5 critical points raised in the leaked document attributed to Kwesi Nyantakyi that would make Anas look bad

5 critical points raised in the leaked document attributed to Kwesi Nyantakyi that would make Anas look bad

- The former Ghana Football Association boss has finally reacted to Anas’ ‘Number 12’ video

- According to the Kwesi Nyantakyi, some snippets of the video were doctored for a desired effect

- The GFA boss was implicated in an investigative piece put together by Tiger Eye PI

The embattled ex-president of the Ghana Football Association, Mr. Kwesi Nyantakyi, has allegedly responded to the investigative piece put together by award-winning journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas exposing the rot in Ghana football.

In a heavily worded response over the video, the former head of the GFA revealed that some of the content of ‘Number 12’ which were screened to the general public were not the actual representation of events as they occurred.

He went on to indicate that he had several meetings concerning sponsorship for the Ghana Premier League but Anas only showed the videos that suited his agenda.

5 critical points raised in the leaked document attributed to Kwesi Nyantakyi that would make Anas look bad

Kwesi Nyantakyi. Source: Google Images

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In effect, Mr. Kwesi Nyantakyi in the purported press statement sought to clear his name and reveal that Anas was being economical with the truth on the whole matter.

After the investigative piece was aired, Anas Aremeyaw Anas is reported to have sent a petition to the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) in Switzerland over the conduct of the Mr. Kwesi Nyantakyi.

In reacting to the petition, FIFA has placed a 90-day ban on the former GFA boss.

Mr. Kwesi Nyantakyi, on May 22, was asked to report himself to the Criminal Investigations Department in Accra to assist in investigations of alleged acts of misconduct brought against him by Anas.

The investigative piece, ‘Number 12’ started screening for free on June 6, 2018.

Today, YEN.com.gh brings you 5 statements which were dropped by Mr. Kwesi Nyantakyi in the alleged leaked press statement which could make Anas look like a liar

1. $150,000 alleged bribe to be paid to third party to prevent screening of ‘Number 12’

In the alleged press statement that was leaked online purported to be coming from the outfit of the former GFA boss, he was asked to pay an amount to stop the showing of ‘Number 12’.

That paragraph stated, “Let me also confirm that there was a demand on me through a third party to part with $150k for Anas to drop the videos on me. I didn’t have the said amount of money to meet his demand.”

Even though it is yet to be ascertained the purpose of the money, many people have insinuated that the said amount must have been to bribe Anas. If this is anything to go by, then the incorruptible cloak donned by Anas would be soiled.

2. Alleged $65,000 bribe was not true

Some parts of ‘Number 12’ showed the ex-president of the GFA collecting some money and stashing them into a black polythene bag. According to the video, viewers were made to believe that the money was for ‘shopping’.

In reacting to this however, the leaked press statement had had it that the money was to reimburse the GFA boss to cover travelling and hotel costs.

According to the purported statement, Mr. Nyantakyi revealed that, “I was handed the sum of $40.000 only in eight (8) bundles of US$ 50 banknotes but not $65,000 which both I and the Sheikh’s agent understood to be reimbursement for the travel costs incurred by me, at the Sheikh’s request. It is very easy to confirm how much was given to me from the video tapes. The money was exposed before I was tricked to put in the bag personally.”

Mr. Kwesi Nyantakyi went on further to provide a breakdown of the expenses in totaling the alleged $65,000.

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3. Video appears doctored

According to the alleged press statement leaked online, Mr. Nyantakyi had it that some portions of the investigative video were ‘doctored’ to make him appear corrupt.

An excerpt from the said document had it that, “$65,000 in banknotes in October 2017 from a man claiming to be a member of the Qatari Royal Family (the Sheikh) who told me “that the money was for shopping” and that I then thanked the said man, “placed the banknotes into a black plastic bag” but “failed to report this large gift to the GFA”.

The former GFA boss revealed that there was no mention of ‘shopping’ during the meeting but was of the opinion that it was edited to include that bit.

Another paragraph culled from the alleged document stated, “It is also alleged in the video, that I said I would form a Company to be an agency which would negotiate between the GFA and the Qatari Company and that this would be cool money. That I would charge between 20% and 25% with me and the Qatari Company agreeing whether various people would get a percentage with the effect that I would have benefited by $4.5m. The videos do not support this. The story is constructed with my voice recording from a different discussion on a most probably different subject”.

These are some factors raised by the former GFA boss to back the point that the video was edited.

4. Figures in the exposé not adding up.

It was alleged in ‘Number 12’ that the former boss of the GFA stood the chance of making $4.5 million from the sponsorship deal which he sought to secure for the premier league.

However, calculations made in the purported press statement indicated that the numbers put out by Anas were inaccurate.

That section of the leaked document read, “The point is credible if account is taken of the fact that basic arithmetic would have revealed that there was no way, assuming the allegation to be correct that I would have made financial gains in the sum of $4.5m. By simple arithmetical calculation 20% of $15m = $3m and 25% of $15m = $3.7m”.

5. Fabricated emails

The alleged leaked document had it that some persons hacked into the official email of the former GFA boss to force their way to get him to be implicated of wrongdoing out of his volition with fabricated mails

. The said paragraph stated that, “I also reject all fabricated emails constructed from my account to implicate me in a wrong-doing. I have evidence that at least on five (5) occasions during the period under review, some person[s] gained unauthorized access to my email account.

The avowed aim of the Tiger Eye Team being mischief, my belief is that my email account was hacked with the deliberate aim of tarnishing my reputation”.

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