Vodafone World Cup bundle 2018

Vodafone World Cup bundle 2018

The World Cup fever is here and it has catch up with everyone, even those that don’t ordinarily watch football matches. Vodafone,the largest mobile network in Ghana knows too well how to take care of its customers interests. To enable its loyal subscribers enjoy the football season, the Vodafone World Cup bundle is here for all of us. Don’t be left out when you can join the world cup bandwagon and get it directly to your phone, in real time if you want to.

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Vodafone sure knows how to bring people together. Football is one event that brings the human race together, more so when it’s a global football event. Browsing ordinarily helps you stay updated, communicate and get entertained. With the Vodafone Ghana World Cup bundle, entertainment just got better. There is nothing as frustrating as your bundles depleting just when you were holding your breath to wait for that swift, well calculated goal in a match you were streaming online. Partnering with Multichoice, Vodafone has got our back in this year’s world cup. It’s going to be a Vodafone world cup 2018 as this bundle has got all of us covered. It’s affordable, fast and convenient. Why don’t you tell us everything we need to know already? A game is showing already! I know that feeling. So let’s get right into it.Here is everything you need to know about the Vodafone world cup bundle 2018.

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Is the Vodafone World Cup bundle 2018 valid?

When the deal is too good, think twice. That is the believe most of us have, a cautious necessary believe I should say. You might have read different things from different websites and I should confirm that despite what you have heard, this Vodafone World Cup deal is as true as it gets. To prove just how much they want their subscribers to be able to do what they love right on the Vodafone platform, they partnered with Multichoice to bring a bundle package that enables football fans in their network to stream matches for less; way less and on the go.

Why this Vodafone World Cup innovation?

Vodafone world cup bundle, vodafone world cup 2018, vodafone world cup

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Vodafone mainly wants to make sure it gives its customers the best flexible service ever. It’s setting lanes and standing out. Not everyone can make it to Russia for the football event so this comes in handy. Well aware of the different time zones in the world, several matches shall be played in Russia when Ghana is asleep or engaged in the daily work schedules. This bundle shall enable one to stream football anywhere anytime and keep up with this global event.

Speaking on the same, Cecil Sunkwa-Mills the general manager of Multichoice speaking on the Vodafone Ghana World Cup bundle said, “We continue to listen to our customers to understand their changing needs and what matters most to them. We understand that the Internet has become a necessity for doing business, interacting and catching up on global events. As our customers have been highly mobile, we are happy our partnership with Vodafone will prove to be an innovative data solution and will bring the best value to our customers”.

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If you don’t own a television screen in your household, worry not. The stars just shined on you. You only need a handset, a Vodafone Sim-card or a modem to act as an access point if using a fixed broadband and you are good to go.

Isn’t that awesome?

How are the Vodafone World Cup bundles used?

Now that we know this Vodafone World Cup 2018 offer is valid and you have the gadgets required, how does it work? As the name suggests, this package is only used for the world cup streaming. It will not be possible to buy the world cup bundles probably because they have a good offer just to use them for the normal browsing. An alternative data package will be used and in its absence the airtime shall be deducted directly, so be keen on this to avoid unforeseen expenses.

One more thing, you can’t use the ordinary mobile apps like YouTube to stream using the Vodafone Ghana World Cup bundle. You must download mobile television applications from Google play store when using an android phone or apple store (iOS play store) when using an iPhone. In this case, considering the partnership between Vodafone and Multichoice that made this whole idea possible, you must download the DStv Now App to start enjoying the service.

Well aware of how these bundles operate, let’s look into how to get them and start enjoying your games on the go.

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How to subscribe to the Vodafone World Cup bundles offer

Vodafone world cup bundle, vodafone world cup 2018, vodafone world cup

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Having stated the terms and conditions of using this offer, here is the user checklist.

  • Have a Vodafone sim card on your handset.
  • Download the DStv Now App on Google play store or iOS play store.
  • Sign up into this app with your DStv credentials.
  • Dial *900# on your handset to subscribe.
  • After subscription, activate the TV App and on its menu bar, select sports.
  • Choose your preferred Super Sport channel and you are ready to go. Start streaming your favorite matches.

The short code *900# leads you directly to the Vodafone World Cup bundle.Alternatively,you may choose to use the normal short code for all the internet bundle packages and navigate your way to the Vodafone world cup 2018 offer. If you choose the latter, the subscription method shall be as follows;

a) Dial the Vodafone short code *5888#

Vodafone world cup bundle, vodafone world cup 2018, vodafone world cup

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This option has the type of bundle clearly stated and described, from the bundle on offer to the minimum airtime you need to get it.

If you are a mobile phone subscriber, you have a wider choice to select from. There is;

  • GHS1 daily – Subscription lasts a whole day i.e. 24 hours after which it expires.
  • GHS5 weekly – This package lasts for a whole week, an equivalent of 7 days before expiry.
  • GHS20 monthly – As the name states, if you choose this option you enjoy unlimited internet use for a whole month before you need to reload.

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Vodafone world cup bundle, vodafone world cup 2018, vodafone world cup

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Within this World Cup period, the Vodafone Ghana bundle has an extra option added as number 5, World Cup bundle. They appear as follows;

  1. Fixed broadband
  2. Mobile postpaid
  3. Home phone
  4. Vodafone one
  5. World Cup bundle

b) Select option 5

You are asked what type of package you want to use then the subscription process is completed if your account has enough money for it.

If you use a Vodafone modem also called the fixed broadband, you only have the GHS20 monthly option. You may either load your modem simcard or link your account to your handset so that you may load airtime through that.

Note that the GHS20 subscription allows you unlimited access to all the World Cup matches which are 64 in total. Wow!

As we all can see, missing out in the ongoing World Cup in Russia shall be a personal choice. It’s true, convenient and affordable. If you are a busy football fan who wants bundles to stream live matches, the Vodafone World Cup bundle is here for you and it’s only valid until the World Cup season and the partnership with Multichoice company is over. Subscribe today and keep up with the soccer world. Vodafone, power to you.

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