How to look handsome

How to look handsome

Teaching a man how to look handsome is essential for his confidence and pride. This comes in hand with his role in the community, workplace and other manly other places. As a result, how to look handsome should be every man’s daily affair. These are among the few but important things to look out for when grooming yourself. This post offers all you need to know for you to look your best as a man.

How to look handsome

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To be a good looking African man, it’s important to know your skin tone and how it affects the color of your outfits. It’s also important to take care of your body hair since they play a big role in how you look. You want to keep your beards? No problem, just note that you must trim them to bring your handsome face and manage your facial hair.

You should not forget the skin underneath your beards as well, you should clean and exfoliate to treat hard-to-reach skin under your bears. This article will guide you step by step on how to look handsome as a black modern man, the products to use and the dress code to adapt. It will also give you tips to look very handsome naturally. These tips will make every black man look handsome even when they aren’t.

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Hygienic beauty tips for black men

For you to know how to look handsome, you must always observe your hygiene. A handsome African man should learn and practice good hygiene from head to toe. There are things you may not notice but they are quite important and noticeable by others. Your personal hygiene is key to good grooming and personal appearance. These days, products to enhance men’s look have flooded the market and so they have a reason to smile since their needs are catered for.

If you cannot keep your long nails clean and neat, it’s safe to keep them short. This way, it will be easy for you to clean them even when you are in a hurry. It’s also a great idea to try a monthly pedicure and manicure, just let a professional take care of your nails.

Your hair is another area that is very sensitive in terms of your hygiene. You should remind your barber to cut your hair in the ears and neck. This gives you the appearance of good grooming. It does not matter whether your teeth are not perfectly straight and white so long as you keep them clean. It’s awful to talk to someone well dressed but see food stuck between their teeth.

Your clothing should be tailored to fit your body at all cost since they are meant for your body size and shape. This will definitely give you a great look and confidence. You should consider a fragrance that works best for you. This means that the fragrance or cologne you use will not disturb the people around you.

Matching your belt and shoes does not make you a fashion plate. It would be great to wear a black shoe with a black belt. It may look simple, but it makes a whole difference. If you are dressed in the right outfit, you will do justice to your appearance if you stand straight. This creates a sense of confidence and pride meaning you are secure in the man you are.

Skin care tips for African men

How to look handsome

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Most men clean their faces with the same soap they use on their bodies. This is wrong since facial skin is much more sensitive than the skin on the body. It would be a great idea to cleanse your face on a regular basis with facial soap. A good skin will make you look handsome naturally.

Genetic makeup may contribute your skin texture and appearance although this should not stop you from taking good care of your skin and achieving that glowing skin. Taking care of your skin is one of the best things a man can do for a great look. Black men’s skin may suffer from small bumps on the face called ingrown hair or razor bumps caused by shaving.

It’s important to determine the type of your skin in order to practice proper daily skin care. Based on your skin type whether normal, dry, oily, sensitive or even a combination, you will purchase the appropriate products.

How to look handsome

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There are 4 important steps when caring for your skin which include;

1. Wash

Proper washing of your skin in the morning and before bedtime is essential for your skin since it removes all environmental buildups and debris. For sensitive skins, cream cleansers are a great deal.

2. Exfoliate

You should exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin or deeply embedded dirt. However, you should not exfoliate on a daily basis to avoid being too hard on your skin. Actually, once a week will do marvelous.

3. Tone

You will need a cotton ball to apply a skin tonner since it comes in liquid form. It assists in removing any traces of dirt left after washing your skin. Men with sensitive skin should be cautious to use a gentle toner to avoid sensitivity problems.

4. Moisture

This is the final step in your skin care routine and it’s incredibly important to moisturize your skin. Your doctor may have told you to drink eight glasses of water in a day, this is important because it keeps your skin hydrated and well moisturized. You should give more attention to the areas around your eyes since this is where everyone will see at your first contact.

Amazing tips to achieve a great look

1. Dark skin color effect

How to look handsome

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Most African men have a dark skin tone which brings out their beauty naturally. You should be aware of your skin tone to enable you choose the correct color of your outfits. Dark skin tone men can go for bright colors such as white, pastels, purple, pink, yellow and orange. If you believe men are color blind, it would be better to consult your designer.

You should avoid black and dark colors since bright colors compliment your dark skin. However, this does not mean you shed completely from dark outfits. With this in mind, it’s easier for you to shop for your clothes. It would be awesome to step out of the normal color scheme. This will earn you the first compliment enabling you to know you are heading in the right direction.

2. African hair and styles

How to look handsome


African men are known to cut their hair short, maintain an afro or keep dreadlocks. The choice of various hair styles may indicate a person’s age, religion, and marital status among others. Unkempt African hair signify dirt and bad morals and in some cases insanity. It does not matter so much on the type of your hair, what is important is grooming your hair to look at its best.

How to look handsome

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How to look handsome


All these are amazing and great hairstyles for black men. Getting a good barber or hairstylist to do your hair without disappointment is worth your money and your good grooming journey. A good hairdo on a regular basis will give you a great impressive new look.

3. Shoes and clothing

There are rules to consider before purchase those shoes. Quality is the number one. Whether its sandals or official shoes, their quality must be good. Original leather shoes will definitely enhance your great looks.

How to look handsome

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Heeled shoes can go well for a man below 5 feet but if you are above that, anything above 3cm will not correlate with your looks. Good shoes should not be too squired, too pointy or too rounded. Anything in extreme will not be attractive at all. Just go for a shoe that has elegant carves to complement each other and resemble the silhouette of your feet.

The first thing to consider while dressing is your age. Dressing appropriately for your age will gain you confidence, respect and trust. This can grant you a precious moment to make your case whether in office or business.

How to look handsome

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Your social status and role in the society is defined by your personality. Mark you, grooming defines your personality. There are certain things to observe while grooming such as the weather, the type of function you are attending or basically your normal day activities.

It’s important to invest on clothes and shoes since you spent most of your life in them. It does not matter if you are out on a formal or casual event, you must ensure that your outfits are well laundered and ironed at least. Your shoes should be cared for and polished.

A black modern man should know how to look handsome and take good care while grooming themselves. Taking your father along to shop for clothes and shoes may not be a great idea since his taste of fashion differs from yours due to age difference. Just identify a good store and consult the most stylist looking person at the store for their advice.


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