MTN mobile money code Ghana

MTN mobile money code Ghana

The development in MTN mobile money code in the last decade has caused a significant change in the lifestyle of most people in Ghana. The normal tiresome tradition of wasting time and resources to go to the bank to pay bills, buy goods and services, transferring money or making payments is no longer the case in Ghana. Mobile Telecommunication Networks (MTN) in association with partner banks developed mobile money system which is simple, affordable, convenient and readily available for all people of Ghana. MTN mobile money enables one to send money, receive money, and make payments like (school fees, insurance funds, and DSTV bills e.t.c.) and top up air time among other services. MTN Ghana mobile money service has been made more convenient by developing several short codes for different MTN mobile services which make it to be self-service.

MTN mobile money code Ghana

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How to register MTN mobile money

It’s very easy and simple to register for your own mobile money wallet and start enjoying the convenience and this financial experience. This new invention in money transaction is more secure and cheap compared to the previous methods. Before you start using the service, you must register by purchasing a sim card. MTN mobile money registration involves six steps which are short and precise to follow. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Visit any nearby MTN mobile money agent with your original photo ID card or any other relevant identity card including driving license, passport or voters ID.
  2. The MTN agent will capture your personal details to the MTN money system and will allocate you a sim card.
  3. You will be required to insert the allocated sim card to your mobile phone. Upon waiting for a short time, you will receive a messege instructing you to register for MTN mobile money
  4. From your phone menu, go to MTN. Select the option mobile money and press ok.
  5. Then select register. Type your photo ID number and press ok.
  6. An empty box will appear requiring you to write your pin. Type a pin that will be easy to remember but hard to guess. Re-enter your pin to confirm and press ok.
  7. A welcome notification from MTN mobile money will be sent to your phone. Now the registration has completed successfully. It’s important to keep your pin confidential, and never disclose it to any person. If in case there is no agent close to you, all you need is the information on how to register for MTN mobile money online services so that you do the process from the convenience of your Phone. After all, this process is also easy and simple to follow.
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How to register MTN mobile money online

The process on how to register MTN mobile money online requires a bit of keenness. In Ghana, the first step is to acquire a USSD code which will be used to register the mobile money. It’s advisable to call MTN mobile money customer care on 024 4300000 or 100 to assign you the USSD code. When you have the code, follow the following steps below to register ;

  1. Dial the code (USSD) given to you by the customer care. For instance *126# okay
  2. Your phone will display several options, reply with the option register
  3. Enter your personal details as indicated in the displayed text e.g. name, ID number and other details.
  4. After successfully filling in your correct details, the system will automatically generate an OTP number which you will use to set your pin.
  5. If the process is complete, you will be done with the registration and you can start enjoying MTN money transfer in Ghana.
How to register and use MTN mobile money online

NOTE: you can only handle MTN mobile money online transactions when you have the correct code.

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MTN short codes

MTN mobile money code Ghana

To make the service more convenient to customers, MTN mobile money came up with different short codes which will enable customers to acquire any service in MTN mobile money menu. This has increased its efficiency of money transactions in Ghana. Here are the important short codes for various purposes.

  • MTN mobile money code for Reloading airtime dial *134*PIN#
  • Sending please call me, send 024xxxxxx1 to 1399
  • MTN mobile money short code for requesting airtime balance dial *124#
  • Mashup balance dial *567*4#
  • MTN Jara code dial *5055#
  • Dial 154(02xxxxxxxx) to pay for me service. Using this service ,you will make the person receiving your call to incur the cost of airtime used.
  • MTN mobile money short code for the Centre dial 100
  • Mobile money code to confirm your MTN mobile number dial*156#
  • Recharging credit for another person dial *144* number to recharge* voucher number followed by #
  • Reporting frauds cases of mobile money send a text to 1515; include the name of the merchant involved in the text.
  • Purchasing SMS and internet bundles dial *138#
  • Access code for MTN mobile money dial *170#
  • Saver bundles dial *138*4#
  • Subscribe to caller tunes dial 1355. To unsubscribe to this service, send STOP to 1355
  • Share airtime between to people dial *198#, replay the displayed text with 2 and follows the simple steps down.
  • MTN radio dial 1303
  • MTN farming tips dial 30037
  • Free calls for MTN dial *550#. This offer is for 6 months and is reserved only for new subscribers.
  • MTN mobile money code Ghana for deactivation of all MTN services from your sim card dial *175#
  • Get short and interesting jokes dial *300*20#
  • Internet setting in MTN simcard dial *585# or send a blank SMS to 585, save the settings sent to you.
  • Blackberry plans dial *140#
All MTN shortcodes Ghana

The tables below provide more MTN codes that you can use:

MTN mobile money code Ghana


MTN mobile money code Ghana


MTN mobile money code Ghana


These are the common MTN short codes which enable self-service in Ghana. For more information, you can visit MTN mobile money website.

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MTN mobile money transfer

MTN mobile money transfer allows transfer of money from one account to another. Money can be transferred in payment for goods and services, paying bills among other wide uses of money. All this is done by the mobile money wallet from your phone. You do not necessarily need to visit a MTN merchant to complete any money transfer transaction. Before you send money, you should first confirm your balance. But do you really know how to check MTN mobile money balance for your MTN money account. Here is a simple procedure to check your balance.

How to reverse MTN mobile money transfer
  1. Dial *170# then press ok.
  2. Select my wallet. It is option 4 in the menu
  3. Then choose the first option, check balance
  4. Type your pin to access your account
  5. You will receive a message shortly containing your current balance in your account.

You can then comfortable transfer money from your wallet to your desired destination. Unlike for MTN mobile money registration which is free, MTN money transfer includes some costs. Depending on the amount of money in GHC that you are transferring, the cost varies significantly. Some few highlights of common costs of transferring money include the following:

Between 1-50 GHC, the person will be required to pay 2.50% as service fee. The amount is usually deducted automatically during the money transfer. Any amount exceeding 50GHC is charged a commission of 5%.

When withdrawing MTN mobile money, any amount from 0-50 is charged service fee of 0.5%GHC. Any amount exceeding 50GHC is charged a commission of 1%.This charges is only applicable when the transaction is done from a merchant. When money is sent using mobile phone, the following are the incurred costs:

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  • Between 1-50 GHC commission cost is 0.5%GHC
  • Any amount exceeding 50 GHC is commissioned at 1%GHC. These costs are only applicable when the transaction is done between two people using a mobile phone.
  • Bill payment of any kind is charged at a flat rate of 2%. Sometimes the rate may lower when bill paid is low. However the charges cannot go beyond 2%. Buying of airtime from your MTN mobile money is free.

It’s also possible to handle MTN mobile money transfer online using your phone to pay bills. This is mainly done using MTN mobile money online wallet. Here the person receiving the pay must also have an online wallet to avoid inconveniences of payment.

MTN mobile money merchant

MTN mobile money code Ghana

As have been said earlier, MTN mobile money is the easiest, cheapest and a more convenient way of sending or receiving money from your loved people without necessarily visiting a bank. These services are facilitated by the MTN mobile money agents (merchants) who are spread in different corners of Ghana. Merchants work independently but under the name of the company. They are paid in form commission from the total transactions which they handle.

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How to become MTN mobile money Ghana agent

A person seeking to be a merchant need to register a company name or equivalent and be assigned a legal registration certificate.

Prospective merchant must fill the following documents as required by the law.

  1. Merchant account handler form
  2. Agent code of ethics
  3. Merchant recruitment form

Other important guidelines according to the EMI include :

  • Should be located at a permanent structure of between 50-100M radius.
  • Starting capital of at least 4000GHC

All applications are answered via email address. Applications will vested and only the qualified candidates will be shortlisted and informed through their respective email addresses.

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