to infections. It infection does occur subject to the harmful bacteria it may get severe. In addition, the bed bug bites scars cause skin unevenness and affects the pigmentation. Below is how to treat bed bug bites using home remedies;

Bed bugs bites treatment natural

1. Water

bed bug bites, bed bug bites treatment


Water has great potential in relieving pain and handling inflammation because it brings a coolness on the skin. Immediately you identify a bed bug bite, run cold water through it. You may use soap and water to actually clean that entire part. This should be the first thing one does on a bed bug bite, it soothes pain and alleviates the possibility of the skin getting swollen, red or itchy.

2. Ice pack

bed bug bites, bed bug bites treatment


This ideally is frozen water. Should you have a few ice cubes in your refrigerator, here is how to use the same in the bed bug bite skin treatment home remedies. Wrap up the ice pack on an absorbent cloth and apply on the affected areas. You can spot directly on the bite. This brings some numbness of the nerve ending around that area bringing a soothing sensation. In the end the ice cubes get to handle the pain and itchiness as the bump resides on their own if not acute.

3. Apple cider vinegar

bed bug bites, bed bug bites treatment


This is one of the natural products with a whole range of health benefits from hair to skin problems. Scientifically, apple cider vinegar naturally contains ingredients that have anti-inflammatory and anti-itching properties. Primarily is the acetic acid contents, they fight bacteria infestation through providing an unfavorable medium where their survival rate goes to zero. This way, they will not accumulate on the surface and hence the skin heals. These substances will help the skin to rejuvenate fast even after the breakout or rashes from the bed bug bites.

Apply raw apple cider vinegar on the affected areas. You may use a cotton ball to apply as ACV is in liquid form sparingly. Leave it for a while to soak in and dry up before rinsing it off the skin using warm water. Apply a natural oil and avoid pricking on the skin with fingers or any other things because this will otherwise lead to infection or further worsen the already exposed pore.

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4. Lemon juice

bed bug bites, bed bug bites treatment


We all know lemon juice is highly acidic and so is all other citrus fruits. The acidity in the juice helps in preventing the growth of bacteria and subsequently acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Lemon is a strong natural astringent product which helps in preventing infections. The bed bug bites although may not carry harmful bacteria, there has the probability of its presence which then may be harmful to the skin. Should it be there, use lemon juice as the natural treatment for bed bug bites.

The application involves, squeezing out the lemon juice from the citrus fruit. Use a round cotton ball to soak in the lemon juice and apply it directly to the affected areas. You may leave for about 20 minutes and then rinse off with water. For speedy results especially in facilitating the fading of the bed bug bites scar, a repetitive application is recommended.

5. Aloe Vera gel

This plant has been since the olden days being used to treat a lot of medical conditions. Aloe Vera contains useful organics and inorganic compounds, vitamins, amino acids and carbohydrate polymers e.g. pectic acid which help in the bed bug bites skin treatment. It soothes the skin, prevents the growth and habitation of bacteria, infuses compounds to heal the skin and is a natural skin moisturizer.

It is used to treat many skin problem and attached to it is a load of hair benefits. It helps in managing bites, sunburns, skin discoloration, acne, rashes among many other problems. It is interesting how the old illiterate people found out the healthy benefits of this plant and used it to treat themselves of even stomach upsets and fever.

Aloe Vera gel is one of the inexpensive product to obtain. These plant grows wildly and is therefore naturally occurring. Pluck a leaf from the aloe plant, split it into two to obtain the colorless, sticky gel. Apply it directly on the face that had been cleaned. The gel is more or less like a facial mask, allow it to dry up before washing. It is noteworthy understanding that as Aloe Vera gel soaks in, it causes irritation or some mild itchiness but the results are awesome. The other extracted gel left may be stored in a cool dry place or refrigerated. However, Aloe Vera gel is also sold at the stores and equally works well although is processed and may not have all the nutrients as the raw gel would. Consistent application is advised.

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6. Cinnamon and honey

bed bug bites, bed bug bites treatment


If you are looking for a bed bug bite swelling treatment, honey and cinnamon are here to help you manage it. Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory properties and so is the honey. They contain some acidic potent which inhibit the growth of bacteria, in addition they also wipe out any deposits on the pores that may be harmful or cause inflammation. Honey has an additional benefit in that it moisturizes the skin leaving it glowing and avoid it cracking. This then speeds up healing through managing the bed bug bite to close up instead of developing into an open wound which could get infectious.

Make a mixture of cinnamon and honey using equal quantities of each natural treatment product in a bowl until the mixture is very consistent. Alternatively, you can crush the cinnamon seeds. Apply it directly to the skin, leave for a few moments before washing away. Each of these products may be applied independently, but combines works better. Repeat this for speedy results.

7. Onion and salt

bed bug bites, bed bug bites treatment


Yes, onions work on the bed bug bites just as other products do. The bone of contention is in how onion makes one tear or eyes get watery when cut. How will one apply the onion juice if the bed bug bites are on the face? Worry no more, onions application is made sparingly, besides it is worth going down that way and manage the swells other than dealing with bed bug bites scars.

Onion contains Sulphur, which is an active therapeutic compound while salt helps to relieve pain quickly. Blend the onion to obtain the onion juice and then mix it with salt and apply on the affected areas. It may sting a little but allow it to soak in before washing. It will alleviate chances of skin inflammation and infection on the pores. It is a cheap way of managing the bed bug bites effects.

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8. Baking soda

bed bug bites, bed bug bites treatment


Baking soda refers to sodium bicarbonate. It's used in treatment of acne, rashes among other skin conditions. Baking soda is one of the natural treatment for bed bugs bites cheap and effective home remedy. It is basic in nature and is used to neutralize the acidic chemicals for bites that may be eating up the skin causing irritation or itchiness caused by bed bug

Ideally, it is an inflammatory agent and reduces the skin redness, pores, spots, scar and even the pigmented changes and tones on the skin as a result of bed bug bites. Make a paste of baking soda using water, apply to the affected area and leave for some few minutes to dry. Rinse off with warm water and avoid pricking or contact with the skin. For desirable outcomes, apply the baking soda paste severally every day. With time the bed bug bite scars will fade away.

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9. Witch hazel

bed bug bites, bed bug bites treatment


Witch hazel is conventionally used as a facial cleanser; however, it can also be used for skin therapeutic purposes since it facilitates the healing and skin regeneration. It contains organic compounds such as tannin which act as an anesthetic. It is a liquid astringent that's sold over the counter in any drug store or chemist.

Using a round cotton ball, soak in some liquid and apply generously ion the affected areas. Leave for about 10 minutes to dry and wash with warm water. Repeat the procedure every day consistently to manage the bed bugs bites effects. The witch hazel works well in bed bug bites swelling treatment and is a recommended product by physicians and doctors.

10. Natural Oils

Well, everything else in the natural treatment for bed bug bites would be void if the application and skin cleansing would be the only practice. The skin needs to be appropriately moisturize to heal, glow and be healthy even after bed bug bites. It is therefore imperative to apply onto the surface a moisturizer.

There are many moisturizers available at the stores, but the emphasis is placed on the raw natural oils over the processed once. Although the oil may work well, processing may deprive it off enzymes and nutrients that would have otherwise been beneficial to the skin. There are many natural oils including, almond oil, coconut oil, tea tree oils, lavender oil and peppermint oils to mention but a few. The lavender oil, for instance, is useful in soothing and treatment of skin, tea tree oil has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties which all work in the bed bug bite treatment. What's more natural oils are great skin moisturizers which keep the skin hydrated and glowing. This also speeds up healing because it leaves no chance of the open wound being susceptible to germs and dirt. It provides a cover and prevents drying up which would otherwise cause infection or further worsen the scar. It then becomes a very effective bed bug bites skin treatment ingredient.

The above are some of the products one can use to manage bed bug bites at home. It answers the questions of how do I treat bed bug bite and provide cheap and effective methods of treatment. However, if the above does not work then consult a doctor for treatment and similarly, consider pest control services because at times the bed bug bites effects on the human can be dire.


The information in this article is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images, and information, contained on or available through this page is for general information purposes only.

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