How to activate Tigo tribe code in Ghana

How to activate Tigo tribe code in Ghana

Millicom launched Tigo in Ghana in the year 1992 and since then they have an impressive three point nine million customers across Ghana. Tigo is gaining more popularity and since their upgrade to their systems in 2015 and their recent merge with Airtel, there are several new exciting offers. Tigo tribe is one such offer. We tell you how to activate Tigo tribe and also how to deactivate Tigo internet bundle in Ghana.

How to activate tigo tribe code in Ghana


Tigo tribe is an offer for all its prepaid customers that offers them the following and at absolutely zero subscription fee

  • Free social media
  • Get back what you use on weekdays on weekends
  • Free 100MB internet data
  • 100 minutes of Tigo to Tigo calls for seven days
  • Two times bonus on voucher and E-pins reloads
  • Three times bonus on Tigo cash reloads

The amazing part about this free social media Tigo offer is that it applies to Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook and IMO.That considered, joining the Tigo tribe movement is definitely a great decision is .To join just send START to the Tigo tribe code 5060 after activation of your Tigo SIM card. It’s that simple to get your Tigo tribe subscription. To choose another bundle offer just dial *500#.

How to bundle Tigo credit

Bundling credit is basically the conversion of mobile prepaid airtime from money to megabyte. A megabyte is a unit of information that is strictly equal to 1048576 bytes or simply a million bytes. It can be describes as a measure of computer processor storage as well as real or virtual memory.

Tigo tribe code

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Bundling credit saves your credit and allows longer access time to the internet. Tigo is offering a great deal with the Tigo tribe that allows all its customers to access 100MBs of data for internet access besides the already free access to social media. So how does one convert their Tigo airtime to bundles?

First you dial *500# press enter on your Phone or device.

Then after that, Select data bundle that best suits you.

How to bundle on Tigo is that simple. There are several options on data depending on your individual needs.

How to deactivate Tigo internet bundle

We all know it can get quite annoying to check your airtime balance only to find it depleted by your regular bundle subscription that you might have forgotten about. Luckily it is actually pretty simple to get yourself out of this predicament if you have for one reason or another found yourself stuck. To deactivate from the Tigo internet bundle simply dial *502# and select whatever service you wish to deactivate from the list.

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How to check Tigo bundle balance

How to check tigo bundle


Sometimes we all need to regulate how much data we are using and this is where this comes in. Just like the other Tigo processes this is also pretty simple to do and in great Tigo fashion, you find that the step involved is pretty simple and the user interface is also very friendly. So you simply dial *504# and find the prompt to view your remaining bundle balance.

Tigo number one

This is yet another one of Tigo’s offers that was pleasantly refreshing. The reason it’s called number one is because this service allowed customers one whole month of free talk time to one special person. The fixed subscription fee was way below market prices at the time of its launch. There are several other new offers on this service and it has widened its scope to offer other sweet deals. Tigo number one code is *123#. Dial and subscribe to your desired package.

Tigo double delight

Tigo double delight is yet another incredible tariff offered by Tigo. It is one of those amazing tariffs that you run into and just be fascinated by it's amazing offers. So below is a list of what you stand to gain from joining the Tigo double delight bundle

  • 50% bonus on all weekly and monthly data
  • 100% bonus on GHS 60 and GHS 75 data package
  • 100% bonus on scratch cards and e-pin reloads
  • 200% bonus on Tigo Cash reloads

These amazing bonuses will expire in a week but the great news is if you reload then the bonus is rolled over. The bonus you accumulate for this tariff can be used to make international calls, for Tigo to Tigo calls, to browse and also to send texts. Definitely worth a try. To activate the Tigo double delight tariff simply dial *555*1*2# to get started and enjoy the amazing bonuses.

How to bundle on tigo


Codes for Tigo services

So to make your life around Tigo credit and code for Tigo internet bundle packages, below is a list to find these shortcuts

  • *124# - Tigo balance inquiry
  • *188# - Tigo SOS
  • *505# - Tigo product and service menu
  • *500# - Tigo internet packages
  • *110# to access Tigo cash menu
  • *556# for ring back tones Tigo

Tigo is a brand under the Millicom umbrella and is serving 17% of Ghana’s population. This is a good number of subscribers and Tigo truly offers a wide variety of products. The best part of using Tigo is not only that they have a bunch of amazing products and bonuses that any pocket conscious person will opt for but also the fact that Tigo brand seems to constantly be on a quest to improve their operations.

Tigo is a must try for all kinds of customers, the younger generation will definitely enjoy the convenience of fast and cheap browsing and the more aged bracket of subscribers will enjoy the calling bonuses to no end. Tigo is definitely a brand to watch.

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