Top trending Iyanya songs

Top trending Iyanya songs

Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk is an Afropop and RnB Nigerian musician who has been in the music scene for a while now. His stardom began after winning the Project Fame West Africa musical show. Born to a teaching mum (headmistress) and a father that was in the forestry ministry, who would have thought a singing star would rise from this family. Iyanya songs always make you want to tune in and get some more. Best known for his hit song ‘Kukere,’ any other Iyanya production is just as excellent.

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Did you know that Iyanya is his real name before today? Well, now you know! He started with the name Lofty, singing rap. Iyanya is a learned musician, a business graduate of the University of Calabar. His musical journey is a beautiful encouraging story, from singing in the church choir to doing karaoke in bars after university graduation and finally becoming a real-time celebrity. It is almost hard to keep track of Iyanya latest songs as he churns out tunes one after another every so often. He always had the talent in him because after looking at the lives of Olu Maintain and 2 Face Idibia who are celebrity singers, he made a decision to become a professional musician and has never looked back since. Let’s sample some popular songs by Iyanya.

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1. Iyanya - Hold On

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Iyanya’s Hold on is a single, a melodious tune. It is a piece of advice he gives to women about there not being a single perfect man and that they should stop looking. Hold on has an exclusive video that features the story of a young woman whose boyfriend cheats and she mourns the super break up that they have with a girlfriend. A mail is then delivered to her doorstep that says “why struggle with love when you can create your dream partner at” This lady then orders her presumed perfect lover who is a digitally built robot. Days into the ‘happy relationship,’ Mr. Robot also cheats on her with the roommate. Oh, my! The message is entirely home, right? Then the lyrics begin.

Most of us find these mood-setting movies boring, but I recommend you try this one. This way, you get into the song with the right mindset to get the advice; holding on as a man good enough for you although not perfect, is coming your way.

This teaser single is a great tune that makes good use of the project fame alumnus’ infectious vocals. Also, among Iyanya all songs, I find it the most educative. In that struggling relationship, don’t worry. It’s normal to fight. “Just Take It One Step At A Time…Hold on”.

2. Iyanya Featuring Don Jazzy and Dr.Sid - Up To Something

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Released in the album Signature – EP in 2017, Iyanya Up to Something was the first song Iyanya released after joining his new recording label. Featuring Don Jazzy and Dr.Sid, this song got nominated for the Nigeria Entertainment Award for Best Collaboration. It’s a well-deserved selection; this collaboration is good! With the proficiency of the beats and Iyanya’s excellent vocals, it is just amazing!

One of Iyanya latest songs, it begins well with Don Jazzy’s rap delivering the intro lyrics, and trust me, they are tight lyrics. Don then gives way to Iyanya’s beautiful and rich vocals. Dr.Sid seals this collaboration up satisfactorily.

For the lovers of rap and Afropop, it’s the song to add to your playlist as soon as you read this.

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3. Iyanya - Mr Oreo

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Did you know that Oreo is a favorite ice cream topping for the majority of ice-cream lovers? Oh! Yummy! It is also an internationally recognized brand of cookie. I know what you are thinking right now; so he decided to name this song after that snack? He is such a foodie! Well, maybe. We can only speculate on why exactly he decided the title was Mr. Oreo, also called Mr.Orio.

Iyanya chose a perfect environment to shoot this video; Brooklyn. Produced in his best-selling video Evolution and directed by The Mega Boi, the rhythm on its own will catch your attention, not mentioning the unique vocals. Selebobo (The producer) has never been this good! Shot ordinarily and randomly during a tour to the United States in 2014, Iyanya Mr. Oreo is work well done.

4. Iyanya - kukere

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“Kukere” is the song that made Iyanya. By this I mean, it was his breakthrough, his hit song. Any list of Iyanya songs is incomplete without Iyanya Kukere. For every musician, there must be that one song that placed a seal confirming that they had what it takes. For Iyanya, this is it. ‘Kukere’ is a dance hall tune that got the whole world dancing. Featured in the album Desire, it was inspired by the Etighi dance which is a traditional dance from Calabar, Iyanya’s hometown.

If you still doubt that ‘Kukere’ is the best thing that ever happened to Iyanya so far, then this is for you. The song topped on Top FM’s May Chart was nominated song of the year in 2012 and also for the Best Contemporary Afro at the 2012 Nigeria Music Video Awards. The well-known CEO Dancers performed ‘Kukere’ in the British Got Talent show, one of the biggest talent search shows globally. So yes, it has traversed the borders.

Most of us know about Kukere for its hyper well-articulated tunes. We rarely pay attention to the lyrics, as we are on our feet as soon as the song begins. Just so you know, Iyanya speaks on his musical journey, relationship with women and his final breakthrough to music. It may not be among Iyanya songs 2018, but ‘kukere’ still rocks.

This is a party hit, a club song. Can lift your mood anytime.

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5. Iyanya featuring Davido - Iyanu (Holy water)

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The beat of this song, oh Lord! You can’t help but dance. So ‘Iyanu’ is a Yoruba term that means ‘Miracles.’ Iyanya talks about the people that hate and ridicule him and prays for great miracles to happen someday and make all his struggles add up. He hopes his excellent day comes soon.

With the video shoot conducted outdoor, plantations and nature dominate the video. It is the perfect surrounding to make a prayer. When you watch this video, you will believe with Iyanya that there are things friends and family will never be able to do but which God can solve if you ask him to. A simple video, but as we all know simplicity is the utmost sophistication. Iyanya Iyanu is such nourishment.

6. Iyanya - Bow for You

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Now this song is all about Iyanya being lovey-dovey and all. Produced in the album Signature-EP, love is in the air. If you are a lover of love music, then Iyanya finally fondly thought of you!

“If only you agree to be my queen, baby girl I bow for you…anything you want I buy for you baby girl I buy for you…..I bow for you, I bow for you.” The lyrics go on in a soft tempo, as Iyanya promises heaven and earth to the lady in question if she accepts to be his girlfriend. You can even feel him mean love. If I heard such words of promises from a man, I most definitely would want to be bowed to. Listen up and get to decide if Iyanya Bow for You is your kind of vibe. My bet is, it is!

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7. Iyanya - Ur Waist

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Are you a party lover whose best moments are when you form groups and get into ‘follow the leader’ dance moves on the dance floor? Then get ready to shake with this song! Iyanya Ur Waist is a real party mover. The verses flow perfectly one after the other. The lyrics are solid, and the tune is flawless. What else defines a great song? Whether you choose to use Iyanya’s very own Etighi dance step of the ‘kukere’ song or explore your creativity, this song will define your happy moments if you let it.

8. Iyanya Featuring Team Salut - Good Vibes

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Iyanya Good Vibes featured team Salut, who also happen to be the producers. This song takes a unique direction, a high-tempo reggae tune. As always, Iyanya songs are happy songs. One of Iyanya new songs, it has the characteristic party mood despite not being a dancehall. This boy gets better day by day. I don’t know how he does it, but trust Iyanya to entertain you any day any time without limiting himself to what you think you know about him. Now that is a real artist right there!

Born in the small town of Calabar where he practiced his music before moving to Lagos and later going international, (his is a real story) Iyanya has become everything he ever imagined. After losing both his parents and brother, music became his everything, and as we can all see, it is worth it all. Most of Iyanya music is produced as singles, meaning he is a sustainable musician who can manage on his own. He also chooses to keep the Naija touch by either using Naija tunes or pidgin language, sometimes both. A singing business graduate is talent and brains. Check out Iyanya latest songs and see how you like him.

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