Latest fashion Gh 2019

Latest fashion Gh 2019

Every week fashion industries are coming up with new fashion ideas to meet the needs of the people. Ghanaian dresses are popular when it comes to the matter of prints and fashion patterns. Even globally, popular kitenge and dashiki styles have originated in our country. In this article, we have shared some of the new ideas with the latest pictures of fashion Gh. Ghanaian dresses are made of different materials, like cotton, kitenge, kente, etc. Ankara dresses are very demanding in our market. The high-quality dresses come with an expensive price tag. If you have a keen interest in fashion dresses and Ghana's latest fashion designs then you can follow our fashion designers.

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In this article, we tried to bring you some awesome collection of recent fashion dresses of our country. Take a look at these pictures and you will get to know about the latest fashion trends. If you are the one, who like to try newly designed dresses then this is the perfect article for you. Check out the pictures we shared below and choose the one for you.

Nigerian ankara prom dresses

1. Latest Prom Dresses: fashion Ghana 2019

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fashion ghana dresses


Prom dresses are very fancy and mainly worn at big events . In the above picture, we have shared some fashion ideas of prom dresses. African prints are always attractive and famous worldwide. The combination of the dress color is so gorgeous and catchy that will make you fall in love with it. The color combination of blue and pink is very trendy in the market now. The other two pictures of white dresses are perfect for the wedding programs, so if you are planning to attend a wedding party you can grab one of them depending upon your choice.

Latest fashion gh 2019, fashion ghana dresses, 
latest fashion in ghana


The above prom dress has something different compared to other set of dresses. It can be stated as one of the ghana latest fashion designs. The print of the Ankara prom dresses looks nice and is quite unique. Floral prints are always trendy and are a part of fashion culture, but this outfit of floral pattern and the color combination of the dress is unique. These prints are pretty rare to find in the market and also expensive. If you are going to a fancy event then this one is for you. Prom dresses can be regarded as the latest fashion in Ghana. The outfit is loosely designed and comfortable for the summer season.

Latest Nigerian Ankara fashion 2019
Latest fashion gh 2019, fashion gh styles,
fashion styles in ghana


The model in stylish hair is looking beautiful in this prom dress, isn’t ishe? The upper portion is a tight fit and cold-shoulder. The color combination of this dress is awesome and it will look cool if your figure is slim. The material is pure cotton and is very comfortable. This is a perfect party wear and is well suited for fancy events. You can use some matching accessories to jazz up the look. There are more fashionable Ghanaian dresses like the ones portrayed in this website, explore through the pages to know more.

Latest fashion gh 2019, fashion ghana dresses, 
ghanaian fashion styles


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If you want to look attractive and unique then don’t think twice, buy one similar to this. The color combination and the design patterns are awesome. This is one of the best fashion Gh styles which is rare in the market. The model is looking gorgeous and sexy. If you like a dress which is a bit revealing then this one will be perfect for you. Always try to go with heels when you are planning to wear such dress to a prom. Simple jewelry and sunglasses will go well with the dress.

Trendy African dressing styles

2. Latest Ankara fashion Ghana dresses

latest fashion in ghana, fashion ghana 2019, 
ghana latest fashion dresses


Ankara is a type of fabric which is 100% cotton and also known as Ankara prints, Holland wax, etc. The fabric is popular for its vibrant colors and patterns which is similar to tribal dresses. These fabrics are on demand in the African market. The above dress is a cold- shoulder and tight-fit outfit. The color pattern is pretty interesting. The design of the lower part of this dress looks gorgeous. If you are planning for an outing then it will be perfect for you. If you like the design then you should get a dress like this, depending on your choice of color.

fashion gh styles, ghanaian fashion dresses, 
ghana fashion style


This is another fashion Ghana dress idea of an off-shoulder Ankara type. If you are planning to buy Ankara then you can try this idea. The white color with the combination of floral print will go well at daytime. If you are looking for a one-piece dress then include this one in your shopping list. It comes in many sizes, so if you like the idea go for it and select your choice of color.

Look smashing in the latest fashion dresses

Latest fashion gh 2019, fashion dresses in ghana, 
fashion gh pictures


In the picture above, the woman looks beautiful in the colorful outfit with an interesting design pattern print. The fabric is very expensive and very comfortable to wear. Ghanaian fashion styles are always popular for their colorful print patterns. If you are looking for a dress to attend an engagement or a wedding ceremony then this is the perfect one for you. You can carry a handbag of your choice and wear simple jewelry.

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3. Latest Kaba-Slit fashion in Gh

Kaba and slit dresses are mostly worn by woman in our country. Most of the woman in Ghana uses Kaba and slit dresses on a daily basis. These dresses are mainly made of African fabric and it’s cheaper than any other fabric dresses. So the Kaba and slit is a major part of Ghana's fashion. The top part of the outfit is referred to as Kaba and the lower part/bottom (skirt) is known as a slit. African outfits are always famous and these styles are popular in other countries like USA, England, etc. Let’s have a look on some Kaba slit styles.

Trendy Kaba styles you need to have a look at
Latest fashion gh 2019, fashion of ghana, fashion ghana 2019


This is a good example of Kaba and slit. These clothes are very comfortable to wear and the material is African fabric. The blue upper portion is called Kaba which is long-sleeved and the lower portion (slit) has an abstract color pattern which is very common and catchy. It can go with some bangles and necklace of your choice. It will look elegant; you can also add head bandanas with it if you like.

Latest fashion gh 2019, gh fashion marketing, 
ghana latest fashion designs

The lady in the picture above is looking gorgeous in the mono designed Kaba slit. The previous one had different color combinations, but this one is a mono themed dress. The image is one of the best pictures of Ghana's fashion in 2019. The bottom portion of the dress is a tight fit. If you want to look classy and elegant then this can surely be your cup of tea.

Latest fashion gh 2019, ghana's fashion, fashion in gh


See how colorful the dress is, African dresses are mainly popular for its printing patterns. In the above picture, the sleeveless Kaba is looking awesome on her. These Kaba slits are very comfortable in the summer season. The extra colorful design in the middle is very attractive. Make sure to buy some heels which will go well with your dress.

Trendy modern African dresses
Latest fashion gh 2019, fashion from ghana, 
ghana latest fashion trend


The above image is another example of Kaba slit style, but the Kaba is a bit different. This is one of the best among Ghana latest fashion dresses. The theme is based on blue color and abstract cone-shaped design on it. The design of the middle section made this dress unique. The cutting of the Kaba is a bit revealing and if you are looking for some sexy looking cuts then this is the perfect one for you. The bottom part is main-stream just like any other long gowns reflecting the ghana latest fashion trend.

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4. Latest Kitenge fashion from Ghana

ghana latest fashion designs, fashion of ghana, 
fashion ghana dresses


Kitenge is one of the most popular fabrics which is used by the majority people of our country. Kitenge fabrics are pretty heavy and traditional African dresses are made with kitenge fabrics. Let’s take a look at the above pictures; we showcased some of the kitenge designs there. At the left, there is a kitenge long one-piece dress. The color combination is gorgeous. The middle one is culotte’s pant which is trendy in the marketplace in the recent years. The pant is loose fit and very comfortable to wear. The right one is the kitenge bomber jacket with a chain. The jacket has some yellow printed textures. These fashion styles in ghana are really eye-catchy and look awesome, if you like them, be sure to pick one up.

Best African print long dresses styles and designs
Latest fashion gh 2019, latest fashion in ghana, 
fashion gh styles


The lady in the colorful pencil skirt is looking attractive and sexy in this outfit. She has even wore some sexy black heels. The top is made of cotton and is very eye catchy. The jacket is expensive and pretty heavy. The star-like prints on the jacket are looking attractive and if you like the outfit, just go for it without a second thought. Ghanaian fashion dresses are so famous that even American actresses are fond of it.

Latest fashion gh 2019, fashion styles in ghana, 
fashion ghana dresses


This is another long kitenge dress. The yellow colored voluminous maxi long gown is looking beautiful on the afro-haired model. Look at the detailed design of the long skirts. Use accessories as per your choice.

Latest fashion gh 2019, ghanaian fashion styles, 
fashion ghana 2019


The dress is pretty unique and expensive; if you are planning for a grand party in the evening then this will go perfectly with your event. The grey cape jacket is going well with the yellow floral loose fit outfit.

Top trending images of latest African dresses on the Internet

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5. Latest short dresses fashion of Ghana

Latest fashion gh 2019, ghana latest fashion dresses, 
ghanaian fashion dresses


Everyone likes short dresses, especially the young generation. The short dresses are Ghana's latest fashion trend. Look at the above picture; she is looking dashing in the white t-shirt and short pant.

fashion ghana dresses, latest fashion in ghana, fashion gh styles


Here is another example of a short one-piece yellow loose-fit dress. The top is quarter-sleeves and well covered. If you are looking for a leg-revealing dress like this one then go for this dress. Choose your shoes wisely. Heels and leg covering shoes will go well with the dress.

That’s all on Ghana fashion style for now. If you are looking for more ideas on fashion dresses in Ghana and fashion Gh pictures like this, follow our page at

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