Fashion dresses in Ghana: Best in 2020 (photos)

Fashion dresses in Ghana: Best in 2020 (photos)

Finding the right fashion dresses is the secret of every keen dresser. Whether you are going to church, a work function or hanging out with friends, how you look matters. You need to be different and stand out every time. This is easier said than done especially considering the fact that looking good requires time, effort and patience as you find what works with your color and figure. Even so, you can easily turn to the best-dressed person in your crowd by observing a few rules of choosing an attire and accessorizing it well. Here are some of the best fashion dresses in Ghana that you can never go wrong with The secret is to find what fits, what compliments your body shape and more importantly what you feel comfortable wearing.

When browsing the internet for top African fashion trends chances are that you will come across a lot that it could be overwhelming. Our goal is to help you narrow down your focus to what is most relevant to you. This article will feature some of the best designs in the African attire world and give your perspective on what to expect.

African fashion dresses

Designers and professional tailors have contributed significantly in taking African fashion to the next level. This is evident in the fact that some of the top African fashion pieces are now being worn world over even by celebrities and music stars in countries outside the African continent. A step in the right direction I must say. With this popularity has come a new crop of some of the best African fashion trends that you will be pleased to keep up with especially if you are the kind that loves to stay informed and dress in the current look. You can, of course, modify the designs to make it fit your specific taste, thanks to the concept of customization which helps people look authentic and real. First things first though, you need to know what is on offer in terms of the designs. Check out the following dress styles and you will not be disappointed. In fact, these are probably some of the best African fashion wear you will come across.

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Fashion dresses designs

Best fashion dresses in Ghana

African designs leave designers a lot of room to explore their creativity. As a result, beautiful pieces have been brought forth. There are different dresses suited for the different occasions. We shall focus on helping you look the part at all of these functions by showcasing some of the most the best designs brought forward for specific occasions.

1. Best fashion wedding dresses

Africans love weddings whether they are modern or traditional which could be a good explanation to the fact that such functions are always packed. People come to share in the joy of the couple and celebrate their union. However, there could be another reason behind it as well. It is the time that ladies come to show their latest fashion wears and even compare and contrast. This being said you will definitely want to be among the most conspicuously dressed in the crowd. To do this therefore you may have to bring in your best game. Check out these designs for your next wedding function

a. Lace midi dress

Best fashion dresses in Ghana

Sometimes simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Look the part in this cute golden and black less dress of medium length. When properly accessorized you will be quite the lady that calls the attention of all, though subtly. It is the perfect wear for a respectable lady of class.

b. Low neck body fitting maxi

Best fashion dresses in Ghana

This will work for the lady that loves to call attention to herself. If this is the goal you want to achieve then it shall be done the moment you walk in. This royal colored low neck maxi brings out the gracefulness of a lady of impeccable taste. You can never go wrong with it. The small cut on the knee further enhances the illusion of a seductress that shows only enough to keep them guessing.

c .Cute mini

Best fashion dresses in Ghana

One word for this dress, exceptional. Though not long, it is decent and well fitting. With a simple clutch and heels, it is perfect for a wedding. What’s more, you can always wear it to the office as it does fit both scenarios.

d. Sleeveless maxi

Best fashion dresses in Ghana

This one is perfect for a married woman. The headscarf completes the look of elegance. This head turner look brings acknowledgement of great taste and style. With this everyone in the crowd will praise your husband for taking good care of you.

e. Figure hugging yellow-ankara gown

Best fashion dresses in Ghana

The curvy woman is not left out when it comes to choosing a design for the wedding event. This flowing Ankara inspired gown will not only bring out your best features but will also be the envy of most. Decent and classy wraps it up for the wedding collection designs.

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2. Fashion dresses for church

Church is the other place that people bring their best wears. While that may not be the intention to begin with, it just so happens that people dress their best when going to church. Whether it is out of respect for the house of God or just to look good is debatable. However, one thing we must agree is that decency is key when picking out an attire for church. After all, it is a place of worship and maximum respect is required. Check out the following designs for church. They can very well feature as some of the top African fashion designs.

a. Orange Kitenge

Best fashion dresses in Ghana

This is a perfect attire for church, especially when worn with a matching coat. It is comfortable, covers up all the areas that are considered private but at the same time shows the wearer as a classy woman. Highly recommended especially for the plus sized lady.

b. Multi colored midi Ankara

Best fashion dresses in Ghana

For the lady that loves shorter outfits, this would be ideal for church. Even though it is just slightly above the knee, it is not skimpy which makes it decent. The long sleeves and complete neck covering make the attire all the more decent for a young woman that wants to go to church.

c. Flowing gown and head wrap

Best fashion dresses in Ghana

This will probably pass as the most ideal church gear for any woman of repute. You can complete the look by typing a light scarf over your shoulders especially when it gets cooler.

d. Simple and chic

Best fashion dresses in Ghana

This is an Ankara design that many would love. Its cool colors require little to no accessories making it a perfect and stylish wear for the laid back lady more so when attending a church service.

e. Mix print dress

Best fashion dresses in Ghana

This style is most suited for the younger woman that is not yet married. It can also be worn by teenagers and young adults. While it is a bit edgy, it is decent and has a youthful look that a young woman would feel perfect wearing to church.

3. Fashion dresses for men

This may come as a surprise to many but there are dresses that are specially made for men. Some of the best African male fashion can be passed as the best African fashion dresses and can compete fairly with the more common female attires. Check out these African male dresses.

a. The African Boubou

Best fashion dresses in Ghana

This is one of the best quality attires for men. Usually, it is a symbolic wear that men who have attained chieftaincy status in West Africa or the very rich love to wear. This does not mean that any other man cannot wear it especially if they have a sense of style and fashion.

b. The kaftan

This is an Asian inspired attire that is often won with long pants. Some men prefer it longer while others medium height

c. The kanzu

It is safe to say that the kanzu is a religious attire worn by Muslim men. However, some people have found a way of transforming it into a fashion cloth.

d. Agbada

It is also a common wear for men. It is impressive and often worn by men of status.

e. Kente male dress

Best fashion dresses in Ghana

Mainly won for traditional functions especially traditional Ghanaian weddings. It is still one of the most impressive and traditionally preserved attires. Its available in different colors all of which have different meanings.

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Fashion dresses style

There are different fashion dress styles available for people of different genders and ages. These are the trending attires that most people would like to have. We shall look at some of the most common ones recently.

1. Fashion dresses for ladies

Best fashion dresses in Ghana

The love that women have with attires could be said to be the driving force of the fashion industry. Women love to look good and impressive all the time as compared to men. It is therefore not surprising that there are diverse designs for women than men. Women have a lot more unique and diverse style varieties just as those shown above.

2. Best of African male fashion

Best fashion dresses in Ghana

Even though ladies are said to be more into fashion, men are slowly following suit. This has been seen by the growing number of the best African fashion styles for men. The above designs are proof of this.

3: Fashion dresses for wedding

Some of the best fashion designer dresses are worn at weddings. One would wonder what the obsession with weddings is as everyone wants to look the part at these functions. The good news though is that weddings bring together people that would not always meet on a daily basis. This could be why people take the opportunity to impress and leave a mark. This is where you will get to learn about the latest designs and fashion dresses for women’s as well as men. Consider the following designs as suited for a wedding:

a. Fashion kaftan dresses

Best fashion dresses in Ghana

This dress will bring out your best features and sure turn you into the crowd’s envy. You can rock this in any color you want.

b. Fashion maxi dresses

This comes in all types of colors and design variations. You can choose the one you fancy the most or even consider the wedding color theme as you make your pick. Either way, you can never get this one wrong.

c. Assorted prints

Best fashion dresses in Ghana

Rock in this mix print attire with a headgear. You will definitely be a thrill to watch in the wedding you attend.

African wears can never disappoint. The secret is to choose a design that will flatter your body. It is also advisable to pick colors that will be great for you.

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