Top trending African wear for men 2018

Top trending African wear for men 2018

Fashion has captured the heart of men too and the numerous African wear for men hitting the internet is proof enough. This world has ceased to be just for women as men are taking a keen eye on how they look both in terms of grooming and wear. It is therefore not surprising that men are taking bold steps towards achieving this goal. They are wearing bolder prints and colors which makes it easier for them to stand out. If you want to join the few men that have decided to take fashion to the next level then this article is for you. Read on to discover how you can make people in the office and neighborhood stare amazed at the transformation that has taken place. There is no need for dull and drab looking wears when you can experiment with so much more.

Top trending African wear for men 2018

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African wear for men 2018

Top trending African wear for men 2018

2018 may be the year that has seen a lot of African wear styles for men come up. Tailors and designers seem to be going out of their comfort zones and are trying out different color and design combinations. The outcome is not only pleasing but also functional for most men as it is now easy to find a perfect clad for that evening event and a great attire for the office without necessarily having to be monotonous in three piece suits. However, these designs are best suited for the bold man who wants to test and see life differently. To better understand these concepts, check out the following designs, you will not be disappointed.

African wear mens design – stand out

If you are looking for comfortable men's African wear, then you are in the right place. Whether you want a shirt, a pair of pants, a traditional regalia or a fancy weekend wear; the following guide will come in handy when making your choice based on your preferences and tastes. There is a lot to choose from, starting with kente, dashiki, agbada and ankara just to mention a few. To best get this, the following classification will be very useful.

1. Ankara

Top trending African wear for men 2018

This is a design that has become very popular among the African men because of how versatile it can get. With ankara, you can get suits, weekend wear and casual outfits. They also come in different colors that will match your fancy. If you are looking for something that will break your regular and monotonous wear then this is the most appropriate fit for you.

2. Dashiki

Top trending African wear for men 2018

No man can go wrong in a dashiki for there is no wearing this one wrong. Once you put yourself to task and want to stand out from the boys over the weekend then this is your go to wear. It has a way of bringing out your sense of style and class that no one can tell you are absolutely clueless about fashion. Paired with the right kind of shoes, you will definitely be the magnet that attracts all the cute ladies over the weekend. A simple shirt like the one above will make you seem like you have it all figured out.

3. Agbada outfits

Top trending African wear for men 2018

Are you thinking of attending a wedding with your girl or wife? If so, then the agbada will never disappoint. What’s more, it can be a fancy way to match your wife’s style especially if the both of you choose colors that complement each other. You can very well stand out as a couple without even trying too much. What’s more, is that the attire is comfortable and you will barely feel like you are wearing a thing. If you are concerned about looking a tad too old for your age, there is nothing to worry about. With modern designers and tailors, you can transform the old traditional agbada look into something fancy and functional. You get to kill two birds with one stone, stay stylish and comfortable. Nothing beats that for a man.

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4. Kitenge

This is the most versatile African design for practically any person regardless of gender oe age. Men can also look exquisite in kitenge as long as it is well designed and the color choices are complementary. You can choose to have a shirt made from kitenge to break your plain trousers look. This broken look makes you look classy and current making it the perfect design for a weekend out with friends and family. You can also go all out and pick a kitenge suit which will also look perfect. It is safe to say that the kitenge is the perfect Ghanaian African wear for a man who wants to begin exploring with African wear. You can taste the waters first before trying other designs.

Latest African wear designs

Top trending African wear for men 2018

With the designs mentioned above, you definitely want to find one that will enhance your look. Choosing designs of African wear does not have to be a difficult thing especially if you know how to go about it. I would suggest working with a tailor that can interpret your vision into an attire. The last thing you need is to have a perfectly good fabric turn out disastrous, because of incompetent workmanship. Even so the following African wear styles in Ghana can never disappoint.

1. African wear mens shirts

Men have been accommodating lately with a number of them willing to try out different African wear designs. This has been evident in the African shirts designs that men are increasingly taking up especially for the weekend. It is common to see men wearing African print shirts to church and other informal gatherings such as parties and weddings on weekends. These shirts come in different designs and patterns. Top on the list of some of the most common shirts are the dashiki, kitenge and mix prints. Men are increasingly learning how to pair these attires.

a. Dashiki shirt

Top trending African wear for men 2018

b. Kitenge shirt

Top trending African wear for men 2018

The perfect green color makes the man appear in control not to mention fabulous.

c. Batik shirt

Impressive and stylish is what this shirt brings out without saying a word.

d. Mixed print shirt

Top trending African wear for men 2018

e. Kente shirt

Top trending African wear for men 2018

A favorite among many men and a safe place to try when testing the African wear.

2. African men's traditional wear

This is probably one of the most common wear for men in Ghana especially in regards to traditional functions. The African culture is so rich to the extent that there were special wears that were meant for certain functions including marriage and traditional rites. With the passage of time though, modernity has revolutionized some of these wears since they must have a sense of style for them to be relevant. While there are people that still wear them as they were originally, a few modifications here and there have made them useful to many. This could be why a good number of men are open to wearing the attires with ease. Check out the following traditional pieces for men.

a. Ghanaian smock.

Top trending African wear for men 2018

This attire stands out because of its excellent bright colors and styles. This makes this attireperfect for men, especially those that are a bit advanced in age. It can also be worn by young men especially in functions. Despite the challenge of counterfeits and imitations, the Ghanaian smock remains an epic African men wear.

b. Kente dress for men.

Top trending African wear for men 2018

This attire speaks volume about the richness of culture in Ghana. With the powerful color combinations and meanings, it is easy to see why any man would wear it to a festival. It is a perfect mood booster, thanks to its bright colors. You will have to be careful though when choosing colors for the kente cloth since they are all meaningful and the last thing you want is to send a wrong message especially in the traditional functions.

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3. African wear for boys

Top trending African wear for men 2018

The African boy is also being well dressed from a young age probably because of the attention given to them by their mothers. What happens when they grow up is something that leaves one wondering since the sense of dressing somehow escapes. The young African boy can look smashing in a variety of styles which is why modern mothers would go a great length to experiment. Check out the following styles for your young son. You can make his cuteness overload with a few tricks and combinations of designs.

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a. Kitenge

Top trending African wear for men 2018

This jacket will make your baby look like the young man he wants to be.

b. Dashiki

Top trending African wear for men 2018

Make him look like the little prince he is in this dashiki outfit.

c. Ankara

Top trending African wear for men 2018

There goes your little boss baby boy.

d. Afro chic

Top trending African wear for men 2018

With this look, your boy will appear as if he's got everything covered. It is the look of a young successful man in the making.

4. African men's clothing wedding

Top trending African wear for men 2018

It is impossible to look at African men's fashion trends without mentioning the wedding attire. Just like women, men also love to look great when attending a function, a wedding to say,for example. There reasons may not be because of showing off or competing to outsmart each other but rather to maintain an impression that they are in control. What better way to do this than to look the part. An impressive attire will do half the work and get the burden off your shoulders when done right. Check out the following styles for that wedding of the year.

a. Stand out in the traditional inspired wedding attire

Top trending African wear for men 2018

b. An ankara broken suit will have the ladies gaping for your attention if properly accessorized

Top trending African wear for men 2018

This is a perfect head turner especilly because of the color combinations.

c. Nothing is more impressive than a man that wears his kitenge just right

No one can get enough of a man who knows how to bring his A game home. This is exactly what kitenge does for you.

5. African wear for guys

Top trending African wear for men 2018

Even without any event coming up, it is imperative that a guy looks good and this is why finding attires that would suit your day to day needs is crucial. Whether you are going to the office or chilling out with friends over bottles of beer in the evening, there is never a dull moment to look good. Check out the following attires for every season and occasion

a. Casual weekend wear outdoors

This attire is everything a cool guy would wear on a weekend that is easy. No pressure, it seems to say in its earth toned colors.

b. Beach wear

Top trending African wear for men 2018

Enjoy your time in the beach with these dashiki shorts. Carry style with you everywhere.

c. Perfect wear to a date you want to impress

Top trending African wear for men 2018


Show her that you made an effort to look good for her.

6. African wear dresses styles

Top trending African wear for men 2018

Then there is the African dresses for men. This may come as a surprise for many but it is true that men do wear dresses either for fashion purposes or traditional implications. However, it should be noted that the dresses meant for men are a bit different from those worn by women. Some of the most common attires that would easily pass as dresses for men include the Kaftan and boubou. These over sized attires just look like dresses and are a perfect way men use to imply their social status especially for the West African men.

Top trending African wear for men 2018

With so much being said about the African menswear, it is possible to look different and chic any time of the day. Check out the different African mens clothing online that will keep inspiring you as a man to stand out. You can easily come up with customized designs for yourself.

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