How to subscribe to Airtel Sika Kokoo bundles

How to subscribe to Airtel Sika Kokoo bundles

Are you an internet lover? Do you fancy being online without worrying about your bundle finishing? Airtel Ghana has great packages for the internet bundles that are cheap and affordable and that last for a long time before expiring. One of the mega internet bundles they offer is Airtel Sika Kokoo. Airtel Ghana has come up with power bundles in Sika Kokoo bundles, which will meet your needs. It’s faster and the offer is awesome. Spend less and browse more.

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People in some parts of Western Ghana like Brong-Ahafo and Ashanti have subscribed to Airtel Sika Kokoo, since this bundle was re-introduced in Sept 2017. Airtel Sika Kokoo is well-known in those areas and they are enjoying the great offers that come with Airtel Sika Kokoo. After you have subscribed to the normal Airtel internet, you will get 750mb bundles and 200 minutes for Airtel to Airtel calls just for GHS 1. Airtel Sika Kokoo will enable all internet users to browse for long and spend little. You now get 1GB for 5GHS, which is valid for 3 days. Sika Kokoo is flexible and available all over Ghana. You don't have to be in a specific region or have a Sika Kokoo SIM to enjoy the bundle's features and benefits.

airtel sika kokoo, airtel sika kokoo eligibility, airtel ghana internet bundle


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Airtel Sika Kokoo is one of the ideal internet bundles in Ghana; as such it has improved the lives of people of Ghana. This bundle offer gives an easy way to subscribe, cheap bundle and the freedom to enroll to this internet without conditions. Anyone is allowed to use Airtel Sika Kokoo internet as long as they have an Airtel sim card and smartphone and come from any part of Ghana. While using it, you will see the need for introducing it to your friends due to the quality of the internet it gives you. This means one needs not to worry about Airtel Sika Kokoo eligibility.

Airtel Ghana calls this “the best deal on the market so far.” When you get this kind of internet, just know that you will enjoy every bit of it, from the flexibility to reliability and even convenience. Airtel Ghana internet bundle will please you. Especially if you are working using this kind of internet or even while browsing just for fun. Sometimes you can be in a fixed condition. Whereby, you just want a quick and faster internet to check something online. Then Airtel Sika Kokoo has your back in this. And it will appropriately sort you out without having to hustle looking for internet. With the satisfactory it gives, the majority of Ghanaians have subscribed to it.


airtel sika kokoo, airtel sika kokoo eligibility, airtel ghana internet bundle


With the Airtel Sika Kokoo, you will get convenience and affordable internet bundles. Airtel internet bundle packages vary with its type of bundle and with great deals. Airtel Sika Kokoo is one of the internet bundles that are greater and faster. The period the bundle lasts is 3 days and it expires on the 3rd day, which is 72 hours after the same time you bought it and not at midnight. The cost for Airtel Sika Kokoo internet bundles goes at GHS 5 for 1GB or 1024MB. You would do lots of work with it like researching and engaging with friends on the social platform or even watching and streaming videos.

With Airtel Sika Kokoo internet, you can visit all the websites unlike using normal Airtel Ghana free browsing, which allows you to only visit specific websites like Facebook for free. With this, you have to open the available website that is provided through the Free Basics website. Then, after you open the website, Facebook will process your network connection, and you will browse without using data. Video streaming, voice calls, downloading materials from the external cost of this free browsing will incur data costs.

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airtel sika kokoo, airtel sika kokoo eligibility, airtel ghana internet bundle


Subscribing to Airtel Sika Kokoo is so easy. All you need to do is follow the guide and put the right code. If you would like to access the internet bundles, make sure your account has at least 5 GHC so you can be able to subscribe, then just dial *125#. And if you would also wish to buy the bundles direct, just dial *125*3# and it will subscribe immediately. You will receive a notification message. And it will say, "You have successfully subscribed to Airtel Sika Kokoo bundles".

After the subscription to Airtel Sika Kokoo bundles, you will be rewarded 1GB that is 1024MBs. This will cost you less money and give you more bundles to browse. All you need to do is to top up airtime to your phone through airtime or buy directly from your Airtel money account to renew. If your account has insufficient airtime, the subscription process will not go through.

The problem of Airtel Sika Kokoo may only be if you finish your Airtel Sika Kokoo internet bundles. This means that you will have to subscribe again after the duration expires, which is 3 days after you subscribed. There is no rollover of the bundles after the expiring date, and you will not be able to access the internet unless you top up airtime and subscribe again. The validity of the Airtel Sika Kokoo internet bundles is 3 days. Use the right Airtel unlimited browsing code *125# or *125*3# to get direct bundles.

airtel sika kokoo, airtel sika kokoo eligibility, airtel ghana internet bundle


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1. Cost

It’s so cheap and affordable since to have Airtel Sika Kokoo you don’t have to buy Sika Kokoo sim. Internet users will save much of their money when using Airtel Sika Kokoo bundles. Just have more than 5 GHC in your account and dial *125*3# and get 1GB of internet bundles for 3 days.

2. Fast

Airtel Sika Kokoo is the fastest internet ever. It is known as the best mega internet bundle in Ghana. You will stream videos without buffing. Also, you will open more websites using the same bundles. Most of the internet bundles stream so slow when opening many tabs, but with this Airtel Sika Kokoo, it will still be faster.

3. Reliable

Airtel Sika Kokoo will never disappoint you. It will give the best quality of the internet and you will enjoy working using it anywhere anytime. As much as you would wish to deliver your work on time or to reply to messages online in time or even to learn what’s new in the market on time. Using Airtel Sika Kokoo will perform well in all that. Due to its performances and good quality, it has built trust with Ghanaians.

4. Easy

Airtel Sika Kokoo internet bundle is so easy to use and to subscribe to. All you need is to have a smartphone, Airtel line with 5 GHC in your account, then dial the code *125*3# and switch on data bundles and start browsing whatever site you have in mind anywhere anytime. And this is how to how to bundle Airtel.

airtel sika kokoo, airtel sika kokoo eligibility, airtel ghana internet bundle


5. Convenient

Airtel Sika Kokoo fits well with the customer needs through proving greatest time duration of browsing. It satisfies a customer’s needs. We all have plans whenever we buy bundles, may it be working or even browsing. It will take you through to all the activities you plan to achieve in a specific duration of time. You can also hot spot through tethering if you are using a PC. This will give you a suitable moment of your time to just enjoy the work, chats, or entertainment online.

6. Saves time

Airtel Sika Kokoo will take less of your minutes to subscribe to it. Having some airtime in your phone, all you need to do is to dial *125*3#. And you will have the 1GB internet bundles automatic. You don’t have to go all over looking for help from people or to visit the Airtel care desk. The only thing needed from you is to ensure you have sufficient funds in your account. After the purchase, just turn on your data and start enjoying surfing.

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Terms and conditions

The terms and condition to be able to access this

1. Get enough funds in your Airtel Sim card either by top up card or Airtel money.

2. Dial *125# or *125*3# to get direct bundles.

3. After the expiry date, top up and subscribe for more data.

4. Airtel Sika Kokoo will expire after 3 days that is 72 hours.

5. You can’t share the bundles with a second party.

The Airtel Sika Kokoo hack is simply getting connected to the Facebook for free and using all other data bundles to other sites such as YouTube. This will help you enjoy browsing Facebook without using much of your data. Airtel Sika Kokoo has really been of help to many Ghanaians.

With the Airtel Sika Kokoo offer, most people have enjoyed and subscribed to it in Ghana. As we have highlighted above, there are Airtel internet bundle packages that are available in Ghana but there is one Airtel Sika Kokoo trick. This though may have been overcome by time, it can as well be helpful to follow these steps to help you if you would like to add more data bundles through Airtel Sika Kokoo.

airtel sika kokoo, airtel sika kokoo eligibility, airtel ghana internet bundle


The steps are elaborate and so it’s easier to try this Airtel Sika Kokoo trick.

  • Dial *125*3# and get 1GB direct internet bundles or simply dial *125# and follow the prompts to get 1GB or 1024MB bundles for 3 days.
  • Airtel Sika Kokoo will send you a message. To inform you of the purchase you have made for the bundles' subscriptions.
  • Top up Airtel Ghana 2GHc by dialing *134*pin#.
  • Then dial *477#.
  • In the options, just select 2, which is for auto-renewal of the bundles.

Every three days your Airtel Sika Kokoo package will auto-renew provided you have at least 1 GH airtime balance.

Airtel Sika Kokoo is a mega internet bundle in Ghana. This internet bundle offer is super awesome as it offers 1 GB in terms of size, and its duration before it expires is 3 days. It will meet your needs and you will enjoy every bit of it.

You can enjoy using your data on your computer by tethering your phone with your PC. The connection delivers impressive download speeds with minimal buffering.

At this point, it should be clear how to subscribe, the eligibility, and the benefits of Airtel Sika Kokoo internet bundle. Spend less and browse more.

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