Questions to ask a guy on the first date

Questions to ask a guy on the first date

A lady will have many questions to ask a guy on the first date. The questioned asked are aimed to build a solid and open relationship. Getting into an intimate relationship with someone always entails knowing and understanding them better beyond looks.

Questions to ask a guy on the first date

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Questions to ask a guy on a first date is more often not deemed as an interview. However, these questions asked on the first date should appear in a way that is not interrogative but creates an environment for a continuous conversation. Finding what to ask a guy to get to know him can always be a little awkward and uncomfortable. A lady should try to find funny questions to ask a guy so as to break the ice between them, to erase any nerve- wracking and ease anxiety that comes with the first dates. These questions should easily flow into their conversation.

The goal of any intimate relationship is to get to know someone both at their highest and lowest moments. Subconsciously, the things to talk about with a guy on the first date are important indicators of the direction the relationship will take after the first date. How a guy answers certain questions asked will give an insight of the kind of person he his. How a guy answers may also reveal in-depth how much he values some people or things. Therefore, the lady should be keen to find answers and unearth underlying intonations when a guy is answering questions she has asked.

Good and appropriate questions to ask a date

Questions to ask a guy on the first date

1. What’s your favorite food?

This is an easy question to ask on a first date. Food is said to be an easy way to disarm a defensive person. Talking about a favorite food brings good memories and lights up the heart of someone easily.

2. Tell me about your family?

Family values are important to all human beings, more so in an intimate relationship. Asking about family on a first date to your boyfriend may reveal how close a guy is to his parents and sibling. It may also be an eye opener on how he values family ties and relationships. It may also cultivate signs how the guy will treat you in the relationship.

3. What’s your favorite type of car?

Most guys will definitely like talking about their favorite cars. More importantly, they will easily open up on their dream cars and passion for different types of car models. This is a good first date question to ask him as it brightens ups the conversation.

4. What do you like doing in your free time?

This is one of very good questions to ask a guy on a first date. This will reveal how much an introvert or extrovert the guy is. The question reveals his passion for other activities besides daily routine work. It may also be a good ground to determine how the two of you will spend your leisure time once in a relationship. This is a question that may determine your compatibility.

5. What is the weirdest thing you have ever done that you still laugh hard when you remember?

This is a funny question to ask a guy on the first date. Most times it will create an environment filled with laughter to recall something weird that the guy may have done in the past. This kind of question brings out a light moment and may spill to laughter and easing tension.

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6. What are your life goals in the next five years?

One great question to ask your boyfriend is about his life goals in the short term. They are important to know since it may indicate if he has any plans to settle down or just having a good time at the expense of your

7. How many ladies have you dated since you started dating?

What to ask a guy on a first date will very much determine whether there will be a long term relationship beyond the first date. What may deem interesting to a lady to ask her date may appear offensive to her date. Questions to ask a guy to get to know him intimately, may sometimes appear to spark off a dark and hidden past that the guy may not want to reveal. It is important for a lady to skillfully and carefully ask certain intimate questions. A guy may not be prepared to divulge intimate information about his past on a first date.

8. How did your last relationship end?

This is an important thing to ask a date. It reveals how a guy ends relationships and whether the grounds of terminating his relationships are genuine or ambiguous. He may also choose not to answer this kind of question. Intimate questions to ask a guy on the first date can be very sensitive. The lady should respect the guy's privacy if he chooses not to open up when asked such a question.

9. What is your ideal type of a woman?

Questions to ask a guy on the first date

This is a good first date question to ask him. It will go a long way to map out your expectations against his expectations and whether there will be a common ground.

10. Have you ever handle loss of someone dear to you?

This is rather a sensitive question to ask a date on a first date. How the guy answers can show how well he can handle grieve and overcome it.

11. Do you like sports? What’s your favorite game?

Engaging in sports is a good thing. However, people choose to get involved in any kind of sports depending on a number of factors. So, for one to have a favorite sport, they have to have a passion or interest for it.

12. What’s the one opportunity you’ve ever missed and you regret to date?

It is said opportunities are always there for everyone. Taking a risk to take up the availed opportunity is what matters. This can be a good question to ask a guy on a first date. It will help gauge if the guy is a risk taker.

13. After you marry and settle in future, would you like to have children or keep pets?

This may be considered a good question to ask a guy to get to know him intimately. The lady will get to know what the guy’s views on marriage and setting up a family and whether he’s for the idea of having children in the future.

14. What’s that one thing that makes you feel different from many guys out there?

This is a really interesting question to ask a guy on the first date. How he answers will reveal how he esteems himself. It will also reveal what he likes other people to value about him.

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15. What makes you happy or get angry easily.

Questions to ask a guy on the first date

This question asked on first date reveals the things that can easily change the state of happiness or suddenness to the guy. The lady can easily learn the areas she will enhance in the relationship as well as the areas she will have to avoid.

16. Is there a skill you wish you can learn now? And how will it improve your life?

This is a rather interesting question to ask a guy on a first date. Understanding how someone perceives their quality of life and what they are doing is important. It will help to know if they have resigned to a certain status quo or are zealous to improving themselves.

17. In the last five years, what can you say has been your major achievement or accomplishment?

Learning about what a guy thinks is an achievement to him and how it makes him feel is great. This question gives an insight about his attitude and goals in life.

18. What would you do if today you won a huge amount of money in the biggest lottery?

This is a funny question to ask a guy on a first date. It will reveal the kind of person the guy is. How he can handle huge amounts of cash. This question may put the guy’s generosity and sense of care to test.

19. Where is your favorite destination to relax during your leave from work?

This question reveals how a person values his lifestyle and recreation. Does the guy value to spend time off from routine work?

20. What are your greatest fears?

This question will reveal fears that a guy may have concerning certain things or different areas in life.

In conclusion, things to as a guy on a first date will form a foundation to the direction a relationship will take after the first date.

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