Top trending Ernest Opoku songs

Top trending Ernest Opoku songs

Ernest Opoku is a Ghanaian gospel artist. He is known in the country for his great contribution in spreading the gospel through his worship songs. Ernest Opoku worship songs receive a lot of play time almost in all corners of this West African country. The songs are filled with messages in addition to being vocally admirable. The following is a breakdown of some of the best trending worship songs by Ernest Opoku. The breakthrough that comes thought his songs will not require an understanding of the dialect. Ernest will bless your heart just by how he dedicates himself to God through his songs.

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Ernest Opoku songs have lead him to manage a comfortable lifestyle. Even so, his life has been marred with controversies all through. We shall get to understand Ernest Opoku latest worship songs in addition to getting a personal feel of who this great artist is.

Ernest Opoku is a Ghanaian artist who writes and sings uplifting gospel songs. While his contribution to the gospel ministry is unquestionable, the artist has a relationship problem that sometimes threatens his reputation especially since he is a gospel minister.

The sensational gospel artist, Ernest Opoku may have been accused of adulterous behaviors. These wild allegations threatened to offset his career. An adulterous lifestyle is not one that a gospel minister of his stature is expected to lead. As a result, Opuko suffered serious criticism and backlash. Even so, this did not deter his zeal to serve God through music. His wife accused accused him of infidelity. The woman with whom he was claimed to have cheated with is known as Francisca Nana Sarpong. Francisca Nana Sarpong is a gospel artist too and she featured Ernest Opoku in one of her songs titled ‘Atemuda’ which was released in late 2013. Their fans were still basking in the warmth of their song when an audio recorded by Francisca Nana Sarpong went viral. In the recording, the female gospel artist lashed insults at Ernest Opoku’s wife for allegedly telling her to keep off Ernest Opoku.

What was outrageous about all this is what she went on to say in the recording. She publicly admitted that she was dating him. The gospel musician went ahead to hit her chest mentioning of her rich possession and how she had earned her posh life. Quite saddening turn of events for one who sings gospel music. If any of it is true then Ernest Opoku worship popularity has just suffered a serious dent. The other case involving Ernest Opoku was that of his involvement with Tracey Boakye. This case also threatened to tear his marriage apart had it not been for his family members who rushed in to help restore peace.

For a sensational and congregation-moving gospel singer of his caliber, such allegations are serious and derailing to his image. However, even with the many issues surrounding him, Ernest has never been deterred from serving God hence the many trending Ernest Opoku songs. Learn where you can find and download Ernest Opoku songs. Regardless of the drama surrounding his life, he is still a sensational and prize winning gospel artist of his time.

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Worship Songs by Ernest Opoku

The following are Ernest Opoku jnr songs. The YouTube links come in handy when you want to listen to any of his powerful songs.

1. Ernest Opoku- Ogyidini

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This is one of his hit songs that got considerable play time. Ernest Opoku Ogyidini is a song loved and sang in many worship gatherings in Ghana. A very spectacular song that portrays great talent. It is perfectly done especially with the use of instruments.

2. Ernest Opoku- Onyame Nim

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Ernest Opoku Onyame Nim is one of his most loved songs on YouTube. In this song he says nothing is impossible for God. All you need is to get down and express your need and desires to God through prayers. An excellent piece especially when sang by Ernest himself. A worthy ernest opoku latest worship song that acknowledges the greatness of God.

3. Ernest Opoku- Yen so Yebeye den

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In this song Ernest Opoku features yet another one of the best gospel singer in the entire continent of Africa. This is Akwasi Nyarko. This collaboration was a hit and one of Ernest Opoku gospel songs that performed very well after it was released. It is one powerful song that would make tears roll down just by listening to the message. If you need a gospel jam that will keep you encouraged then this is the best choice.

4. Ernest Opoku- Wanfa Enfiri Soro ama woa

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Ernest Opoku features Evangelist Akwasi Nyarko in this song. It is one of the best worship songs from ernest opoku to begin your morning with every day. It a sensational and touching song that will get you geared up for the day's activities. Get yourself in the mood for the day by listening to this song every morning.

5. Ernest Opoku- Aseda

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Aseda is a song Ernest Opoku did together with Akwasi Nyarko. Like the rest of their collaborations this song received a lot of praise. In fact, it is a favorite for many of his fans.

6. Ernest Opoku- Adefofo

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In this song Ernest Opoku seems to pass a strong message to believers. He tells them that there is only one way for those who want to get to heaven and the way is through Jesus Christ. This song is will encourage you to make your ways with God right.

7. Ernest Opoku- Odomfo

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Ernest Opoku odomfo is one of Ernest Opoku Jr songs. This is a single that bombs the air waves day in day out. It is a song that has been well received and loved by his fans. It is one of the most inspiring Ernest Opoku gospel songs.

8. Ernest Opoku- Ewurade kae Bohye No

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Talk of inspirational Ernest Opuko worship songs and this name comes to mind. In this song, Ernest Opoku confirms to the followers of Christ that God will remember his promises to them and that they will be the heads and not the tail. A spiritually lifting song that will work for any believer that needs to be uplifted. You also get entertained in the process.

9. Ernest Opoku- Meda Wase

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This Ernest Opoku latest worship song encourages the listeners to grab God's blessings for their lives. It also urges them to be thankful to God for everything. Regularly listening to this song will teach you about gratitude to God and show you just how to embrace the gifts of God.

10. Ernest Opoku Worship-Onyame a Wotwase

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Onyame a Wotwase is a song that became popular when it was released. It was praised among his followers on YouTube.

11. Ernest Opoku- Onyame Aguama

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Without a doubt, This is one of the songs that shows Ernest's great display of talent.

12. Ernest Opoku- My Lord is good.

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Ernest Opoku my lord is good was sang in praise of God and His son Jesus Christ. He mentions them as good. The message is done with passion that only a great vocalist and talented artist can do. It is certainly one of the best songs of all time.

13. Ernest Opoku- Odo

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Ernest Opoku Odo is another of Ernest Opoku worship songs that was played on radios and churches. It is an inspirational and a soul lifting song.

14. Ernest Opoku- Nyame di hene

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Ernest Opoku nyame di hene is one of his favorite songs. This song, like most of Ernest Opoku latest, is informative and inspirational.

Ernest Opoku gospel songs have seen him feature some of the most admirable gospels artists in Ghana. This popularized him more and earned him a rank him among the best gospel artists in Ghana. The following are some of the songs he has been featured in.

1. Anita Obeng- Mapem

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Anita Obeng in this song features Ernest Opoku. This was a fantastic collaboration. The two artists bring out the embodiment of genuine work. It is one of those songs that you will keep on replay as you listen to the artists that bless your heart.

2. Francisca Nunu Sarpong- Atemmuda

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Franscisca featured Ernest Opoku in Atemmuda which was released in late 2013. Although not recorded as one of Ernest Opoku worship songs, it was a hit that was loved by many of his fans. The song however became a genesis of controversies that followed the two gospel artists. The wife of Ernest Opoku accused them of having an affair, an allegation that didn’t go well with Francisca.

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3. Nacee- Yewo Nyame A Yewo Adze

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This is one of the amazing gospel collaborations you will ever listen to. In this song, the two artists give hope to those who are undergoing difficulties in life to the point that they see death as an option. It is a motivating piece and one among Ernest Opoku latest hits. These songs are just but a few of the many songs that the artist has done on his own and in collaboration with other equally talented artists. It is possible to access any of the songs by downloading them. Download Ernest Opoku worship songs on YouTube. This offers a you a simple way to download Ernest Opoku worship songs from the internet. It is convenient and simple.

Ernest Opoku is such a talented gospel musician and this is evident from the quality depicted in his gospel music. He has featured and has been featured by many artists as they attempt to spread the gospel throughout Ghana. Many of his songs are not only played and sang in Ghana but in other West African countries and Africa at large. As much as his lifestyle has had challenges, his dedication to singing gospel music remains unshakable. You can talk of his sexual affairs with Francisca Nunu, his involvement with his girlfriend Tracey Baokye and many others but he remains unmoved in his gospel singing mission. And like majority of his fans would say may Ernest Opoku worship songs continue to bless their souls.

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