Street preachers fight for preaching space in trotro

Street preachers fight for preaching space in trotro

- Two Street preachers have been caught on camera fighting for space in a trotro

- Both preachers were seen preaching at the same time in loud voices

- There are no existing laws to regulate activities of street preachers in Ghana

Two local street preachers have been caught in video fighting for space in a commercial vehicle popularly known as Trotro.

In the video by Ghanaweb, you will see the two preachers teaching the word of God simultaneously much to the confusion of the passengers who did not know which message to listen to from these competing pastors.

One pastor, who was dressed in a white shirt, tried his best to overshadow the other pastor by speaking loudly on the top of his voice.

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Interestingly, not even the driver nor the passengers tried to resolve the matter. They seemed unperturbed by pastors’ act and no one could actually hear what they were saying.

As it stands now, there are no existing laws that regulate the activities of street preachers.

The stories of street preachers still remain very interesting especially when most of them relate to the scuffle for collection and also use interesting messages to woo listeners to give more cash as offertory.

Watch the video below:

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Whilst some businessmen get their source of inspiration from other things, most street pastors are inspired by the call of God on their lives.

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Although they admit the hardship involved in the choice of work, they are strengthened as they see the work of God grow. As most of them give the same reply to the question; 'what inspires you?' as the call of God.

They say, one must be divinely called by God before he or she can wholeheartedly do the profession very well.

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