Top trending Wisa Greid Songs

Top trending Wisa Greid Songs

Eugene Ashie, popularly known by his stage name Wisa Greid, is a prolific music composer, producer, and singer. Wisa Greid songs have been celebrated in his country Ghana, but now his focus is to concur Africa and the rest of the world. These aspirations are achievable, and the fact that has been nominated for several awards makes fans speak well of the future of his musical ventures.

wisa greid mintse bo
wisa greid one side
wisa greid one side
wisa greid slow motion
wisa greid left right
wisa greid focus


Growing up, Wisa Greid was interested in football, dance and music, but later he narrowed his focus on music. He is quite unique in his vocals and style; he uses his local language, pidgin, and English. Though he got famous when he released the song Ekiiki Mi, Wisa Greid had been in the underground for some time before he got his breakthrough.

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Here are top trending Wisa Greid songs

1. Wisa Greid - Mintse bo

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The song is done in Wisa’s local dialect, Ga but also features a bit of pidgin.

‘Mintse Bo’ translates to ‘I’m talking to you’.

The video is very captivating. It is set in the villages featuring vixens wearing colourful African dresses. The women carrying pots on their heads in a sort of exhibition as men come to pick their favourite woman.

The video tells a story of love between a married woman and a smitten young man who ends up getting stabbed by the husband of the said wife. Wisa Greid Mintse Bo video is of high quality and perfectly syncs with Wisa Greid’s vocals to tell a beautiful ‘love impossible’ story.

Also, the fast-paced African dances give the music a classical touch, making this song one of the best African songs of 2016. It has garnered over 400,000 views on YouTube.

2. Wisa Greid - Focus

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This song is done in a combination of different languages; Ga and pidgin. The song features an upbeat tune that will get you up on your feet. Produced by Chapter Beats, the harmony between Wisa Greid voice, lyrics, and beats is top-notch. This track doesn’t only showcase Wisa’s musical prowess, but also the producer’s genius. Wisa Greid Focus talks about the focus on life.

3. Wisa Greid - Kpuu Kpaa

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This song is, like most of Wisa Ghana songs is done in Ga language. The song is good for a night out as most clubs in Ghana play it all night long.

The beats are fast and lively, and Wisa lyrics syncs well with Chapter beats to give you a club banger you will love dancing to. Also, worth noting is how well the produced blended the afro beats with contemporary instruments to create a unique melody. While people from other parts of the world might not understand what the song is about, it has garnered a fanatic following, just like Skelewu by Davido.

Remember not to confuse this song with Shatta Wale’s song bearing the same title. They are different— both in the message and the rhythm.

4. Wisa Greid - Nana Champion

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This song is one of the many songs that Ghanaian musicians composed to sing praises for their political favourites. Wisa Greid was a big supporter of the current president of Ghana; Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

Wisa Greid unlike most artists who hide their political allegiances was very open about his political affiliations and would publicly declare his liking to Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

This song, however, is not a campaign song, but rather a celebratory song as it was composed and recorded after the current president had won the election and resumed office.

Yes, it is a thin thread to treat, singing about your political affiliations, but some politicians woe artists with a rare nonchalance that they can’t spare anything to declare their support. Wisa Greid is one such a supporter.

Though the song is political, it is well-mastered and is a tune you can whistle along or play in the background as you handle your daily chores. It is one of Wisa new songs that were well-received in Ghana.

5. Wisa Greid - One side

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This is another club banger that is common in most nightclubs in Ghana. Done in Ga, the locals really relate to the song. Though he throws in a little English here and there, they aren’t enough to give an outsider the clue of what the song is about.

The song exhibits Wisa’s commanding presence in his performances, and the energy is just incredible. The vixens do justice to this song, whining their waists meticulously to the upbeat rhythm. Since its release, Wisa Greid One side has remained one of the most played songs on the radio.

Its chorus is simple; you only shout ‘one side!’ and this is the reason why it got so much acclaim with a short time after release.

6. Wisa Greid - Cocoa

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This love song is just awesome in all aspects. From the video to the lyrics, to the dances, it's just one of a kind.

The beats are fast-paced and danceable, while the voice stands out among the many instrumentals that set the pace for hours of endless dancing.

“I like your cocoa nsum...o cocoa

nanana I like your cocoa nsum...o cocoa

I am in love with your cocoa k3 ena bo p3 menpkopko ntow

ne nk3bo asha photo.”

Even from the above snippet of the lyrics, you can gauge how poetic this composition is. You couple this prolific composition skill with great visuals and you get the best of Wisa Greid. Enjoy!

7. Wisa Greid - I Miss You

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This is a love song that will leave you craving for someone to love or fearing to lose the one you have. Wow! The song features Bisa Kdei who is renowned for his scintillating voice.

The video features a contemporary urban setting with ‘boys in the hood’ having fun. The song is about heartbreak, and the beats zoom in to exhibit emotional undertones. The song is danceable, but you will love listening to it if it’s your first time experiencing it.

This hit is one of the Wisa new track songs that he has done dominantly in English so most of his fans who don’t understand Ga.

8. Wisa Greid - Slow Motion

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If you would love a hyped-up song to revive your energies, then Wisa Greid Slow Motion is the best to go for. This song featuring Rapper One is just ‘too loud’ on your speakers, and you can’t afford to sulk in moods when it plays. The song was released in 2015 and became a constant hit, even without him having to produce its video to popularize it. As soon as the single audio was released, the clubs were on it like it was the only tune the crowds could enjoy dancing to.

9. Wisa Greid - Left Right

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This hit is basically a hype song, talking about dance. The better part of the song is done in Ga. He doesn’t mention it, but you would think this song was inspired by Follow the Leader by Soca Boys.

Wisa Greid left right has the high tempo that best befits a party, especially when the dancers are beginning to get drowsy. It will ultimately rejuvenate the life of the party.

If you overlook everything else, just remember:

“Move the left to the right

Shake your bum bum bum!”

10. Wisa Greid - Banana

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“She like my banana” is all Wisa tells us in this song, but don’t be cheated, this song is big in Ghana. Most dance crews and choreographers love the song that they made its videos before Wisa put a dime on it.

Like most of his songs done by cemetery records, Banana has a high tempo and is danceable. This song further shows Wisa Greid’s consistency as an Afro-pop artist.

11. Wisa Greid - Ekiikimi

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This is the song that brought Wisa Greid to stardom. This song was so popular among all Wisa Greid songs that Sarkodie sought Wisa for the remix of the original song. The original song was done in Ga and pidgin, but English dominates the remix.



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