Fashion Ghana: Top trends in 2020 (photos)

Fashion Ghana: Top trends in 2020 (photos)

With so many events happening lately, people have a chance to showcase the current trends in fashion in Ghana. This is especially true for women that keep up with the changing fashion wears. Whether you are attending a wedding, a formal dinner, a casual birthday party for a friend's child party or just hanging out with your girls, it is imperative that you bring your 'A' game as far as fashion is concerned. You want to be the trendsetter and not the backbencher that waits for others to unleash new styles every time. This can be difficult at times not to mention the dent it can cause to your pocket. However, you can easily make it work for you. Get the idea from the celebrity designers pieces and work with your local tailor to create the same if not better. First things first, check out some of the trending fashion in Ghana.

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For the lovers of art and fashion trends, keeping an eye out for what is happening is crucial. This is the only way to tell what is new in the world of African wear for men and women. It is important to stay updated, especially with the current fashion styles in Ghana. Things change and you could easily be caught off guard or unprepared. It will be very embarrassing to be seen wearing an outdated fashion trend yet you are clueless. The current fashion in Ghana is dynamic and revolutionary as it just keeps on getting better. There is no way to tell which direction it will go next. Designers seem to be on the edge of their seats all the time as they come up with excellent pieces for their customers. Check out these ladies African wear styles and you will know what exactly this means. There are also fabulous Ghanaian African wear styles for men. What's important is to pick what you like best.

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Current fashion in Ghana

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Ladies fashion has for a good time been the pacesetter in the fashion industry. Actually, fashion was a female dominated industry, until men discovered the secret behind being unique and breaking the monotony of a simple pair of trousers and a shirt. Right now, African wear men’s design is also a thing. Men seem to have woken up as many seek attires that not only bring out their masculinity but also make statements silently. Every self-respecting man today takes extra care on their personal grooming. Actually, for both genders, African print styles seem to be an option that everyone is embracing.

One good thing about these African print styles is that they will never go out of style. While it is true that they may not trend in perpetuity, you can be sure that you will never go wrong in an African attire. Days after the attire stops trending you will still be relevant in it when attending a wedding or a family gathering. This assurance is what makes the African wear a favorite for many. Regardless of the design you choose, you can be sure that your attire will be a perfect representation of the African in you. Have you seen how the Japanese kimono looks so good in African print? So, if you are looking for a hack to have the attention of everyone back to you, give Ghanaian African wear styles a try and you will have all necks craning towards you.

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Generally, Ghanaian fashion is setting the pace for most African countries. Both ladies and men African wears are being embraced effortlessly across Africa. Ghanaian fashion is among the most common, especially the men’s African wear styles from Ghana. This is one evidence of Ghanaian fashion setting the pace for men African wear styles globally. With a little background, we can thus move into examining the fashionable African dresses. Here are some of the African designs on social media that you won't help falling in love with.

1. The sweetheart neckline Ankara maxi dress

Ghanaian women should never complain about not finding a piece that will make them look good. This dress is the ultimate definition of style and beauty. The sweetheart neckline Ankara maxi dress is just what a curvy lady would go for. This is one of the many African print dresses styles that is meant to leave men drooling at the African beauty in it. It is a dress you should not give a second thought about. Get it for your next date with the girls if you want to be the envy of the group. It is one of the best casual African print dresses you can have in your closet. Apart from your casual date with the girls, this yellow dress passes for an excellent wear to a wedding. The bright color works perfectly for any skin complexion. Talk of its unique sweetheart neckline which is just what every girl would love to pull especially if they want to show off a little cleavage. The slit too is a killer. This is one of those Ghanaian straight dress styles that will leave every man staring at you.

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2. Mermaid goddess design

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If you are looking for something that will make you feel like a little Disney princess then this is it. The covered neckline brings in some form of decency in this dress. This is one of the most elegant African print dresses. Not only are the colors bright but also speaks a lot about the occasion. This dress definitely would kill the show if it were a wedding.

3. The mermaid Ankara dress

When it comes to gowns that show class, this is the climax of style and beauty. Right from the name itself, the mermaid imitates the shape of thee creature. This is one dress you can wear to church or a party. The length of the mermaid is what gives it the sense of class. This is one of the most fashionable African dresses to wear to a wedding. The mermaid Ankara maxi dress is a perfect idea for a wedding gown. Imagine how good it would look. Check out the different mermaid dress variations.

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a. Blue ankara print gown

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The blue color is just what everyone would fall in love with considering that it represents royalty. The color is warm and captivating. The print on the dress is also fascinating. It might look simple but has a subtle touch of sophistication at the same time. You can easily wear this to a wedding or even a church function. The length of the mermaid Ankara dress brings out the aspect of decency. If you have been wondering how Ankara works magic on African print dresses, then this should answer all your questions.

b. Yellow midi mermaid dress

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This works well for ladies that want the long dress without the ground flowing effect. This black- yellow sleeveless mermaid dress is a definition of true workmanship. It is decent, figure-hugging and alluring. The lady wears it with confidence in the knowledge that she looks stunning without necessarily being provocative. It can be done. All thanks to the Ankara print that allows for such creativity to be birthed.

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c. Off shoulders purple

men african wear
ghanaian african wear styles for men
african print dresses

This simple yet exquisite mermaid dress style is a true definition of a beautiful African princess. The pattern is warming to the eye and gives the impression that the wearer of the dress has a kind spirit. To bring in a little excitement, the sleeves of the dress takes an off shoulder design allowing the wearer to show off a little skin. It is a perfect dress for a woman in her mid-thirties. In case you feel a bit shy, then you can throw on a black jacket. This is a look that would be great for a relaxed office day say, on Friday or Saturday.

4. The halter neck maxi Ankara dress

For those that love to flaunt a little skin, the halter neck Ankara dress is a must-have in your closet. Not only is this dress stylish, but it also brings out the aspect of the class. One added advantage of this dress is that it goes so well with any body type. The halter neck maxi Ankara dress is perfect for weddings or a girls’ day out. It is one of the most fashionable dresses any lady can ever own. Consider the following variations of the style.

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a. Simple midi halter dress

This dress defines the simplicity of the style. The blue seems to be perfect for this dress as it enhances its beautify. Then there is the flowing detail that makes it a bit funky. In case you want something that can double up for an easy day with your friends and later work perfectly for a date with your love, this would be perfect. Be keen to wear this on that busy day that you can hardly make it back to the house to change.

b. Red flowing gown

This dress is for the woman that loves to stand out wherever she is. The little black lace detail makes the halter neck design look exceptional. In fact, the design extends to her waist drawing onlookers to her. Paired with a simple clutch bag and nice heels, this dress would make you the talk of the evening event you attend. The magnetic effect of the dress allows you the opportunity of not wearing too many accessories and still look fabulous.

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c. Yellow halter sundress

This simple floral dress is perfect for people that love colors. The bright colors make the dress appear lively. It can work well for a weekend family outing. It perfectly suits younger women.

5. The love triangle V-neck Ankara dress

This features as one of the most common Ghanaian African wear styles for ladies. The neckline of this dress is V-shaped. This dress comes in different lengths; the maxi, midi or even the midi lengths. Each one of these lengths works just perfectly and is determined by the wearer's preference. Variations of the dress can lead to a bare back or at times it could be collared or even long sleeved. Check out some of the dresses in this category.

a. Simple v-neck

The dress is a simple love triangle V-neck design. The color of the dress matches the size of the print. It actually brings the rich color of Ankara print. The V-neck design makes it qualify to be one of the casual African print dresses. This dress can also be worn to church apart from the social places like weddings.

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b. Long sleeved v-neck gown

This v-neck mermaid red flowing gown is excellent for the slim lady. It is both decent and stylish considering that it exposes very little. It can work as a perfect red carpet wear for celebrities. If you wear this no one will doubt your impeccable fashion sense.

c. Plus size v-neck gown

current fashion styles in ghana
african print styles
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The plus size woman is not left out when it comes to this sexy design. The pic above is a perfect example of how a true plus size African woman can wear this design decently. The white and green printed V-neck dress makes the lady appear confident and sure of herself. The dress's height allows you to wear your favorite comfy flip flops without looking odd. If you are looking for comfort and style intertwined, this style will do the magic.

6. Kente shirt dress

Fashion is all about creativity. The Kente shirt dress brings out the creative side of fashion. From the name, the shirt dress is an imitation of a shirt, just that it looks a bit longer than a normal shirt. This is a very comfortable casual African print dresses design. It is a versatile wear which makes it common. You can wear it to church, a friend's meeting or even to work on easy weekends. The secret is to learn how to wear it best. Check out the different ways that the kente dress shirt stands out.

a. Plain Kente shirt

This long shirt can be worn on its own. It is slightly above the knees. You can wear it comfortably especially if you are a small sized kind of woman. Perfect for a weekend wear.

b. Simple shirt dress

The square patterns make the dress appear slim fitting. You can wear this button down shirt comfortably. Alternatively choose to wear tights under it.

African print tops

Apart from dresses, ladies can also rock African print tops. There are several designs for these tops. They include;

1. The Ankara peplum top

This can be rated as one of the most common African print tops. Depending on the print of the fabric, the top can be worn with a pair of jeans or a skirt to bring out whichever intended look one goes for. This top can serve both casual and official wear. The yellow color of the top, in this case, is bright enough, so pairing it with a dull colored jeans would do just fine.

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2. African print crop tops

African designers are full of surprises. Who ever knew that African print crop tops would trend and look this good! For instance, this crop top looks so gorgeous and chic at the same time. The playful nature of the attire is proof that the top can be worn by anyone. Pick a color that you love and pair it with your favorite jeans. The crop tops can make some of the best chiffon styles in Ghana. Check out the following African print crop tops to appreciate cool African skirt and tops styles and probably learn how to pair your favorite crop top.

a. Fancy crop top with black pants

This is something only daring women can pull. It is common among teenagers and younger women.

b. Green printed crop top

Also a favorite for younger girls and women. This top is party friendly. It is chic and sexy.

c. Brown crop top with skirt

This is a crop top that a mature woman can wear. It is paired with a skirt and covers up most of the upper part of the body conveniently. A corporate executive woman in this would be revered for her great sense of fashion and style. This is one of the skirt and top styles that cuts across all ages.

Men African wear

Fashion designers for men fashion wear have done more than enough work to see to it that men fashion is not left behind. Several designs have been brought to the table to suit different occasions. These men African wear are seen in different pieces of cloth to bring out the unique and diverse nature of Ghanaian print. Here are some of the Ghanaian African wear styles you should give a try this 2018;

1. The kente cloth short

Kente cloth is one of the richest African print that Ghana boasts of. The cloth comes in a whole range of colors whose prints also vary. It is perfect for making different attires for men including pants and shorts. The short is not only comfortable due to the texture of the fabric, but is also classy. It gives a guy the chance to show his masculine legs, while embracing African culture.

2. The Ankara blazer

Just like ladies, most guys today wish to always look unique and have the attention of ladies. Most men find pride in looking good. The Ankara blazer will help you achieve this goal. This common African wear men design gives a unique sense of style. It breaks the monotony of your monochrome colored blazers.

3. The kaftan

This is one of the most common African wear designs for men shirts. The Kaftan is not very new when it comes to African designs wear for men’s shirts. You can have the shirt a bit more detailed by considering embroidery around the neckline. Use a thread that matches the color of the print of the fabric. This is a perfect outfit for typically any occasion.

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