Top trending Banky W songs

Top trending Banky W songs

Banky W is a Nigerian actor, singer and rapper whose real name is Olubankole Wellington and acknowledged in a film as Banky Wellington. Born in 1981 to Nigerian parents based in the United States, Banky W songs sprouted when he was singing in the church choir at a young age. His family traveled back home in Nigeria when he was at the age of five where he started his education journey from primary to secondary school. He later went back to the United States for his tertiary studies at New York’s Rensselaer Polytechnic on a scholarship. Here's more about his top trending songs.

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While still studying in the US, Banky founded Empire Mates Entertainment (EME) record label in 2002 that featured Banky W songs. He also signed other artistes like Shaydee, Wizkid, Skales and Niyola when he moved back to Nigeria in 2009. Banky W touches all the right spots, uses the best words and include immersible, mushiest melody to develop successful music projects. For a taste of these great works, download Banky W songs on Youtube or other sites like Amazon that sell his latest hits.

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Banky’s musical journey

Banky W focuses his music niche in R&B having come on the scene upon the release of his EP, Undeniable in 2003. This was followed a couple of years later by Back in the Building in 2005, Mr. Capable in 2008, the W Experience in 2009 and 2013 R&BW that he released just one day after the 2013 Valentine’s Day. Banky W Yes No is the first single in his fifth Album R&BW produced by Cobhams Asuquo.

Banky launched the 2013 album with a mega concert that became famous as “The Grand Love Concert” where he featured many other artistes like Waje and Iyanya. This event was held at the spacious Civil Centre in Victoria Island, Lagos and made the songs by Banky W to become more famous in Nigeria and globally.

With most of the Banky W songs being downloadable on Youtube, His Undeniable release of 2003 dominated the Internet in terms of sales and views. In fact, his marketing strategy’s success during that time made New York’s leading publication Fox 23 News to cover him. This led him to a distribution agreement with Trans World; one of the leading music distributors in North America. Later, the song ranked among the top selling independent records and led Banky W to win the Urban Independent Music Award for being the 2003 R&B Artist of the Year.

In 2005, Banky W won several awards and accolades for his song “My Regret” in his first Album labelled “Back in the Building”. Due to the strength he gained through his award winning single, he was recognized in 2006 by the US Songwriting Award and the International Single of the Year in 2007 by the Nigerian R&B/Soul Award. With the aim of taking African music to greater heights, however, Banky W went back to Nigeria where he continued with his music career.

Banky W latest songs

Banky W has continued to release hot hits almost every year after returning to Nigeria. Here are some of the Banky W latest songs that made his fans come to discover lots of secrets about this celebrity artiste:

1. Banky W - Made for You

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If you have watched Banky W Made for You, you might have realized that Banky released the song in February 2016 after falling in love with beautiful Adesua Etomi. The woman is a popular Nigerian actress who gained popularity after featuring in the comedy “The Recent Party”. While this song is not Banky W latest song, the video starred Adesua Etomi as the main character where she played as Banky’s lover as they celebrated their anniversary.

Having a closer look at Banky W Made for You helps lay the foundation for the understanding of what shaped his top trending songs in the recent past. In this video, the couple had a magnificent display of romance with scented sheets, rose petals, chin touches and pre-recorded love videos. This made the passion and energy between the two actors appear real with the evidence that it was not just any other music video. In a nut shell, they were passing the message to their fans and the world that they were in deep love.

2. Banky W - Kololo

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The EME R&B artiste rolled out the melodious Banky W Kololo love song in 2017 to immediately follow the appreciative jam “Blessing Me”. He released the song as a love tune with Masterkraft stellar production and was mastered and mixed by Suka Sounds; the renown audio engineer genius. Kololo song features Banky W telling his lover that he still loves her and that he cannot let her go.

3. Banky W - Blessing Me

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On the other hand, the song coming before Kololo; Banky W Blessing Me features Banky W thanking God for continuously blessing him such that he looks like a star when he steps out. He also warns his enemies against hating and being jealous of him yet it is God who keeps on blessing him. While people may wonder why he keeps on shining every day, Banky W reiterates in the song that it is God who upgrades and elevates him.

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Since coming to the music stage, Banky has maintained certain characteristics throughout his music. They include the catchy, the adapted and the cliché sometimes featuring all on the same track. One of the sentimental tunes of the album “Songs About You”; Banky W Heaven, for instance, Banky includes all the three elements to clearly bring out his message and make the song good for the ear.

The catchy part here is “I would love you till the day I die” while the adapted appears in the line “will we still be in love in heaven” since the idea seems to have been adapted from “Tears in Heaven” by Eric Claptons. As for the catchy, this comes out from the hum-worthy tune supported by the guitar.

4. Banky W - Love You Baby

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Banky W Love You Baby was produced in collaboration with Banky W and the New York Film Academy (NYFA). The video was created, filmed and edited by lead industry professionals and the faculty of the New York Film Academy. This came after Banky W was enrolled at NYFA for an eight-week filmmaking workshop and went back to Nigeria during the 2017 summer. Thus, his “Love U Baby” video was the first fruit of his collaboration with NYFA. He hopes to inspire students to add proper training to their passion in order for them to prosper in their respective fields.

5. Banky W - Whatchu Doing Tonight

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Banky W recently added another number to his music portfolio when he released Banky W new song video to the remix of ”Whatchu Doing Tonight” early 2018. This song remix is off the album “Songs About You” released in 2017 with love songs dedicated to his lovely wife, Adesua aka Susu. While the video’s script was written and directed by Banky W, the remix features his wife offering vocal support, and the song fits the narrative of two lovers maximizing the use of their night.

Shot in Lagos, Nigeria, “Whatchu Doing Tonight” video features other leading characters from the industry like Idia Aisien, Jemima Osunde, Alternate Sound and Enyinna Nwigwe. It opens with Banky W picking his lover Susu; as played by his wife Adesua, in a beautiful ride where they get on the road going wild on the freeway while exchanging smiles. The drive continues smoothly through Lagos streets and comes to a halt at a party scene where they enjoy a night dance.

Banky W is not only an artist but also a very popular lifestyle brand. When Nigerian-US counterpart artist Jidenna appeared in his “Classic Man” campaign, he found out that Banky W was actually the ideal Nigerian classic artiste. It is Banky W brand and the impeccable music that has attracted such a massive influence in Nigerian music for him. Hence, Nigeria’s R&B exists today because of Banky W’s hard work and commitment in the industry.

As observed from the above Banky W songs, most of his artistry revolves around his appreciation for women and the true romantic relations with them. He has shaped the continent’s music by merging Western influences with local song-writing and romantic elements to bring out heavy hits. Banky W is also a recognized philanthropist having founded “I am Capable” Scholarship that supports intelligent undergraduates who meet the requirements of the foundation. He is also actively involved in the Light up Nigeria project that focuses on availing stable electricity power supply to his country.


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