Trendy African wear styles for guys and ladies in Ghana

Trendy African wear styles for guys and ladies in Ghana

The African countries, including Ghana, have remained far from the field of global fashion for decades. But in recent years, with the advent of globalization and internet usage, the countries of Africa have started to emerge as creative players in the world of fashion. It has not been very long since the African styles were introduced in the mainstream fashion world, yet today, the designs and the designers from Ghana have carved a niche for themselves in the international fashion domain. Not only this but also the designers of Ghana have managed to make a unique place in the fashion world largely dominated by the western countries. This is largely due to the uniqueness, quality and creativity involved in the Ghanaian African wear styles. Another main characteristic of the African wear styles are that all these styles are flexible to some extent at least which makes them useful for people of various ages and body shapes. Due to these factors, the African wear styles stand highly appealing to anybody who is interested in following the latest fashion trends from the global fashion. To find out, how you can also look beautiful and different by wearing these outfits, check out some of the most popular traditional as well as modern African wear styles for both men and women in this article!!

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This is one of the latest Ghanaian African couple dressing styles which you can wear on your special occasion.

Ghanaian African wear styles

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The above picture resembles Ghanaian African prints for couples. Colorful prints on a white base is able to capture attention. Though Africa is known to lag behind other more developed continents in terms of many facets including fashion and style, the last few years have marked a tremendous transformation in the way African men and women are embracing fashion and style. The Ghanaian African wear styles are being noted on the global platform, thanks to the beautiful prints and qualities of materials used and the unique designs of the clothes.

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The African print is a core element found in the African wear styles in Ghana. Though fashion and style of Ghanaian African have started to catch the attention of people only recently, the African wear styles for ladies as well as the African wear styles for men have become very noticeable due to the use of these distinct and unique prints. The Ghanaian African wear styles are characterized by colorful and eye-catching prints and patterns which are extremely attractive, lovely and alluring to the eyes of any fashion lover. The fabrics with such prints can be tailored to any type of clothes and still the results are highly-fashionable and attractive outfits. The use of the African prints can give a much desired twist to even the most common types of clothes, such as dresses, blazers, skirts, tops, shirts etc.

Check out these matchy colorful outfits!

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From outfits which appear far from the fashion trends, to designing clothes which are being noticed by the top designers across the world, the African fashion industry has actually come a long way. Today, newer trends are introduced in the fashion garments industry of Africa day in and day out. The African prints, fabrics and designs have taken a center stage and have become popular among people from the western countries as well which is why even you should take a look into these styles.

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African wear styles for men

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African printed wear tight-fit designed trousers

Both men and women in Africa have become much conscious of what they are wearing. People belonging from young to old age groups are aspiring to make fashion statements in their daily casual and formal wear as well as in occasional wears. Thanks to the many talented stylists and dress designers of Africa, apart from stylish wearable for women, many African wear styles for men have also been designed in the country which has caught the eyes of fashionistas across the world. In this section, let us look at some of the trendiest traditional and modern African wear styles for guys as worn by the Ghanaian African men.

1. Ghanaian Batakari fabric

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Source: pinterest, @TheresaNartey

The Batakari dress style for men is a native style of the Ghanaian people. The Batakari, also known as Fugu is actually an authentic fabric from Ghana. The Batakari is worn as a traditional Ghanaian smock by people across Ghana, Diaspora and Burkina Faso. Batakari style dresses have been worn by the people of Ghana for ages. The style is most popular among the upper and northern regions of the country. Apart from men, there are Batakari style dresses available for ladies as well as for babies and kids. The Batakari style is worn by the Ghanaian people of all age for daily wear as well as for occasional wear. The Batakari wear is a favorite among the Ghanaians while dressing for going to the church. The style is popular among the Ghanaians not only because it is a traditional African wear style but also because the Batakari style is extremely comfortable and can be worn in different categories of attire such as formal wear, casual wear, occasion wear etc. If you are looking to add spark to your wardrobe collection, then you should definitely choose this style. Batakari styles can never be boring and can be adopted by any person to design an extremely unique and impressive attire.

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2. Ghanaian Dashiki styles

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The Dashiki wear style is an edgy dressing style which can be worn in versatile ways. Dashiki wear is being sported by almost everyone whether it’s a common person to a top celebrity. Dashiki is an enduring style which was originally only used as tunic wear. However, currently, the very traditional African Dashiki makes its ways into the wardrobe of every person in various forms. Taking cues from the A-listers in a fashion from Africa, you can wear Dashiki in dresses, suits, blazers, tunics, rompers and jumpsuits to name a few. The Dashiki dress shirts can be paired with types of denim to give a trendy twist to the normal denim and shirt combination. The Ghanaian Dashiki outfits which have been noticed in the recent times include the Dashiki trenches, Dashiki play-suits and rompers, Dashiki pencil dresses and Dashiki two-piece suits which are not only being worn by the African people but also picked up by many westerners.

3. Ghanaian Senegalese Kaftan style

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The Ghanaian style of Kaftan known as the Senegalese Kaftan is an extremely common wear style in Ghana. This is a traditional attire worn by both men and women in Ghana and other parts of West Africa. Like many other new Ghanaian African wear styles, the Senegalese Kaftan is also a much versatile wear style which can be worn both formally and casually. This kaftan type wear can be made a formal wear when it is worn with a cap and is commonly sported as a formal wear for religious occasions.

4. Ghanaian wrap-up style

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This style is a popular style adorned by the men in modern day Ghana. The wrap-up style of dressing is worn mostly by men but also finds a place in Ghanaian women’s fashion.

5. Ghanaian Ankara style

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Source: pinterest, @DeloresReid

The modern Ghanaian African men are sporting new trendy looks and making bold fashion moves in their outfits and style. In this course, they have adopted the very traditional Ankara print and used these prints in a wide range of outfits. You can see the metro-sexual men in Ghana sporting Ankara prints in all kinds of wearable including trousers, jackets, shirts, blazers, ties, pocket squares and even shoes. You can easily add these wear styles to your collection because these clothes and shoes not only look very stylish and fashionable but are also comfortable and very much affordable.

African wear styles for ladies

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The African clothes styles for ladies are remarkably different and interesting. For instance, this low neckline top with semi-loose trousers is highly in trend. The concepts of culture and tradition is thoroughly embedded in the attire of Africa and the assimilation of western fashion have made the current day African wear styles all the more diverse and appealing in the international fashion forums.

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6. Ankara wear style

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Culture has always played a crucial role in the Ghanaian African wear style. The Ankara African wear style is one such style which remains intricately linked with the culture and tradition of the Ghanaians. The Ankara African wear styles are extremely popular among the people of not only Ghana but also the rest of Africa. The Ankara attires are one of the most popular African wear styles for church among the Ghanaians. The Ankara wear formal styles are often picked up by Ghanaian African men and women for this purpose. You can choose to wear the Ankara wear style in various ways and occasions, be it at a party or in a social gathering. Just team the Ankara print dresses or tops with high heel sandals to stand out among the crowd.

7. Ghanaian Kitenge style

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Kitenge wears are designed by the use of kitenge fabric which is a very pretty fabric of Ghana. The dresses made of kitenge are considered to be traditional wear in Ghana and are often worn by the brides of Ghana in their weddings. The kitenge style can be a true inspiration for those who want to make a statement. You should definitely try these because not only are these clothes comfortable and classy but they also have a festive feel and visual appeal due to the use of vibrant colours and floral, geometric and symbolic patterns.

8. Ghanaian kaba style

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The African wear kaba styles are popular traditional styles of outfits worn by both the men and women of Ghana. The Ghanaian people are found to sport the kaba style in various formal and semi-formal occasions. This style makes use of bold colours and sharp cuts. This is a unique Ghanaian African wear style which already has a large fan base both in and outside Africa. The kaba style dresses are a rage among the classy African women and are also now being found to be worn by western women. They can be even referred to as the latest african wear styles. Clearly, reason enough to try one now!!

9. Ghanaian kente style

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Kente is a fabric used in Ghana for manufacturing different types of outfits. The Kente outfit style is a traditionally beautiful one which is not only worn by the common people but also by the celebrities of Ghana. This is used in the traditional African wear skirt styles, dress styles, wedding dresses etc.

Ghanaian African wear styles 2018

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The panache and beauty of the African, prints, styles and designs have triggered an evolution of the African traditional wear styles and are marking the onset of Ghanaian designs in the global mainstream fashion industry. Prints, prints and more colorful and quirky prints make the African wear new styles more attractive. The vibrant colors and unique prints of the African clothes have made African clothes styles must-haves in the wardrobes of all the color loving fashionistas. Combined with this, the use of a myriad of fabrics varying from cotton, lace, organza, velvet to silk, has made the African clothes more stylish and trendy.

Power dressing for Ghanaian couple

The African wear styles 2018 depict an integration of the western and African wear styles among both the males and females of Ghana. Couple wear outfits have emerged as one of the latest trends in the Ghanaian fashion industry wherein various couple wear outfits are designed in synchronization for couples. There are also wear styles designed for the family, for which similar attires are customized for husband, wife and kids. The emergence of such attires in the current African wear styles is one of the trendiest and latest in Ghana. We hope you found what you have been looking for here, feel free to leave any comments!


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