Societe Generale Ghana branches location and codes

Societe Generale Ghana branches location and codes

Societe Generale Ghana is a bank based in Ghana, and it is part of the Societe Generale Banking Group. There are seventeen of these banks in Africa found in Tunisia, South African Republic, Senegal, Morocco, Mauritania, and Algeria among many other countries. Societe Generale Ghana branches are located in various parts of the country; with an aim of serving the people better. Upon its inception in 1975, the bank was a security guarantee trust limited before changing its name the following year to Social Security Bank Limited (SSB). The institution did not only offer outstanding services, but it was also one of the leading banks in Ghana. As if that was not enough, in 1994 under the World Bank program, it merged with the National Savings and Credit Bank.

Societe Generale Ghana branches location and codes
societe generale ghana
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societe generale bank branches

In 1995, 21% of the company shares was divested by the government, making it a public limited liability company. This made it to be listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange. Later Societe Generale acquired 51% control interest of the institution, and it re-branded to SG-SSB. Their big break was in 2013 after re-branding to SG to be part of the larger Societe Generale.

As of December 2011, it was the fifth largest commercial bank in Ghana. In 2011, the total assets of the institution were valued at $423.4 million which is equivalent to (GHc 685.9 million). Shareholders equity was totaling around $71.9 million (GHc 116.2 million).

Presently, SG Bank has been investing in internet banking.

List of Societe Generale Ghana branches

Presently, the bank is said to have a network of 42 branches in Ghana. They are linked up by fiber optics, radio, and VSAT to facilitate the safety, easiness, and quick access of their banking services countrywide.

The bank opens from Monday to Friday between 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. However, in case you need services over the weekend, then the following SGS Ghana branches are open between 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

  • In Accra, the branches; Spintex, Okaishie, Kaneshie, Tudu, and Osu are open on Saturdays.
  • If you are located in Kumasi, the branches of Adum and Kumasi central will be open for the specified time periods
  • Takoradi and Tema community are also open on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Corporate social responsibility for Societe Generale Ghana

The institution is committed to making decisions in the shortest time possible for the benefits of its customer base. What has enabled the bank to make a difference is their strive to continuously meet the needs of their clients.

The bank has not been left behind in implementing its CSR which stands for; caring, sharing and respect. They carry their mandate for their corporate social responsibility daily from both the external and internal perspective. They have been spearheading the need for different sports to perform better through sponsoring teams. A list of SG Bank corporate social responsibilities includes;

  • Supporting the Ghanaian rugby team
  • Spending time and offering support to the shelter for abused children in Osu
  • They donated used computers to the State School for the Deaf. The donation was to pave way for putting up the infrastructure for the school’s information and technology.
  • To support the national farmers day back in 2017, they donated some money to the Ministry of Food and Agriculture.
  • To help the Ghana Heart Foundation with its heart care delivery, they donated some money to the foundation.

SG Bank Ghana also focuses on incorporating social and environmental considerations while carrying out their daily business. The process is achieved through;

  • Reducing and managing the direct impact of their bank on the society
  • Minimizing and monitoring the direct impact of the activities of their banks to the environment
  • Using its resources efficiently to achieve each of their objectives
  • Incorporating social and environmental considerations into each business practice they undertake.

They not only respect social principles and fundamental human rights but also committed to taking good care of the environment.

Societe Generale Ghana branches location and codes
sg ssb branches in accra
sg bank ghana
sg ssb branches
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Various Locations for Societe Generale Bank branches

Below is a list of SG SSB branches in Accra;

1. Tema Motorway Sport Bank (agency)

P.O Box 2885 Tema

Tel: 0302 959127

2. Tudu Branch

P.O Box 13119 Accra

Tel: 030 2671462/2663907

3. Tema fishing harbor (branch)

P.O Box 1668 Tema

Tel: 030 3204462/320228

4. Tema main comm. 2 (branch)

P.O Box 2885 Tema

Tel: 030 3202558

5. Spintex road

P.O Box 13119 Accra

Tel: 0302 817373

6. Premier Towers (branch)

P.O Box 13119 Accra

Tel: 030 2668650/2667146

7. Okaishie (branch)

P.O Box 1311 Accra

030 2666898/ 030 2662458/0577

8. North Industrial Area (branch)

Tel: 030 229811/2222139

9. OSU (branch)

Tel: 0577650942/0577650943

10. Madina (branch)

Tel: 030 7012922/ 030 7011003

11. Kaneshie Main (branch)

Tel: 030 2682846/ 267618

12. Lotteries (agency)

Tel: 030 2667370/2672610

13. Kasoa (branch)

Tel: 0302 96 37 65

14. Faanofa (branch)

Tel: 030 2252500/2220754

15. East Legon (branch)

Tel: 030 2-543728, 030 2-543729

15. Burma camp (Spot Bank)

Tel: 030 7011525

16. Dansoman (branch)

Tel: 0302322547/0302322549

17. Ashaiman (branch)

Tel: 0307 011 518/0307 011 654

18. Airport City (branch)

Tel: 0307-010416, 0307-011347

19.. Accra Main (branch)

Tel: 030 2222136/ 2911013

20. Accra New town (branch)

P O Box: K444, Accra New town

Tel: 030 2248054

Apart from the Accra New Town branch, all the other branches have similar post office box numbers; P.O. Box 13119, Accra

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societe generale bank ghana
sg ghana
sg bank

Below is a list of SG SSB branches in Brong-Ahafo Region;

1. Sunyani (branch)

P.O Box 1131, Sunyani

Tel: 035 2027124/ 2027050

2. Berekum (branch)

P.O Box 49, Berekum

Tel: 035 2222261

List of SG SSB branches in the Ashanti Region

1. Kumasi central branch

P.O. Box 4542, Kumasi

Tel: 032 224418

2. Asafo branch

P.O Box 4542, Kumasi

Tel: 032 2049060/ 2049062

3. Kejetia (branch)

P.O Box KJ 437, Kejetia-Kumasi

Tel: 03221 98353

4. Suame (branch)

P.O Box 4542, Kumasi

Tel: 032 2091979

5. Adum (branch)

P.O Box 4542, Kuasi

Tel: 032 225379/ 225729

Societe Generale Ghana branches in the Eastern Region

1. Koforidua (branch)

P.O Box 987, Koforidua

Tel: 034 2022236

2. Akim Oda (branch)

P.O Box 325 Akim Oda

Tel: 034 2922188

SG Ghana branches in the Central Region

1. Dunkwa (branch)

P.O Box 64, Dinkwa

Tel: 033 2228393

2. Kasoa (branch)

P.O Box 13119, Accra

Tel: 0302 984479/ 963765

3. Cape coast (branch)

P.O Box 1019, Cape Coast

Tel: 033 2132159/ 2132406

The Societe Generale Ghana contact for the Northern Region;

1. Tamale (branch)

P.O. Box 192, Tamale

Tel: 037 2022139/ 2022722

Societe Generale Ghana in the Upper East Region

1. Bolgatanga (branch)

P.O. Box 344, Bolgatanga

Tel: 038 2023305

Societal General Ghana Upper West Region

1. Wa (branch)

P.O. Box 240, Wa

Tel: 039 2022147/ 2022155

Societe Generale Bank Ghana in the Volta Region

1. Ho (branch)

P.O. Box HP-360, Ho

Tel: 036 2026651

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Below are the codes for Societe Generale in Ghana;

  • Societe Generale head office-90115
  • WA-91001
  • Bolgatanga-90901
  • Tamale-90801
  • Berekum-90741
  • Sunyani-90701
  • Kejetia-90607
  • Suame-90606
  • Asafo-90605
  • Tepa-90604
  • Bibiani-90603
  • Kumasi Central-90602
  • Adum-90601
  • HO-90501
  • Takoradi market circle-90411
  • Adabokrom-90410
  • Asempaneye-90409
  • Juabeso-90408
  • Ankotombra-90407
  • Asankragua-90406
  • Essam-90405
  • Tarkwa-90404
  • Sefwi Wiawso-90403
  • Sefwi Bekwai-90402
  • Takoradi-90401
  • Dunkwa-90302
  • Cape Coast-90301
  • Akim Oda-90202
  • Koforidua-90201
  • Dansoman branch-90124
  • Airport City branch-90123
  • East Legon branch-90122
  • Ashaiman-90121
  • Tema community one-90120
  • Kasoa-90119
  • Madina-90118
  • Spintex Road-90117
  • Premier Towers-90114
  • Kotobabi-90111
  • Tema fishing harbor-90110
  • Kanashie-90109
  • Okaishie-90108
  • OSU-90107
  • Tema community two-90106
  • Faanofa-90105
  • Accra New Town-90104
  • Tudu-90103
  • North Industrial Area-90102
  • Accra main-90101

SG Ghana has diligently worked towards satisfying the needs of its customers with a variety of services and products. It is what makes them all different from their peers.

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