One year anniversary wedding gift ideas in Ghana

One year anniversary wedding gift ideas in Ghana

Getting your lover a one year anniversary gift not only shows that you are thoughtful but also goes a long way in rekindling your affection for each other. Even so, picking out the perfect gift is no walk in the park. If you have ever anticipated for a wedding anniversary, you probably get how stressful the moments are. You have a range of gifts to choose from but you seem not convinced which is the best of them all. Most of the time is wasted trying to weigh your partners feelings in connection to your choice. With one year anniversary gifts, you should be keen in making a choice that will be embraced by your partner and earn you a smile. A smile generates positive feelings and be rest assured that it’s an indicator of long life in marriage, what is all we desire in our marriages and for the newlyweds.

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wedding gift ideas in Ghana

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Couples that celebrate wedding anniversaries have a very enthusiastic family life. Such couples stay more years together compared to those who don’t. Wedding anniversaries give a chance to the partners to show love to one another and remind themselves of the times they enjoyed before committing their lives. During these times, challenges being faced are put aside and the couple builds an atmosphere of happiness. They compete at showering one another with gifts. These gifts make couples see each other from a positive point of view. This is good for strong bonding.

First anniversary gifts can be simple to some couples and at the same time hard to others. The later consists of perhaps friends who spent a lot time together during their courtship period and hence have a proper understanding of each others likes and dislikes. Such couples find it easy to pick on something that would be interesting to their partners thus fruitful celebrations. The former on the other hand, are those who have no idea of anniversary celebrations and have to be reminded about this by their close friends or from information on the social media. To such couples finding the perfect one year anniversary gifts can be so difficult.

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Having said that, ideas for one year anniversary gifts are so important. You are in a position to pick a gift that would leave a permanent mark in one’s heart. In this article, were are going to look at one year anniversary gifts for him and her. The essence of wedding anniversary gifts is to create light moments, and the moments can only be created if all the involved parties make efforts in bringing out the best in one another. Much time and effort is therefore put in during wedding anniversary.

1 year anniversary ideas

One year has passed since your wedding. The wedding was big, it attracted many people and the reception was the talk of the town for about a whole month. The two of you felt happy that you finally have one another as life time partners. The “yes I do” vows still echo in your ears. As much as the marriage life seems different from what you both expected, friends and relatives have been close to give you support and encouragement. In the cause of the year, you have devised various techniques of staying happily together and one of them is to have annual wedding anniversary gifts. The day is fast approaching and you are wondering, what is this that will rekindle your partner’s mood!

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One year anniversary wedding gift ideas in Ghana

Let’s look at some of the ideas for one year anniversary gifts.

Before we get deeper into these one year of marriage anniversary gifts thing, it’s worth noting that traditional gift for wedding anniversary was something well known. Couples already knew what to expect as a gift and there was no element of surprise as it was a paper gift.

This paper gifts symbolized the following.

  • A blank space where the couple should write their story together.
  • The paper too represented how fragile marriages are because of challenges
  • Lastly, it represented trust, good communication, and loyalty which is essential in overcoming challenges.

One year wedding anniversary gifts for him

Thinking of what to buy or make for your husband? Let’s look at one year wedding gifts for him. Presenting a gift as a surprise to your husband will make him brim with joy. Be sure that whatever you gift him after this process will bring out the “wow! Thank you so much Love”

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1. A wrist watch

One year anniversary wedding gift ideas in Ghana

Wrist watches are loved and cherished by men. No wonder you will you will meet most of them wearing them. Men are very proud creatures and a posture of one trying to read time from his wrist watch brings that out clearly. This elevates their spirit and a feeling of importance in the society. Wrist watches come in various forms and make. There are those which are digital and others which are analog depending on how they display information (time). There are also those which have a lustre appearance and are luring to the eye. Be sure to find a wrist watch that depicts class and you will be done. This small jewel will make the day for you lovely husband.

2. Perfect meal for the anniversary

One year anniversary wedding gift ideas in Ghana

Those who said the way to a man’s heart in through his stomach were not far from the truth. Men feel relaxed and appreciated when gifted with a sumptuous meal. Treat your husband to his favorite meal when he returns home after a day of work. Exploring your husband’s menu is the simplest task one can engage in. Ask him what he would want cooked for him on a happy day and you will see the likes of roast goat meat, fried pork, and many others come out of his mouth. It’s also expected that having been with him for an entire year, you know well which meal is best for him. Make him that and be sure of getting a kiss similar to that first one he gave you on your wedding day.

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3. A date night

One year anniversary wedding gift ideas in Ghana

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Let him arrive home from work not knowing what is in store for the evening. Light up the moment by telling him you have planned a night out. This will get him by surprise but be assured that it is something he will really love. More so if the day at work was laborious and he was looking forward to a relaxing evening.

During the date try to recount the moments of fun you too shared a while back, praise him on some of his achievements and encourage him. This is so refreshing to a man and will make him wish for more and more anniversaries.

4. Custom portrait: personalized art for the two of you.

Perhaps you are good at drawing portraits, If you are not, find an expert to do it for you. Bring out something amazing of the two of you. A portrait that will perhaps remind the two of you of the time you were together on a picnic, or on dinner, or in a fun function with friends. Present the portrait and pretend that you did it yourself even when you didn’t. This will certainly make him happy and before he learns who actually did it, the day will be long gone and objective achieved.

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One year anniversary gifts for her

Gift ideas for women can be so challenging. As a husband you need to present something that will arouse her emotions and send those tears rolling down her cheeks.

1. An attire

You perhaps have over heard her talk to the house girl or the neighbor about how she really wants to get those pair of shoes, that skirt, dress etc. On the evening of your anniversary, show up with the item.

One year anniversary wedding gift ideas in Ghana

2. Relieving her from kitchen duties

Cooking for your wife can be an anniversary gift too. Especially if you know which meal she loves. Treat her to the meal for supper and you will both sleep with smiles all over you faces.

One year anniversary wedding gift ideas in Ghana

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3. Jewellery

Ever read the quote that says, “Men are from Mars and Women from Venus?” This depicts women as lovers of aesthetics. Bring her a beautiful bracelet, wrist watch, etc. and she will definitely be happy.

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One year anniversary wedding gift ideas in Ghana

4. Take her on a date.

Changing the environment for her can be a good thing too. Take her on a date out to appreciate nature and spend some time there with her. Recount the happy moments the two of you have had over the past, appreciate her beauty and this will definitely make her day.

One year anniversary wedding gift ideas in Ghana

In conclusion, these Gift ideas will apply everywhere and will help you come up with the perfect anniversary gifts for your loved one. Whether in Ghana or another place on the globe. They too apply to all anniversaries whether first year anniversary or silver anniversary. If you are wondering how many years is silver anniversary? They are 25 years and ought to be celebrated too. Hopefully this article has given you a clue concerning one year anniversary gifts. Plan the perfect surprise for the man or woman that you love.

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