Accredited private nursing schools in Ghana 2018

Accredited private nursing schools in Ghana 2018

There is an alarming scarcity of nurses in the world. Due to this, private nursing schools in Ghana have sprung up in an effort to train the next world class nurses. Due to this shortage, the government of Ghana has given the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Ghana the mandate to register and accredit more public and private nursing schools in different parts of the country. Specifically, Part Three of the Health Professions Regulatory Bodies Act 857 of 2013 authorizes the council to secure the highest standards of practice and training of midwifery and nursing in the public interest. Below are some of the leading private nursing schools in Ghana 2018 that have received full accreditation from the council.

Accredited private nursing schools in Ghana 2018


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NarhBita College

Established in 2008, NarhBita College originated from NarhBita Clinic that started in 1979 and is located in Tema, 25 kilometers east of Accra. As the responsibilities of the clinic increased with time, it was up-graded to a hospital in 1987 where it became NarhBita Hospital Ltd. As a result of the high shortage of health-workers that included nurses, the proprietors were also compelled to start a nursing school to feed NarhBita Hospitals and other health institutions. The school’s academic program is supervised and directed by Ghana Council of Nursing and Midwifery while its mentor university is the University of Ghana.

Accredited private nursing schools in Ghana 2018


The demand for more health-related programs led to the changing of the institution’s name from Nursing School to NarhBita College. The school of nursing is, however, still serving as a branch of the college. The following programs are offered by this college listed among the top accredited nursing schools in Ghana:

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Physician Assistantship
  • Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technician
  • Diploma in Physician Assistantship
  • Diploma in Registered General Nursing
  • Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Certificate in Health Assistant Clinical

Since the college has met the operational conditions for the nursing training colleges in Ghana, it has been fully registered and accredited by the Department of the General Registrar and the National Board of Accreditation respectively. The college is well-equipped with hard-working staff, able administrators, adequate teaching equipment, a computer laboratory and up-to-date library. Thus, NarhBita College aims to gain international recognition as one of the best-accredited nursing schools in Ghana and a center of excellence in training, research, service, and teaching.

Contact details of Narh Bita College

You can contact the college via any of the following:

  • P.O. Box CO 1061, Tema
  • Telephone: +233-303-206563/ 020 0124980
  • Fax: +233-303-206365
  • Email: or

Nightingale School of Nursing

Accredited private nursing schools in Ghana 2018


Nightingale School of Nursing was started in 2008 and focuses on preparing a community of qualified nurse practitioners and scholars who are committed to lifelong learning, professional ideals, and valuable practice within the healthcare field. As one of the best private nursing training schools in Ghana, the school has Professional Accreditation from Ghana Nurses and Midwifery Council (NMC) and Program and Institutional Accreditation from Ghana National Accreditation Board (NAB). Additionally, Nightingale School of nursing has a partnership with the University of Ghana, Accra.

Programmes offered at Nightingale School of Nursing

Located in Adenta in the Greater Accra Region, Nightingale School of Nursing offers various programmes ranging from basic certificate to diploma as seen below:

  • Diploma for Registered General Nurse
  • Diploma for Registered Midwifery
  • Diploma for Registered Mental Nurse
  • Diploma in Community Health (Disease Control)
  • Diploma in Community Health (Nutrition option)
  • Diploma in Environmental Health
  • Diploma in Community Health Nursing
  • Diploma in Health Information
  • Diploma in Oral Health
  • Diploma in Medical Laboratory
  • Certificate in Community Health (Field Technician)
  • Certificate in Community Health Nursing
  • Certificate in Clinical Healthcare
  • Certificate in Environmental Health for Environmental Health Assistants

The credit policy of Nightingale School of Nursing despite being at the top of the list of accredited private nursing schools is to make fee payment for students and parents easy and affordable. Hence, the credit policy includes the following particulars:

Maximum credit amount

Students can benefit from 30 percent maximum credit amount of a semester’s fees. This means that 70 percent of the fees per semester must be cleared before the semester begins.

Credit terms

Students can pay their outstanding amount within 60 days from the start of the semester. This can be early payment where the students who complete the payment before re-opening the school are entitled to a cash discount of 3.5 percent on the total fees. It can also be a two-installment payment for students who decide to pay the remaining fee balance in two installments. In this case, they are given a grace period of 60 days from the start of the semester. The students who opt for installment payment, however, will be required to pay an interest of 6 percent on the remaining semester’s amount.

Penalty for late fee payment

Students who fail to meet their fee payment deadlines are required to pay a penalty of the overdue fees. The penalty will include fifty Ghana Cedis every week of late payment, withholding of transcripts and examination results and possible suspension until they have met their financial obligations and total removal from the credit privileges.

The accounts department at Nightingale School of Nursing will make constant communication with the students concerning the fee status. This will include friendly reminder after one week of overdue payment, official reminder after two weeks of overdue payment, and demand notice after one month of overdue payment. Students who cannot pay the full amount on the invoice due date are required to sign on the Nightingale School of Nursing standard installment plan of agreement. Unlike other nursing schools in Ghana that accepts only the local currency, Nightingale School of Nursing accepts Ghana Cedis or US dollar depending on the exchange rate of that particular time.

How to apply to Nightingale School of Nursing

Application can be done online by filling the form available on the school’s website. You can also contact Nightingale School of Nursing through any of the following:

  • Phone: 0244-363558/028-9533515
  • Post: P.O. Box AF 771, Adenta, Accra
  • Email:

St. Karol School of Nursing

Accredited private nursing schools in Ghana 2018


Located at Aplaku-Ayalolo off Kasoa-Malam Road in Accra, St. Karol School of Nursing is an internationally recognized tertiary institution that adheres to world class standards in its programmes and facilities. The school is also one of the leading degree nursing schools in Ghana that incorporates vehicle driving skills and bi-lingual ability vital for students who wish to prepare themselves adequately for a broad and fulfilling nursing career. Its Bachelor of Science Nursing programme is designed to offer theoretical knowledge and extensive hands-on experience in nursing administration and practice.

With an assurance to prepare the learners to become proficient and safe nurses, St. Karol School of Nursing admits students of all nationalities and races without discriminating on culture, ethnic, religious or social beliefs. It received full accreditation from the Council of Nursing and Midwifery in November 2012.

General admission requirements of St Karol School of Nursing

The general requirements for joining Level 100 at St. Karol School of Nursing bachelor’s degree programmes are based on the selection criteria as stipulated by the Ghana Nursing and Midwifery Council. There is no age limit for all applicants and the grades include WASSCE with a grade C6 in Mathematics, English, Social Studies or Integrated Science and 3 optional choices from General Arts, Home Economics or General Science.

Candidates who have Diploma in Nursing may be enrolled to level 200 or 300. The general admission criteria must meet the set standards of the Ghana Nurses and Midwives Council, National Tertiary Education Council and the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology with the Approval of the Board of Academics.

How to apply to St. Karol School of Nursing

Application forms can be bought at the prescribed rates for the Bachelor of Science degree programme for both local and international applicants from the address below:

The Office of the Registrar

St. Karol School of Nursing

P.O. Box AN 15903 Accra-North

Accra, Ghana

  • Telephone: (+233) 244 620 960
  • Email:;

Premier Nurse’s Training College

Started in 2004 and fully accredited in November 2012, Premier Nurse’s Training College is located in Kumasi, Ghana. Initially, the institution was a health training school offering a two-year Certificate in Nursing (currently Health Assistant Clinical) and Diploma in Registered General Nursing.

With well-established working relations with the health providers in most parts of the country, Premier Nurse’s Training College is included in the list of accredited private nursing schools in the northern part of Ghana. This full accreditation allows the institution to run a three-year Health Assistance and Registered General Nursing programmes.

With its affordable cost and a broad range of services, Premier Nurse’s Training College offers its students the opportunity to do their internship programmes at Komfo Anokye Hospital and other district health institutions in Ghana. It is also famous for its community links where surrounding hospitals and health centres benefit from the voluntary services of students when providing community immunization and sensitization.

How to apply for Premier Nurse’s Training College programmes

Applicants can download application form in PDF format by visiting the college’s website and fill in all the required details.

Premier Nurse’s Training College can be contacted through:

  • Telephone: 00233-3220-81971
  • Fax: 00233-3220-81972
  • Email:

Royal Ann College of Health (RACOH)

Royal Ann College of Health (RACOH) is located in a tranquil and conducive environment with evergreen trees and grass away from busy traffic, noise and hustles associated with cities. Nevertheless, the college is easily accessible because of its proximity to the Sunyani road. It has a fortified walled compound and is safely guarded for 24 hours daily. Moreover, the infrastructure of the school is firmly constructed and neatly organized in the spacious compound.

Upholding quality tuition and constantly offering high-class social and academic services, RACOH is well-equipped with competent, experienced, well-motivated and committed professional teaching and non-teaching staff. Hence, it is one of the private nursing schools in Ghana that exists to produce excellent and holistic health care practitioners with global recognition. Different assessment tools are used to appraise student’s comprehension of subjects taught, academic progress and abilities.

RACOH is affiliated to the National Board for Technician and Professional Examinations (NABPTEX) and the University of Developmental Studies (UDS). It is fully accredited by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Ghana, Pharmacy Council of Ghana, National Accreditation Board, and Allied Health Professions Council.

How to contact RACOH

You can contact RACOH by filling in the online portal form on the website or through any of the following:

Post: P.O. Box KS 6253, Kumasi, Ghana

Telephone: (+233)-0200597274 or (+233)-0247-151874 or (+233)-020-9146175

Email: or

While the list of nursing schools found in Ghana accredited by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Ghana is long, the above institutions are among the best since they have met the international standards of nurses training They also offer the students access to unique clinical and educational experiences with a wealth of modern technological resources and nursing faculty.

Hence, enrolling in such private nursing schools in Ghana prepares you to work competently in the nursing field. Their methods of application are easy and less time-consuming since they can be completed online. Notably, their tuition fee is affordable considering the quality of services and facilities that they have.



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