I don't fear God - Jerry Rawlings

I don't fear God - Jerry Rawlings

- Rawlings says he approaches God with love and not fear

- The former president believed fathers must use love in their families

- Rawlings had earlier apologized for saying he will never stay in heaven with former presidents Rawlings and Kufuor

The former president Rawlings sees no reason for him to be scared of God. Rawlings says he relates to God with love and not fear. Unlike many Christians who often attach a sense of fear to their relationship with God, Rawlings thinks it is a waste of time.

The founder of the NDC granted Counsellor Lutterodt an interview on how to make fathers out of men.

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According to Rawlings, it is very important for fathers to create a loving atmosphere for children and spouses to feel loved.

“I have a funny imagine when it comes to fear because I believe it generates into hate which brings about insecurity. I don’t like that. I prefer love, I prefer patriotism, and I prefer to deal with respect. These are better values. That is why many years ago when I was asked to give a presentation at a church I got up and said I have no fear for God and the whole church was quiet," Rawlings revealed.

Rawlings made it to the headlines after stating he would rather choose to be in hell than going to heaven in the company of former presidents John Dramani Mahama and John Agyekum Kufuor.

Rawlings said “evil" Kufuor and “rogue" Mahama worked to sell Ghanaian companies to foreigners and headed corrupt deals during their tenures.

To drive his point home, Rawlings said that even in the afterlife, should he see Mahama and Kufuor in Heaven, he would ask God for permission to flog them. If the two refused to leave Heaven, Rawlings said he would rather join Satan in hell than stay with them.

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Former President Rawlings voiced this opinion while hosting a delegation from Mepe, a constituency in the Volta region. He also stressed that, despite faithfully voting for the NDC, residents of the Volta region still live in poverty and have a poor road network.

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On May 28, however, the office of Jerry Rawlings issued an official apology statement. According to that statement, Rawlings took due note of concerns raised over his utterances and therefore apologizes to former presidents John Kufuor and John Mahama. The statement said Rawlings deems his choice of words as inappropriate and would like to withdraw them.

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