True love! Meet couple who have made match in heaven

True love! Meet couple who have made match in heaven

- Rosey and her boyfriend asked a woman on a flight to switch seats so they could sit together

- They joked that the woman could meet the love of her life as a result

- Sure enough, the woman got along really well with the man who eventually sat next to her

A couple from Texas, US, believe they might have made a match in heaven, literally speaking, during a flight home recently.

Writing on Twitter, Rosey Blair said she and her boyfriend were booked on different seats on the flight. They therefore asked an unnamed woman if they could switch seats so they could sit together.

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The woman agreed, and they all joked that perhaps she would meet the love of her life in the person who would eventually sit next to her.

Sure enough, a man sat next to the woman and the two struck up a flight-long conversation, learned.

According to Rosey's subsequent tweets, the two were both fitness enthusiasts, got along really well, followed each other on Instagram, and even showed each other pictures of their families.

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An excited Rosey noted that the new "couple" brushed hands a couple of times and the woman even rested her head on the man's shoulder briefly.

When the flight landed, Rosey pictured the seat partners walking away together, presumably as friends or who knows, a couple already?

Rosey's Twitter thread about this possible romantic matchup has gone absolutely viral, racking up a staggering 147,000 retweets and 364,000 likes so far. See some reactions from tweeps below.


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