Airtel free night browsing code, plans and subscription

Airtel free night browsing code, plans and subscription

Are you an internet addict? Do you spend hours online and have been bothered by the high cost of internet bundles lately?Are you wondering if a solution exists to ease the burden? Have you considered the free browsing in Ghana option by Airtel? If you answer negative to any of these questions then you are missing out on some of the best packages in this highly competitive industry. Airtel has some of the best offers that will be a breathe of fresh air for the avid internet user. The only catch is that you have to adjust your usage to night time. Check this out.

Airtel free night browsing code, plans and subscription

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Competition in the mobile industry has pushed providers to come up with free browsing in Ghana. Ghana as a country is served by six mobile service providers. Out of the six, only four are well established and serve a reasonable percentage of the country’s population. These four are, MTN Ghana, Vodafone, Airtel and TiGo. Airtel as a company serves approximately 2.5 million users. In order to maintain their customers, these mobile service providers have devised a method of ensuring that their customers are able to access the internet despite the increased tariffs.

Free browsing in Ghana 2018

With the increased competition from the other mobile service providers, there has been the need to ensure that they provide packages that favor their customers and are able to convince new customers into switching to their mobile networks. Not only have the service providers reduced the rates for their internet bundles, but also worked towards providing more internet bundle for a lower price. Others have even gone to the extent of providing free browsing in Ghana 2018 as a marketing strategy to earn themselves more subscribers.

Since Airtel Ghana mobile service provider is still a growing company who is facing a lot competition from established companies like MTN Ghana, it has pressed the free browsing in Ghana 2018 button as a way of earning itself more customers. This free browsing in Ghana in 2018 is targeting the social media platform lovers. It’s 2018 and everyone is glued to social media networks for all kinds of reasons, ranging from entertainment to jobs. Therefore, Airtel has developed different packages that provide free browsing for these social media networks.

Airtel Ghana free browsing

Airtel free night browsing code, plans and subscription

For Airtel Ghana free browsing, there are a couple of steps that one is required to follow in order to have free internet access. Apart from the steps, there also are certain internet connectivity tools that are required for this process. These tools include a computer, a universal serial bus cable, commonly known as a USB cable. In place of the USB cable, a Bluetooth dongle can be used. Alternatively, an Infrared device can also be used.

  • The first step of the Airtel Ghana free browsing procedure is activating Airtel Live. This process of activating Airtel Live is free of charge. It involves inserting the Airtel SIM card into the internet card or mobile phone, upon which the internet settings will be sent in the form of a text message. You will then be required to install the internet settings after which the internet services will be ready for use. You can create a connection between your computer and your phone using a USB cable or use the Bluetooth internet sharing option which will require you to connect the Bluetooth dongle device.

For cases where you do not intend to use your phone, you can simply insert your sim card into your modem upon which the internet settings will be sent. Once you install them, you can comfortably access the internet using your browser. For any inquiries concerning activation of Airtel Live, you can contact the customer by dialing 121. . This whole process is free of charge.

  • The second step towards gaining Airtel Ghana free browsing is creating two GPRS data accounts. The process is as simple as selecting the menu option. On the displayed options, select the tools settings option. Then selecting connection access points options. On the access points options, select the new access points option. Select the default settings option.

On the dialogue box, give the following details for each of the following connectivity parameters; for the connection name, select Airtelwap. For the data bearer option, select pocket data. For access point name, give wap. For user name, password and homepage, provide none for all of them. For the homepage, give the following link. For any inquiries on this procedure; visit the Airtel official site. After conducting this whole process for the two accounts; make the first account as active profile.

  • The third step towards free browsing in Ghana 2018 using Airtel service provider which is connecting your modem to your computer. This should then be followed by installing drivers from your modem. This should then be followed by creating a dial-up connection. This process should be done using the new connection wizard.

To set up the dial-up connection, simply follow this procedure; on the control panel of your computer, select the Network and Sharing center option. On this selection, choose the set up a new network option. This will display a new wizard. On this wizard, select the connect to the internet and broadband. That process is available on this link.

After setting up this dial-up connection, another wizard will be displayed. This wizard will require you to fill in a couple of details. This is what you should fill in in order to gain access to Airtel Ghana free browsing. For the connecting device option, fill in your modem. For the ISP name, fill in Airtel. For the phone number, fill in *99***2# or 99***1. For the password and username options, do no fill in anything.

After filling these details on the wizard, it is time to configure your download manager and browsers. This process of configuring your internet setting is to ensure that there is smooth browsing. Therefore, on the proxy configuration settings, provide the proxy as For the port, provide 8080. The best browser to use during this process is opera mini. This process provides free browsing without purchasing Airtel bundle.

Airtel free night browsing

As stated, most people do not gain access to internet because of the high tariffs set by mobile service providers. Therefore, companies such as Airtel Ghana have tried so hard to be fair enough to its customers by providing packages that favor them. A very good example gesture is providing the Airtel free night browsing.

However, you always have to spend money in order to make money. Same case here. You have to purchase bundles worth 1 Cedis or above in order for you to qualify for this free night browsing on Airtel. This package is only available between 12 midnight and 6 AM. With products such as Browse Chaw and Flex, there is assurance of availability of Airtel bundle at cheaper price and even better offers such as free night browsing on Airtel 2018. These packages however do not provide all night free browsing.

Airtel’s Browse Chaw package is one of the most pocket friendly packages Airtel has ever had. Not only does it have affordable Airtel bundle rates but also allows for free browsing at night. The only condition for one to qualify for this package id purchasing Airtel bundle worth 1 Cedis or more using the Browse Chaw subscription method.

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How to subscribe Airtel free night browsing

For those who are not familiar with this internet bundle package might ask for the procedure on how to subscribe to Airtel free night browsing. This procedure is so straight to the point. It only involves dialing *125#, upon which a series of options will be displayed. In order to qualify for Airtel Ghana free night browsing, you must purchase Airtel bundle worth 1 Cedis or more. Therefore, the code for Airtel free night browsing is *125#.

However, the Browse Chaw system has been going through a lot of hitches. Because of that, there has been a halt on free night browsing on Airtel 2018. This halt has been on since mid-April. Customers are however being advised to stay put since this issue is being looked into and the service will be back once those issues are resolved. It is our hope that when this issue is streamlined and solutions sought, there will be a better package like the Airtel free browsing package and that by that, an Airtel free browsing code will be part of the solution.

Airtel bundle code

Airtel free night browsing code, plans and subscription

The strategies that Airtel is using to market its services is one of the best. The customers have options to pick the packages that suit them best. This is more than good because there is that freedom that the company has taken care of so well. For those who are not fascinated by the free browsing in Ghana for WhatsApp, Facebook or even YouTube, they are at liberty to switch to other packages like Browse Chaw which provide Airtel bundle at a lower cost. Another good thing is that a customer can subscribe to more than one data package.

The Airtel bundle code for any of these packages is *125#. For instance, the Airtel bundle code for Flex bundles is option number 5. The Airtel bundle code for Browse Chaw is also *125#. Alternatively, you can use a link instead of using the Airtel bundle code to purchase internet bundle for your number. This link can take care of that instead of using the Airtel bundle code; .

With the consistency and better internet package deals that Airtel is offering, it is evident that the company is going to have more customers in the next five or so years and compete favorably with MTN and Vodafone.

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