Health benefits of black seed and side effects

Health benefits of black seed and side effects

Dark seed oil is produced using the seeds of the dark cumin (Nigella sativa) plant, which has a place with the ranunculus family (Ranunculaceae). The dark cumin plant is local to southwestern Asia, the Mediterranean and Africa. It has been developed for a considerable length of time for its sweet-smelling and tasty seeds that can be utilized as a flavor or as a natural prescription. Dark seed oil is additionally usually called dark cumin seed oil. Be cautious, as dark seed ought not to be mistaken for genuine cumin (Cuminum cyminum), dark pepper, dark sesame or dark cohosh. There are plenty of health benefits of black seed. Regular intake can help you stay healthy and avoid many diseases. This article will discuss about all such benefits as well as usage and side effects of black seed.

health benefits of black seed


How to take black seed oil

Black seed oil has, for years been used by many people everywhere. These seeds have a strong aroma so it is possible that some will not like it. However, it has been said to improve health conditions and enhance the taste of food. Now, the question arises, “How do we consume it?”

Black seed oil or black cumin seed oil/ Nigella Sativa can be mixed with vegetables and drinks or eaten raw. It totally depends on you. Alternatively, you could try different methods for the consumption of the oil such as:

1. Have a teaspoon of black seed oil with every meal

Supporters of black seed oil suggest consuming around 3 teaspoons of it every day. You could blend it with any food or drinks; or swallow a spoonful with every meal. Mind you, the oil tastes bitter, it is strong and is thick.

2. Blend oil with honey

If taste is holding you back, try mixing the oil with something tasty like honey. It will cover the bitter taste. Just take a spoon full of black seed oil and a spoonful honey and blend them together in a plate or bowl. Have it however you like. You could also try lemon juice instead of honey.

3. Spread oil over veggies

People use olive oil and other similar substances on vegetables. Black cumin oil can be used as a substitute. Just spread the oil on top of the vegetables or make the blend of honey/lemon with the oil mentioned in the above point before mixing it with your veggies.

drinking black seed oil


I hope the hesitation you had about drinking black seed oil, and how to have it has been answered with the above mentioned points. Although, no specific consumption recommendations have been medically suggested, the safest way is to take the unprocessed seeds in your skin items and food.

If you are still unsure about it because you don’t like the flavor or taste, you can relax your nerves for a substitute for the oil exists in the form of black seed oil capsules. So, you can stop worrying about the taste and flavor; and grab those capsules.

But this article does not stop yet. We have more information about black cumin seeds.

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Black seed oil uses and benefits

In many places around the world, people use black seeds in their food for its different flavor, taste and profit. Cooking with black seed oil provides numerous benefits for our health. Here are some of those benefits that make it to the top of the list because of its capability to help you avoid bad diseases like skin disorders, diabetes, cancer, hair loss, infections, and obesity.

Let us know the uses of black seed oil and about its benefits in details.

Uses of black seed

black seed oil for health


You could try using the seeds in your food items and see whether you like the flavor or not. if you don’t know, you should know it is benefitting you. Anyway, here are few ways you could incorporate black seeds in your dishes:

  1. Toast the seeds and sprinkle them over biscuits/ bagels
  2. Toast black seeds and sprinkle it over naan or chapattis
  3. Add seeds to potato and other fries, curries and soups
  4. Crush the seeds and blend them with seasonings such as cumin seeds, fennel and mustard

In this way, you won’t need to get black seed oil for health, if you are having trouble finding the oil. The seeds itself can be of great help.

Did you know, the advantages of black cumin seed are not overlooked? Because of its antibacterial qualities, there are also available in the market, toothpaste with black seed oil; like Sprinjene. If you want to keep your mouth protected from bacteria, you could try out such toothpastes.

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Top health benefits of black seed oil

1. Helps prevent cancer

health benefits of black seed oil


Black seed oil is known to be a natural means to help you against cancer. It has potential antioxidants and phytochemicals which aid this process. A study on animal model by Croatian scientists gave out data regarding thymohydroquinone and thymoquinone. The discovery revealed that the presence of these two phytochemicals in black seed oil acts as anti-tumour, and the study showed a decrease in tumour cells.

2. Enhances the immune system

black seed oil for health


Black seed oil can be beneficial to health if you add it to your foods. The concentrated oil as well as the spice increases the immune function fairly. Meaning, you do not have to necessarily exert a lot of effort to find positive results. Spice up your dishes with black seed oil. You get both the taste, as well as the health.

3. Cholesterol balancing

eating black seed oil


The availability of good fats is great at magnifying the HDL to LDL cholesterol proportion in the blood. This improves fat metabolism and reduces health problems like blood pressure, and antherosclerosis. Anthrerosclerosis is a disease where plaques are constructed in the bloodstream from fat, and lessens the flow of blood. These results in damage caused to the cardiac system. So, if you are eating black seed oil with your food, you are getting good support for your body.

4. Fights infection/ anti-bacterial

black seed oil uses and benefits


Black seeds are a natural anti-bacterial agent; and are significantly productive in fighting many kinds of infections caused by bacteria. Even more, black seeds can help you fight various bacteria which are immune to general pharmaceutical medicines. Remember that orderly consumption can help prevent infection by keeping you healthy.

5. Decreases inflammation

benefits of black seed oil on skin


As mentioned before, the existence of phytochemicals in black seeds are a great benefit for our health. Certain such phytochemical called TQ is great at enhancing the inflammation-suppressing responses in our body. It is one of the benefits of black seed oil on skin if applied. Consumption is also beneficial in this regard. If you suffer from aches in your joints or other parts of your body, which might be caused by inflammation, black seed oil can help reduce that in a short amount of time.

6. Accelerates neurological performance

black seed oil uses for skin


AChE is an enzyme which breaks Acetylcholine down in our bodies. It is a very essential compound produced in our body’ it helps function of the brain and also improves memory. Not just that but it is also necessary for sportspeople/ athletes, as it helps make the power output better in them, and averts the risks of neurological diseases. AChE is also important in fighting dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

7. Aides health and function of liver

detox with black seed oil


The liver, being the core processor of chemicals in the body, is responsible for manufacturing chemicals that keep us healthy and alive. Not only that, the liver is also responsible for transmuting harmful chemicals and toxins into more bearable substances so as to be excreted. All these take an obvious toll on this organ and if we keep making poor choice of diet, our liver will stop functioning properly as we age. Black seed oil is one of those plant based oils which can advance the health of our liver. Excessive consumption of liquor and drugs crumble down the body’s defences, and if you want to take care of it, you can detox with black seed oil.

8. Helpful against diabetes

black seed oil to lose weight


Fats are not all the same or bad. Some “good fats” are fine options for lessening cholesterols, blood sugar, as well as improving the health of people who suffer from type-2 diabetes. Black seed has proven its worth in this regard. It helps in the reduction of blood sugar symptoms and magnifies the concentration towards insulin. Those who are suffering from type-2 diabetes, insulin sensitivity are a serious concern. And lack seed oil is something which can improve this.

9. Improves health of hair, eyes, and skin

black seed oil use for hair


Have you heard of melanin? This compound exists in a few exterior tissues on our body and functions as a shield against low radiation levels such as UV rays and sun burns. Well, black seed oil is good at improving the regulation of melanin and enhancing prevention from dermatological issues like eczema and dryness. It is pretty simple actually- good fat consumption magnifies the soaking of vitamins A and E, which are directly connected to the health of hair, eyes, and skin. Black seed oil use for hair will nourish your hair by hydrating and softening it. Get healthy soft hair that shines with the application of this oil.

10. Black seed oil uses for skin

organic black cumin seed oil


Organic black cumin seed oil is a good choice for treating bug bites and other similar skin irritations. If you have a red or swollen area, cure it with the help of diluted oil. Blend the oil with warm water in a bowl and then submerge a ball of cotton in it. Rub the wet cotton on the area of irritation. For more effect, you may place the ball on that area for a couple of minutes.

Dark seed may cause an unfavorably susceptible rash when taken by mouth or connected to the skin. Before utilizing dark cumin basic oil topically, it's a smart thought to play out a fix test to ensure you don't have a negative response to the oil. Continuously maintain a strategic distance from your eyes and mucous layers when utilizing dark seed oil.

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Probable side effects of black seed

At the point when taken inside, dark seed oil reactions may incorporate furious stomach, heaving, or obstruction. For specific people, it might build seizure hazard.

Converse with your specialist before utilizing dark seed oil in the event that you are pregnant, breastfeeding, are at present taking any medicine or having a therapeutic condition (particularly diabetes, low pulse or a draining issue). In case you're taking dark seed oil and have medical procedure booked, it's prescribed to quit taking it no less than two weeks before your medical procedure date.

It is heard that you can use black seed oil to lose weight. Although there are people who claim that it actually works, there has not been any professional advice or declaration about this remedy to actually work. However, you can use the oil to control fats. Even if it does not help you lose body fat, it will certainly benefit you in many other areas related to good health.

Many people ask, “Can you give black seed oil to babies?” Now that is something not much is known about. It is usually preferred to keep babies away from experimenting new things with. If your baby is not more than a year older, it is preferable to not try any such thing. Although, black seeds contain Carotene and it is a nutritious element necessary in kids. Black seeds improve the immune system, so it should not be risky. But whatever steps you might want to take; it is advised that you consult your doctor beforehand.


The information in this article is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained on or available through this page is for general information purposes only.


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