Types of fashion styles

Types of fashion styles

Different fashion styles keep cropping up thanks to the competition that is always going on in the fashion industry. Designers, tailors and fashion icons are still working on even more styles. With this kind of zeal, it is evident that there will always be something fresh to look out for. The following are some of the best fashion styles and trends you will come across in 2018. Check out what you could adopt.

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African fashion styles

Designers all over the world have gradually adopted the African fabric and worked with it. The richness of these fabrics has inspired the development of unique styles that can only be achieved with the African fabric. That said, it is sometimes difficult to choose what works for you. In fact, it can be overwhelming with so many options open to you. However, this does not have to be the case when you know how to go about it. Most if not all African styled attire are great and have the potential of making you stand out. However, this is impossible to achieve if all you have is how good a certain style looked on a friend or someone else you know. The secret to looking great in any attire, African or otherwise, is to choose a style that flatters your figure. There are aspects you ought to consider before picking out a dress or pair of suit. You must know the colors that complement you. In addition to this consider your body shape and pick out a style that will flaunt your figure. Always bear in mind that the best move would be to consider styles that accentuate your best features while hiding the areas you are still working on. This way attention is drawn to your best areas giving the illusion of perfection. The African attire will do the trick for you. Check out the following different African fashion styles to get inspired.

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Fashion styles in Ghana

West African countries, Ghana included are some of the people that invest in the African wear. These attires are worn proudly in different functions, cultural, social and even official events. Every piece of clothing seems to have an African inspiration. Whether you are looking for an attire for the office, church, official events, casual or laid back you are sure to get something for yourself. What’s more, the African fashion has something to offer everyone regardless of gender and age. The trick is to find a fashion style that works for you. We shall explore the different fashion styles in Ghana as categorized in this article.

Fashion styles for Ankara

The Ankara is not only popular in Ghana but seems to have scaled borders to other parts of African and the world at large. Designers have become creative with the Ankara creating a number of design styles that will make you stand out. If you are keen on finding great fashion styles with Ankara then this article will be ideal check out the following Ankara print styles that you can never go wrong with.

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1. Halter Ankara dress

Types of fashion styles
Source: afrocosmopolitan.com
Source: UGC

This is a perfect Ankara style especially for the plus size and curvy African woman. If you are comfortable showing off your shoulders then this mid-length halter will work just fine. It is a decent option for church or a visit to the in-laws. The halter style makes it stylish and could even pass for an office wear when paired with a fitting black coat.

2. Free size casual Ankara

Types of fashion styles
Source: www.madivasmag.com

The nature of this Ankara style makes it easy for anyone to wear. Its flare style speaks of pure comfort. When accessorized with the right clutch and shoes you will are sure to look stunning. It is perfect for a weekend out with your girls as it allows you room to play around.

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3. The Aso Ebi Ankara

fashion styles, african fashion styles, fashion styles in ghana
Source: madivasmag.com

Women that love attending weddings will fall in love with this style. Keeping up with the latest fashion trend can be exhausting. With this exquisite aso ebi Ankara style, you are sure to have heads turns. It easily passes as the ideal wear for the mature woman. You can always have it in a color that best suits you.

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4. Ankara maxi dress

fashion styles, african fashion styles, fashion styles in ghana
Source: dabonke.com

Grace that red carpet event in this long flowing Ankara gown and have people talking about how elegant you look. This figure-hugging style is not only flattering but a true definition of a designer’s heart at work. Show a little skin with the off shoulder style and leave the rest to imagination. Simple to accessorize. This makes a great wear for the woman that hardly pays attention to accessory details. All you need is comfortable shoes and a watch for the hands. Going for the long flowing hair too will complete the look perfectly.

5. Bare-back Ankara style

Types of fashion styles
Source: www.pinterest.com/OumouKalsoum

This is a style that the bold can comfortably wear. Ideally suited for the younger woman that still feels the need to experiment. It is a combination of decency with the front covering the whole bust area and style as the back is left bare. Being slightly above the knee, wear it with a simple pair of shoes to tone down the style. You can wear this for a weekend out with friends. It is also perfect for a date that you want to impress.

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6. Slit Ankara dress

fashion styles, african fashion styles, fashion styles in ghana
Source: www.pinterest.co.uk/nelsa797

If you want to show a little more skin then the slit dress will be perfectly suited. The front slit gives this dress an edge that only the daring woman can wear. The off shoulder touch also gives it a balanced look that takes the eyes away from lingering on the slit. Even with minimal accessories, this look will draw the attention you want to achieve.

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Kente fashion styles

Kente is one of the most common styles of dresses in Ghana probably because of its authenticity. Even though it was used traditionally, time has seen the kente cloth evolve. Coupled with the creativity of hard working designers, some fabulous designs have been brought forth. Consider these fashion new styles inspired by the kente fabric. If you want to stand out then this is the way to go.

1. Kente mermaid dress

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fashion styles, african fashion styles, fashion styles in ghana
Source: www.pinterest.com/aliceroyale

This yellow and gold kente mermaid dress is ideal for a wedding event. It can pass as an excellent after party bride gown. The mermaid detail at the bottom makes it convenient for one to move around with ease. You can have it slitten like in this design to add more class to the attire.

2. Kente skater dress

african fashion styles, fashion styles in ghana
Source: www.pinterest.com/madivasmag

This is a perfect dress for the person that loves flare dresses that are short in length. You get to combine both excellent style taste and comfort all in one go. The strapless design gives the bust area shape creating the illusion of a fuller bust. Paired with pink strappy shoes, you get a complete look perfect for a first date.

3. Kente for church

fashion styles, african fashion styles, fashion styles in ghana
Source: buzzghana.com

The diversity that the kente style offers makes it great for church. You can impress every Sunday with a different style and color of your favorite kente attire. Make sure you wear the right nail polish for that week though. All you need to add to the look now is a perfect smile to crown it all.

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4. Kente for couples

fashion styles, african fashion styles, fashion styles in ghana
Source: www.facebook.com/se7enteenIN

You will fall in love with the possibilities of what a Kente attire has to offer. You have the option of matching your attire with that of your spouse. Have your tailor make a long flowing kente gown for you and a matching shirt for your husband. With this, it is easy to represent the team that you are no matter where you go together.

Fashion kaba styles

This is probably one of the most common Ghanaian styles for women. It is basically a top known as the kaba which is worn with a special bottom skirt known as the slit. The following are examples of this style in use.

1. Kaba style for wedding

fashion styles, african fashion styles, fashion styles in ghana
Source: fabwoman.ng

Women get to showcase their best kaba styles at weddings and traditional functions. This modern green kaba and slit is a unique twist from what would be expected. It brings in it a modern touch. This makes it easy even for the younger woman to wear. The long slit makes it decent enough for any society whereas the top brings in the stylish aspect quite well.

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2. Kente kaba and slit

fashion styles, african fashion styles, fashion styles in ghana
Source: swiftfoxx.com

Excellent color combinations make this kaba and slit style stand out. If you are a lover of bright colors then this style will be most pleasant.

3. Kaba and slit with head wraps

african fashion styles, fashion styles in ghana
Source: fashionghana.com

This style is perfect for the woman that loves to accessorize with headgears. If you are looking for an easy way to make a statement then this is it. The headgears will add a perfect touch to your long flowing gown.

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4. Mix print kaba and slit

fashion styles, african fashion styles, fashion styles in ghana
Source: stitchdirect.co.uk

This unique less and satin kaba and slit is ideal for the woman that wants to take breathes away. It’s perfect for an evening dinner party or a date with someone you respect. It is a representation of elegance at its best. A very respectful attire as well that would work well for any body size.

Nigerian fashion styles

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If you think Ghana has the best African wear styles, then you have not seen what Nigeria has to offer. Generally, West Africans love to look good, especially their women. Nigeria is therefore not left behind when it comes to representing in the fashion world. If you want to see some of the best styles of African dresses, then Nigeria will provide the right inspiration. Check out the following styles and fashion from Nigeria’s finest.

1. The transformer dress

fashion styles, african fashion styles, fashion styles in ghana
Source: blog.jiji.ng

The idea behind this dress blend is both refreshing and convenient. You can choose to wear it in two different ways with a different top to break down the printed colors. Alternatively, you can decide to have it as a full flowing robe. Either way, you get to look fabulous especially with the minimal accessories.

2. Combination dresses

fashion styles, african fashion styles, fashion styles in ghana
Source: www.pinterest.com/kennyolatunji

This is a fashion style that Nigerian designers have done so well in. The most elegant dresses have been confirmed to be those that combine two different fabrics and textures. The achieved combo is often exquisite and incomparable. The fusing of two fabrics brings new life to an attire that would otherwise look drab and boring. This is what this green lace and satin mix style do. A perfect piece for the classy woman.

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3. Iro and buba

This may be considered one of the traditional attires for Nigerian women. Best suited for the middle-aged to the Mature women. It is a combination of great style, classy taste, and decency in one collection. With this perfect colored iro and buba you have no choice but to look royal. It is not surprising that younger women are also looking at how to modify the look to fit them. This is a classic attire that may never go out of style. We respect its timelessness.

4. Agbada

There are styles that are authentically Nigerian. The agbada is one such attire. With options for both men and women, you are sure to get what best suits you. Choose a color that compliments your tone and looks graceful in this piece. You can decide to couple it and turn heads in the event you attend. There is no going wrong with the agbada. No questions asked. It is the best attire as it represents quality, chicness, and uniqueness especially when the best quality fabrics are used.

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Fashion styles for men

Women may be all over the internet when it comes to fashion, but men are not left out especially today. Many are picking up styles and going out of their way to look good. This explains why we are seeing a lot more styles for men. While it is true that designers are also focusing a lot of their attention on men lately than before, it could also be because men want to look the part. It is essential to match the look of your partner whenever you accompany her. That said, check out the following impressive styles that men can wear and look exceptionally good.

1. Aso Ebi men style

Whether he has a bag on him, in sandals or formal shoes, this is the ultimate style for the African man. He can wear this to a work function and seamlessly fit in. It is also a perfect attire for the family event or a weekend out with the boys. If he struggles with finding an attire for that wedding, then any of these colors would be perfect with the right shoes. Things have never been any easier than this.

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2. The Kitenge look

No one says that men cannot look great in a well-done kitenge piece. These blue kitenge matching shirt and pants is a perfect example. If you are the kind of man that has no reservations about colors, then this would be a great try. Wear this to a party or wedding, and people will applaud your boldness. It’s a welcomed relief from the ordinary tree piece suits most men will be in any way. You get to steal the show by looking different and unique.

3. Look noble in red

fashion styles, african fashion styles, fashion styles in ghana
Source: www.pinterest.com/paa_kwesi

There is a reason why men prefer simple. It is the ultimate sophistication they say. We may all agree in this case as proven by this red attire. The fine textured pant and shirt show not only a designer’s best efforts but also something that is practical and functional. It is without a doubt that most men no matter how reserved would feel comfortable trying this out. Excellent attire for any event. You can also wear it to your corporate office on a Friday as you prepare for the easy weekend ahead.

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Fashion styles for 2018

With an idea about the specific attires from Ghana and Nigeria in mind, it is essential that we look at some of the trending styles for 2018 so far. The fashion industry is always on the move. This means that you need to keep up if you want to stay relevant as far as fashion is concerned. You can check out the different styles of African print dresses that hit the market and have your tailor customize it for your fit. You will always be the first among your girls and boys to unleash a new style. Keep them guessing by checking out some of the latest fashions.

Styles for dresses - Fashion styles trends that work

1. Tucked kaba – slit style

fashion styles, african fashion styles, fashion styles in ghana
Source: brandedgirls.com

It is interesting how you can make a look work for you. Instead of the traditional long slit with kaba break the norm and go wild. Wear your kaba tucked with this fancy African print pants. It would be perfect for a night out with the girls. Accessorized with a fancy headgear and a simple clutch, no one will not miss your sense of style. Whether you choose to wear heels or slip on some classy flops, you are good to go. After all, no one says you have to stick to the ordinary look.

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2. The Kitenge

fashion styles, african fashion styles, fashion styles in ghana
Source: africancelebs.com

Kitenge has a lot to offer especially for the modern woman that wants to look great. They come in different colors and prints too. The kitenge is so versatile that you can use it as attire for any event. The kitenge also makes some of the best casual and weekend wears for any season just as those shown in the picture. Whether you are looking for something traditional or are aiming for a modern touch, kitenge is your go-to style.

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3. Peplum style gown

fashion styles, african fashion styles, fashion styles in ghana
Source: shacara.com

Regardless of the fabric that is used to make this style you are guaranteed of being stylish. The peplum look is perfect for dresses just as it is for tops. With this look, you are sure to command respect without saying a word. It is a look for the woman that knows what she wants.

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4. Pencil dress

fashion styles, african fashion styles, fashion styles in ghana
Source: aliexpress.com

This type of dress is one of those timeless attires that will remain relevant even when styles come and go. The pencil dress is figure flattering. Depending on the modification of the style, it can be worn on different occasions. It is the most comfortable African attire to wear to the corporate office. With this dress, you will impress your clients and portray a professional look that will earn you massive bonus points.

5. The skater dress

Types of fashion styles
Source: www.pinterest.com/cyberntemba

This is the ideal dress for a young woman that wants something African. It is not too long or too short. It is neither revealing nor entirely covering. With its subtleness, you can be sure that you can wear it to church or any formal or informal gathering. A mature woman can also wear it confidently. Choose the colors that work for you.

6. Styles of lace dresses

fashion styles, african fashion styles, fashion styles in ghana
Source: www.ankarastyles.com.ng

Lace has found its way in most African attires. This style adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the attires just as is seen in this yellow dress. We can say that the lace addition to the African attire is a something more tailors and designers should consider.

7. Fashion scarf styles with dresses

fashion styles, african fashion styles, fashion styles in ghana
Source: www.pinterest.com/TheBillcouryRep

The African headscarf has made a comeback in the modern fashion world in a big way. It is becoming evident that more women are willing to wear the scarf stylishly. Young women are improving and improvising new and better ways of doing this. What’s more, it can be worn with any African fabric as a perfect accessory just as is in the picture shown. In fact, it is an easy way to make your look flare up without wearing too much makeup of jewelry.

8. Styles of long dresses

fashion styles, african fashion styles, fashion styles in ghana
Source: www.etsy.com

Long gowns are probably the pride of most African women. The flowing robes tend to flatter the African figure so well. The long flowing African attires are perfect for anybody regardless of shape. No matter how crazy the style appears, the extra-long length almost always compensates. You can also choose to have it simple and chic just as is shown in the picture above.

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9. Fashion styles for short ladies

fashion styles, african fashion styles
Source: www.pinterest.com/oliveira2758

Sometimes height can disadvantage the very short ladies of African descent when it comes to finding a perfect attire. The very long maxis would look ridiculous, and the short dresses will lose meaning since they may cease to be short for them. Despite these challenges, the short ladies need not worry much because there is a way around all these. The secret is to customize your attire and find one that would perfectly suit your shape and size. Other ladies have done it before so can you. The example in the picture above is a definition of what true elegance in attire ought’s to be. The black kente mix dress is a touch of class that every attire should have. The length is just slightly above the knees making it ideal for the short lady. The green eyeglasses and golden bangle make the excellent yet straightforward look even more stunning.

Fashion styles for guys

There are numerous male styles for African wear that you can comfortably get for your man. These styles have featured as some of the latest fashion styles in 2018. You can be sure that your man will represent you well in any of the following attires.

1. Cool blue

fashion styles, fashion styles in ghana
Source: mobizone.ng

He will stand out in this blue attire. Let him walk to that meeting with confidence that he will impress.

2. Cool white for the weekend

african fashion styles, fashion styles in ghana

This attire will work excellently for the weekend where he needs to relax. Whether he will be taking a stroll with your son or hanging out with friends, you can be sure that he looks good. Paired with simple sandals, he will definitely look great.

3. Perfect shirt for a casual day

fashion styles, african fashion styles, fashion styles in ghana
Source: fashionghana.com

Pick any of these shirts with his favorite black pants, and you can be sure to have an impressive look at any time of day.

With so much to offer, the African attire will be a welcomed relief for most people. Choose what works for you among the many fashion styles. Whether you are a man or woman, you can bet that there will be something to match your fancy. A lover of color, the reserved type or even the crazy outgoing person, all will get a piece of the African attire world with careful precision.

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