Infinix note 4 price in Ghana, specs and review

Infinix note 4 price in Ghana, specs and review

The Infinix Note 4 is one of two of the latest flagship Note devices by Infinix. The mobile giant transition did not cut any corners in the making of this cheap yet premium looking device. Everything from the design and build quality of the Infinix Note 4 to the battery, smooth software is a long way ahead of its earliest predecessor they Infinix Hot Note. The company has since switched to naming its Note devices separately and coming up with a separate Hot series of devices, the Note 4 would have otherwise been named the Infinix Hot Note 4.

Infinix note 4 price in Ghana, specs, and review


The new design is very similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 of 2015, despite this, it is a new look for Infinix devices we hope trickles down the range of devices by the company. The Infinix Note 4 also follows the lead of larger brands such as Apple and Samsung with two new devices, one is a smaller less powerful variant and the larger a power boosted option with even more features. The Infinix Note 4 price in Ghana starts from 695 Cedis if you decide to shop on Jumia Ghana or may be slightly over or below this price if you decide to shop elsewhere.

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The Infinix Note 4 is a brilliant device but like all mobile devices it comes with a number of perfectly checked boxes and some disappointing features, or lack of exciting ones.

The good

  • The amazing 5.7” Full HD display with a 1080x1920 resolution.
  • The huge 4300mAh battery can last up to 2 days of moderate use and more than a day of heavy use easy.
  • Premium build quality and design with the shiny back.
  • The camera is amazing
  • A snappy fingerprint sensor
  • Great audio output from speaker and earpiece

The bad

  • The Chameleon skin on top of Android still has some lag.
  • The disappointing 2GB RAM and internal storage at 16GB is very 2016 in this age of high quality video content.
  • The processors are also not as powerful as can be, that or the optimization is not, well, optimum.
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Infinix note 4 specs

Infinix note 4 pro review


General Information

  • Release Date: July 2017
Infinix note 4 specs


Yes, Infinix brought the stylus to its phones. Fancily dubbed the X-pen it will only be compatible with the larger Infinix Note 4 Pro review are not good as it is disappointing that the X-pen does not have a slot in the phone like the case of Samsung’s Note line ups.

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Infinix hot note 4



Design & Build quality

The design department did everything right and the phone looks and feels amazing with the polished surface and the curved 2.5D glass. The front placement of the fingerprint sensor is new for Infinix devices but is a familiar design. The decision is welcome as it leaves the phone with a clean back and is easier to get to given how large the phone is. The Build quality may disappoint many especially those coming from the metallic back of the Infinix Note 3. The placement of the tactile buttons is excellent and they make for a satisfying user experience. The phone is available in three colors; champagne gold, milan black and ice blue.

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The 2.5D curved display is amazing for use in sunlight and it gets bright enough for comfortable use anywhere. It is a magnet for smudges and fingerprints but this isn’t a big problem as a quick wipe will get it shiny again. The Full HD display means you can enjoys high resolution content on the 16:9 screen with ease. You will be hard pressed to find anything that this screen cannot handle as most 4K content will be optimized for the best viewing quality on the 1080*1920 screen. The curved glass looks good without any protection but this means you have to be extra careful when handling it.

Infinix hot note 4


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Processor, storage and performance

The Infinix lineup sticks with the MediaTek processors which continue to be a favorite for low budget smartphone makers. The Note 4 features a MediaTek Helio X10. This very powerful processor will handle all your multitasking needs and then some in normal use. The phone will breeze through most games and use of heavy apps and can multitask for as many apps as you would want to run. The phone will pick up in any app exactly where you left off without delay. It is however the bane of XOS skin on Android that will slow down your multitasking with animations as you switch between apps.

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The Note 4 features a 16 GB ROM backed by 2GB of RAM that is sure to help carry some of the load of playing games and running multiple apps.

The Infinix Note 4 Pro specs put some distance between it and the smaller phone here as it packs a larger punch in this department boasting 3GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. If you are always storing large amounts of data in your phone you might want to go for the larger variant.


In a day of moderate use with an active internet connection and more than six hours of on-screen time the battery will last from morning till late at night before you start getting anxious about your battery levels. The 4300mAh battery can go up to 3 days on light usage making this a suitable companion for long excursions where you don’t need to use your phone. The phone will charge up to 60% in less than half an hour with X charge.

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Speakers and call quality

The downward facing speakers can get very loud with minimal audio distortion and the Infinix Note 4 has a nice great audio processing giving you crisp sounding audio all the time. It is worth noting that due to the speaker placement you are likely to cover it every time you use the phone in landscape mode. The earpiece can get loud enough for those around you to eavesdrop on your calls and the sound is clear. The call quality is excellent. It is however not used as a speaker for surround sound as is the case in some large devices now.


The software affect two key areas of the phone;

OS and features

The Phone comes in the box with Android 7 Nougat. There is an XOS Chameleon skin on it however so you will miss out on the stock android experience. The skin means you get a variety of bloat ware out the box such as Xmanager, Xwin, Xsecurity and more but they can all be disabled if they are not your thing. The OS can be upgraded but not officially by Infinix, this is one those things you do on your own.

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Camera, video and image quality

Infinix note 4 specification


The phone features a 13MP main camera and can capture 1080p video at 30fps. It has an LED flash, HDR, Autofocus and Geo-tagging capabilities. The selfie camera is 8 MP and has an LED flash for those low light shots.

If you’re wondering how software affects the camera here is a quick break down. Smartphones use a digital film and the quality of images you get from this is solely dependent on how good the image processing software the phone carries is. The Infinix Note 4 has a solid camera with a Sony lens that captures some of the best videos and images you can get for the price. The phone can record HD video and has optical image stabilization.


The Note 4 has been well received by many Infinix fans for many reasons including the new design and the X-pen and for some, the chance to use a stylus at a low price makes the device all the more worth it. The only criticism for the device comes from the fact that for such a device they could have shipped it with more internal storage.

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The Infinix Note 4 is a worthy upgrade for the Note series by Infinix. It is however a tough sell considering the current price of Infinix Note 4 in Ghana is almost the same as that of the more attractive Infinix Zero 4. An Infinix Zero 4 plus VS Infinix Note 4 pro review will leave you looking forward to getting the Zero 4 plus given it has a better camera and overall build quality. The X-pen is a big plus for the Pro in the comparison as the Zero 4 cannot match that and the Infinix Note 4 price in Ghana cedis is much lower. If you are looking for something new and exciting then you should definitely by the Infinix Note 4 or the Infinix Note 4 Pro.

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