All MTN shortcodes Ghana

All MTN shortcodes Ghana

Whether you want to talk to customer care or are looking for an easy way to top up airtime, MTN Ghana shortcodes will simplify your work for you. Competition has driven telecommunication companies into coming up with better ways of serving their customers. No more pain and struggles of remembering long processes when you can use a short cut to get an action done. Check out the following MTN shortcodes that could be useful to you any day.

MTN shortcodes Ghana


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Like most countries, the telecommunication industry in Ghana has made tremendous efforts towards serving its customers hence its obvious growth. This is evident through the different mobile service companies available. The services that these companies offer determines the number of customers they attract. Some of the strategies that have been used include offering certain services free. One example is mobile banking.

While Ghana may have a number of mobile service providing companies, MTN Ghana features prominently among the best. The company serves up to 11 million customers. This accounts for more than 50% of the shares in the mobile service providing industry. To get to this point, MTN Ghana owes its success to the great effort put in place by the company’s information technology department. Ideas such as MTN mobile money codes have contributed greatly towards attracting a good number of customers. Convenience in service delivery is one of the major attractions pulling people to MTN in addition to regular promotions and deals offered. A good example of convenience is best seen in the use of shortcodes.

List of MTN call promotions

MTN mobile money code

mtn mobile money shortcode
mtn nkomode
how to activate mtn nkomode
how to redeem mtn points
mtn internet bundle
mtn call promotions

One big step that MTN Ghana has made is the mobile banking service. For a long time the idea of mobile banking was far fetched. To make any monetary transactions one had to visit the bank and contend with having to wait on long queues. Mobile banking services are rather timely especially in today's busy world. To make things even easier, MTN Ghana's MTN mobile money code simplifies it all. With the MTN money code, a customer is able to access their mobile banking accounts without using the MTN app. This is such a simple process because a user simply dials *170#, which is the MTN mobile money code, and gets the options available in the mobile banking.

With the MTN mobile money shortcode, a customer can perform all the mobile banking services such as paying their bills, sending money to other MTN Ghana users or even sending money to their credit cards. All these can be done at the comfort of the customer’s home. It does not get better than this.

MTN customer service centers in Accra

MTN pay for me code

borrow mtn credit
mtn codes for free calls
mtn jara
mtn me2u
mtn recharge card
mtn sunday special
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Due to high network tariffs, some customers may get into situations where their accounts are not recharged and therefore are unable to make phone calls to other customers. For such cases, MTN Ghana makes it possible for customers to borrow MTN credit, which they will refund after a certain period of time. To borrow MTN credit using MTN Ghana shortcode, just dial *506#.

For cases where the customer does not want to be liable for the charges of the call they make, there is the pay for me option. In this option, a customer makes a call but the recipient of the call is liable for the charges of the call. To switch to the pay for me option, there is a shortcode. The MTN pay for me code is 154[1234567890]. This means that you dial 154 followed by the 10 digits of the recipient’s phone number without spacing the two sets of numbers.

MTN Nkomode registration and codes

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MTN Nkomode

As earlier stated, MTN has made it to the top because of its unique marketing strategies. Apart from advertising, the company relies on promotions to attract and retain more customers. This brings good returns at the end of each promotion cycle. A very good example of a promotion that has MTN customers glued to the network is the MTN Nkomode promotion, one of the famous MTN call promotions.

MTN Nkomode promotion is one of the best deals by MTN Ghana. It provides customers with zeroed calls to other MTN customers. For a customer to qualify for this offer, he/she has to pay 25p for the first minute of the call that they make. After the one minute has elapsed, the remaining part of that call will not be charged. The customer is however expected to subscribe to the MTN Nkomode promotion first before qualifying for the offer.

All MTN internet bundle codes in Ghana

Apart from calls being zeroed, MTN Nkomode also provides an offer of 50MB data every time the subscription is renewed. This internet bundle offer is only applicable to Facebook and not any other social media platforms. To subscribe to MTN Nkomode promotion use the shortcode *315#.

However, there is a limit to this MTN Nkomode promotion. A customer is only allowed to make on-net calls to MTN Ghana users. The promotion is only applicable in Ghana, not in all MTN served countries. Another limitation is that a customer can be allowed to make no more than 45 minutes call to one MTN customer. An MTN talk chaw service would be a great way to earn more customers.

How to activate MTN Nkomode

borrow mtn credit
mtn codes for free calls
mtn jara
mtn me2u
mtn recharge card
mtn sunday special

For those interested in the promotion, here is a simple guide on how to activate MTN Nkomode.

  • Start by subscribing to the promotion using the short code *315#.
  • Make a call for not less than a minute. During this one minute on the call, the subscriber is charged 25p only.
  • Continue enjoying free calls onwards
How to register MTN mobile money online

MTN Jara

MTN Jara is a free calls promotion given by MTN Ghana. Just like MTN Nkomode, MTN Jara is offers free call services. However, it is slightly different in the sense that it only offers free calls to selected regions in the country. These are:

  • The Volta region
  • The Brong Ahafo region
  • The Northern region
  • The Upper West
  • The Upper East regions.

Subscribing to this offer makes it possible for you to make unlimited number of calls to MTN numbers in any of the mentioned regions at a fee of 50p. To subscribe to MTN Jara promotion use the shortcode *5055# and follow the procedure. MTN Jara is an auto renewal subscription thus 50p is deducted after every 24 hours from the first subscription.

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MTN shortcodes

The invention of MTN shortcodes has simplified phone operations especially for the elderly. It is not necessary to remember procedures with these useful shortcuts. Apart from MTN mobile money shortcode, MTN pay for me code or the MTN Nkomode shortcode, there exists a whole list of other MTN shortcodes that I think will come in handy, especially for esteemed MTN customers. Familiarizing with these MTN shortcodes is therefore very necessary. Here is a list of the MTN Ghana short codes to watch out for.

Latest MTN promotions in Ghana
  • Dial *134*pin# to reload airtime
  • *124# for balance inquiry.
  • For please call me service, send 024xxxxxx 1 to 1399. The x’s are replaced with the recipient’s phone number.
  • To subscribe to MTN Pulse dial*567#.
  • Dial *567*4# for MTN Mashup balance
  • Dial *156# to checkyour MTN mobile phone number.
  • Dial 100 to access the MTN call centre.
  • Dial 154[244xxxxxx] for MTN pay for me The x’s recipient’s phone number.
  • To recharge voucher for another number, dial *144*number to recharge for*the voucher number#.
  • For cases where you are a victim of mobile money fraud, dial 1515 for assistance. Simply send a text message with details on the name of the fraudster and the date when the fraud occurred.
  • For MTN internet bundles, dial*138#.
  • To purchase monthly internet bundle whose value is 300MB to 10GB, dial*138*1*3#
  • For internet social bundles that is used to access social media platforms such as Facebook dial *138*1*5#.
  • To purchase YouTube bundles, for streaming videos on YouTube, dial *138*16#.
  • Dial *170# for MTN mobile money code.
  • Dial *138*4# for super saver bundles code.
  • To subscribe to caller tunez package dial 1355
  • To unsubscribe from tunez just text ‘STOP’ to 1355.
  • To send a voicemail, dial 108
  • To receive a voicemail dial 109.
  • To share credits, dial *198# then select enter. On the list of options displayed, select number 2. Alternatively, you can still use the messages procedure by typing <the amount of credit you would like to share>. Press space after this, then <enter the phone of the recipient>, press space again, <type your pin>. Send this message to 1329, the alternative shortcode for sharing credit.
  • For MTN me2u, register by typing <register>, without leaving any space, <the four digit pin>. Send this to 1329. Alternatively, you can use the MTN shortcode for MTN Me2U which is *198#. This will lead you to a couple of prompts which you follow.
  • Dial *138*1*4# for unlimited MTN internet bundles.
  • To borrow some credit, dial *506#
  • Dial *511# for generating mobile money ATM token
  • Dial *138*1*1# for daily MTN internet bundle whose value ranges from 20MB to 350MB.
  • To check the 4G compatibility of your device, simply dial *585#.
  • To buy weekly MTN internet bundle, whose value ranges from 25MB to 500MB, dial *138*1*2#.
  • In case you have delayed to repay your mobile money loan and wish to be exempted from extra interest, dial *595#.
  • For those who wish to subscribe to black berry plans, dial *140#.
  • To share your credit with friends, dial *198#.
  • To subscribe to WeChat monthly data package, dial *1552#.
  • To make your phone number portable, text PORT to 600.
  • To confirm whether your number has been registered, dial *400#.
  • If you happen to be a victim of SIM-Box fraud and wish to report the fraud, SMS the Simbox of the fraudster to 419.
  • To request for internet settings, dial *585#.
  • For accurate weather forecast, dial *455#.
  • In case you wish to have your phone number reserved for two years, dial *1390#.
  • To connect to MTN radio, dial 1303.
  • To get farming tips, dial 30037.
  • To subscribe to cool jokes, dial *300*20#.
  • To get updates on Silverbird movies, SMS MOVIES to 1412.
  • For those who wish to be part of MTN free calls services, the MTN codes for free calls is *550#
  • For MTN free call months offer dial *315#
  • To deactivate from all these MTN services, simply dial *175#.
Free browsing in Ghana makes it easy for users to enjoy the internet

MTN Sunday special

MTN Ghana is full of packages that you cannot afford to miss. One of them is the MTN Sunday special offer. For just 50p, a subscriber is given free talk time to call other MTN users. The package also comes along with free SMSs. The MTN shortcode for subscribing to MTN Sunday special offer is *5050#.

How to redeem MTN points

Most of the services offered by MTN have an added advantage since points are awarded for them. What's more these services are redeemable. To redeem MTN points use the shortcode *482#. The points can be redeemed for airtime, mobile phones or even modems. For recharge purposes, a customer can purchase the online MTN recharge card. MTN short codes are useful to any MTN users.

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