Ghana DJ awards - list of nominees and winners 2018

Ghana DJ awards - list of nominees and winners 2018

The awaited Ghana DJ awards 2018 just happened and it is on everyone’s mind. A deck jockey, simply known as a DJ is a person who has a knack for music and then uses it in conjunction with use of audio machines and turn tables to create a mash-up of songs in a steady flow. Normally, this would be for a concert, radio or TV station. Frankly at this point, you will find a DJ at virtually any party.

Ghana DJ awards - List of nominees and winners 2018


Music is naturally a big part of human existence and it plays a massive role in portraying messages to the masses or simply entertaining masses. While the artistes do their own creative work on their individual songs and albums, the DJs are the ones to integrate songs into a beautiful medley of all or favorite songs and promote these songs to rise to popularity. That is what makes this line of work equally a creative as well as a technical venture.

Ghana DJ awards 2018

Like any other path one might take, ‘DJ-ing’ is a journey that takes the best and most passionate in their work. It takes patience but once you get there, the fruits are tasty and worth the wait. You ask the Ghana DJ awards winners 2018. It was a spectacular event with an energy that only DJs can bring. There was a good balance of glitz glamour and a lot of authenticity throughout the event.

The event that was long awaited brought together Ghanaians from different regions of Ghana and took place on Saturday, 5th May. Each nominee brought with them fans and the energy and cheering kept the event alive. The winners of Ghana DJ awards were clad in beautiful and well-tailored garments and it was simply ravishing to see the passion coupled with joy on their faces.

The process of making this event a success begins long before the actual day of the awards. The first step usually is for the “chosen” to be announced in the Ghana DJ awards nominations. This simply is a list of Ghana DJ awards 2018 nominees. The Ghana DJ awards has a total of thirty seven categories. The categories can further be subdivided into two groups. These include the regional categories as well as the national and international categories.

Once the chosen are announced, which was done earlier this year in April, they then go ahead to promote themselves to their fans who then go on a voting frenzy and it’s basically the best man wins from this point. Before we speak of the Ghana DJ awards 2018 winners list, let’s get to the list of Ghana DJ awards nominees in each category.

Regional categories

Best DJ – Greater Accra Region

  1. Andy Dosty
  2. DJ Mic Smith
  3. DJ Black
  4. DJ Vyrusky
  5. DJ Vision

Best DJ – Ashanti Region

  1. DJ Reuben
  2. Mr Kaxtro
  3. DJ Slim
  4. DJ Aroma

Best DJ – Brong Ahafo Region

  1. DJ Fabulous – Agoro FM
  2. DJ Bryt – Voice FM
  3. DJ Appiatus – Anidaso FM
  4. DJ Kazopy – Agyenkwa FM
  5. DJ Lover Boy – Agoro FM
  6. DJ Flexy – Angel FM
  7. DJ Shaker – Gifts FM

Best DJ – Volta Region

  1. DJ Karanja
  2. DJ Barma
  3. DJ Teller
  4. DJ Cyril
  5. DJ Cantonna
  6. Dr J
  7. DJ Ricky Augustine

Best DJ – Central Region

  1. DJ Nat Bubu
  2. DJ Poppa
  3. DJ Daddy Yoo
  4. DJ Saki
  5. DJ Repentance
  6. DJ Agyengo
Ghana DJ awards


Best DJ – Northern Region

DJ Sisqo

  1. DJ Kofi
  2. DJ Parara

Best DJ – Upper East Region

  1. DJ Phatbone
  2. DJ Prince
  3. DJ Dubai
  4. DJ Okokobioko
  5. DJ Alutha

Best DJ – Upper West Region

  1. DJ Tobile
  2. DJ Skorpii
  3. DJ Anada
  4. DJ Faabu
  5. DJ Ray

Best DJ – Western Region

  1. TJ DJ
  2. DJ X
  3. DJ Berry
  4. DJ Magnus
  5. DJ Bibini
  6. Magic George
  7. DJ Saint
  8. DJ Papa Steve

Best DJ – Eastern Region

  1. DJ Blay
  2. DJ Hans
  3. DJ Chrix
  4. DJ Stanzy
  5. DJ Police
  6. DJ Mixx
  7. DJ Obofour

National and international categories

DJ awards in ghana


DJ/Artist collaboration of the year

  1. DJ Vyrusky feat Shatta/Eugene – Adwenfi
  2. DJ Mic Smith feat Mr Eazi – Blessings
  3. DJ Sly featuring Ice Prince – Testify
  4. DJ Mensah featuring All Stars – Bakaji
  5. Vision DJ feat Sarkodie/King Promise – Double Trouble
  6. DJ Stanzy featuring Ephraim – Fallen 4 U
  7. DJ MJ featuring Singlet – Monfa
  8. DJ Advicer featuring Ayesem – Don’t Push Me
  9. DJ Black – Real Mc

Artiste DJ of the year

  1. DJ Lord – Magnom
  2. DJ Shiwaawa – Ebony
  3. DJ Vyrusky – Shatta Wale/Kuami Eugene/MzVee
  4. DJ Mensah – Sarkodie DJ Justice – Stonebwoy
  5. DJ Bone – Fancy Gadam
  6. DJ Gooday – Edem

Discovery of the year

  1. DJ Coleda
  2. DJ Obinna
  3. DJ Switch
  4. DJ Ikon
  5. DJ 10k
  6. DJ Stunt
  7. DJ Bosh

Best mobile DJ of the year

  1. DJ Adom
  2. DJ Rampage
  3. DJ Max
  4. DJ Repentance
  5. DJ Saint
  6. DJ Tobile
  7. DJ Toyor
  8. DJ Bryt

Scratch DJ of the year

  1. DJ Bass
  2. DJ Mpesempese
  3. DJ Obonke
  4. DJ Que
  5. Mr Kaxtro
  6. DJ Bryte
  7. DJ Black
  8. DJ Gospol

Record promoter of the year

  1. Candyman
  2. DJ Advicer
  3. DJ Andy Dosty
  4. DJ Mic Smith
  5. DJ Tobile
  6. King Lagazee
  7. DJ Phletch
  8. DJ Ganj
  9. Vision DJ
Ghana DJ awards


Best campus DJ of the year

  1. DJ Barma – Ho Technical University
  2. DJ Lamar – KNUST
  3. DJ Spincho – University for Development Studies
  4. Iphone DJ – University of Ghana
  5. DJ Badoo – University of Cape Coast
  6. Big Stan – University of Ghana
  7. DJ Hueblow – KNUST

Gospel DJ of the year

  1. DJ Toxic – Neat FM
  2. Franky 5 – Hitz FM
  3. Jay Smoke – GHOne TV
  4. Papa Bills – Adom FM
  5. KOK – Live FM
  6. DJ Awana – Adom FM

Best high-life DJ of the year

  1. DJ Stanzy – Daddy 101.1FM
  2. DJ Advicer – Happy FM
  3. DJ J – Tosh 103.9FM (Ho)
  4. DJ Bakayoko – Accra FM
  5. Ike The Unpredictable – Abusua FM
  6. Oyoko Dehyi3 – Accra FM

Best hip-life DJ of the year

  1. DJ Phletch – OK FM
  2. Candyman – Sompa FM
  3. DJ X – Royal FM
  4. Vision DJ – YFM
  5. DJ Wobete – Joy FM
  6. DJ Slim – YFM

Reggae/Dancehall DJ of the year

  1. King Lagazee
  2. Ras Disco
  3. Haruna Babangida
  4. Concious Queen
  5. DJ Ruutbwoy
  6. Black Kobby
  7. Empress Lomo
  8. Bongo I

Best Pub DJ of the year

  1. DJ Laxtik – Paddies Pub
  2. DJ Aroma – BarNaas
  3. DJ Smoke – Italian Boy Pub
  4. DJ Perbi – Makerz Pub
  5. DJ Atopa – Daddys Bar
  6. DJ Money – Bonds Square
  7. Selekta Shaker – Fizzles Platinum
  8. DJ Kiss – Purple Pub

DJs’ song of the year

  1. Kidi – Odo
  2. Shatta Wale – Taking Over
  3. Captain Planet – Obi Agye Obi Girl
  4. Kuami Eugene – Angela
  5. Samini – My Own
  6. Ebony – Maame Hwe
  7. Wutah – Bronya
  8. Stonebwoy – My Name
  9. Patapaa – One Corner

Best female DJ of the year

  1. Mz Orstin
  2. DJ Nyce
  3. DJ Kess
  4. DJ MJ
  5. DJ Switch
  6. DJ Teena

Best male radio DJ of the year

  1. DJ Bibini – Melody FM
  2. DJ Black – Hitz FM*
  3. Mr Kaxtro – Ultimate FM
  4. DJ Ashmen – Zylophone FM
  5. DJ Slim – YFM
  6. DJ Bryt – Voice FM
  7. DJ Bass – Live FM

Best female radio DJ of the year

  1. Mz Orstin – Y FM
  2. DJ Ohemaa Woyegye – Adom FM
  3. DJ Kess – Y FM
  4. Empress Lomo – Radio Gold
  5. Justina Ansah – Obouba FM

Best night club DJ of the year

  1. DJ Vyrusky – Carbon Night Club
  2. DJ Mic Smith – Twist Night Club
  3. DJ Octopus – Vienna City(Kumasi)
  4. DJ Max – Vienna City(Accra)
  5. DJ Putin – Twist Night Night Club
  6. Vision DJ – Champs
  7. DJ Sly – Crisberry Club
  8. DJ K Krack – Onyx
  9. Crakk DJ – Plot 7

Best MC/Hypeman of the year

  1. Kojo Manuel
  2. Lyrical
  3. Joe Boy
  4. Ogee The MC
  5. Johnny Stone

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Best video jockey of the year

  1. DJ Niiyo – Star TV
  2. DJ Xpliff – GH One TV
  3. DJ Krixmas – Top TV
Ghana DJ awards 18 winners

Source: Hypeman Ogee The MC

Mixtape of the year

  1. DJ Vyrusky – Throwback Verse Day
  2. DJ Obonke x DJ Say – Fearless Mixtape
  3. DJ Aberga – The Challenge Mixtape
  4. King Stormzy – Blackout Mixtape
  5. DJ Lord – Shatta Wale x Wizkid (Special Request)
  6. DJ Nyce – AfroNyce Mixtape
  7. DJ X – Recognize Mixtape
  8. DJ Loft – Ghana Loves Afrobeats Mix
  9. DJ Bass – Mashup360 Ep 07

Best International Ghanaian DJ

  1. DJ Kofi Dagaati
  2. DJ Bretuoba
  3. DJ Naycha
  4. DJ Sawa
  5. DJ MzDonnet
  6. DJ Lutha

Best International DJ of the year

  1. DJ Neptune
  2. DJ Divalash
  3. DJ Cuppy
  4. DJ Edu

Overall best DJ of the year

  1. DJ Andy Dosty
  2. DJ Vyrusky
  3. DJ Mic Smith
  4. DJ Black
  5. DJ Slim
  6. Mr Kaxtro

Life time achievement award

  1. Mark Okraku Mantey
  2. Woodman

Now that you have the comprehensive list of all the nominees in all the categories, you must wonder who won in what categories. The actual Ghana DJ awards 18 was a cut throat event with each supporter loud cheering for their DJs of choice. Unfortunately, not everyone is set to bad an award. The Ghana DJ awards 2018 winners are those who got the most votes from their fans. With no further ado, let’s get to the list of all the Ghana DJ awards winners 2018.

Best DJ Brong-Ahafo Region: DJ Bryt

Best DJ Western Region: DJ X

Best DJ Northern Region: DJ Kofi

Best DJ Upper West Region: DJ Tobi

Best DJ Upper East Region: DJ Aluta

Best DJ Volta Region: DJ Ricky Augustine

Best DJ Central Region: DJ Pupa

Best DJ Eastern Region: DJ Stanzy

Best DJ Ashanti Region: DJ Slim

Best DJ Greater Accra Region: DJ Vyrusky

Ghana DJ Awards winners 2018


Best Mobile DJ of the year

DJ Adom

Mixtape of the year

DJ Aberga (The Challenge)

Best video jockey of the year

DJ Xpliph

Best hypeman of the year

Ogee The MC

Best pub DJ of the year

DJ Aroma

Best discovery DJ of the year

DJ Switch

Artiste DJ of the year

DJ Shiwaawa (Ebony)

Best event DJ of the year

DJ MicSmith

Scratch DJ of the year

DJ Mpesempese

Best night club DJ of the year

Vision DJ

Best campus DJ of the year

iPhone DJ

Gospel DJ of the year

Papa Bills

Best highlife DJ of the year

Oyoko Dehyeɛ

Hiplife DJ of the year

DJ Slim

Reggae/Dancehall DJ of the year

King Lagazee

Best male radio DJ of the year

DJ Slim – Y 102.5 FM, Kumasi

Best female radio DJ of the year

DJ Kess – Y 107.9 FM, Accra

Best female DJ of the year

DJ Nyce

Record promoter of the year

DJ Adviser

DJ/Artiste collaboration of the year

DJ Vyrusky – Adwenfi ft. Shatta Wale, Kuami Eugene

DJ Song of the Year

One Corner – Patapaa

Overall DJ of the year

DJ Vyrusky

Best International Ghanaian DJ of the year

DJ Bretuoba

Best International Non-Ghanaian DJ of the year

DJ Cuppy

Lifetime achievement of the year

Mark Okraku Mantey

It was all smiles and celebration for the Ghana DJ awards 18 winners but the event was one with surprises, big entrances and an energy that is unmatched. The losers probably had such a wonderful time the sting of not emerging best was lightened. These awards are definitely one of Ghana’s most anticipated events. The Ghana DJ awards 2018 results were being awaited across Ghana by all the music lovers from all the respective regions and for good reason.

It is only fair that I mention it was wise of the DJ awards in Ghana organizers to introduce this one of a kind event. The DJs are the people responsible for promoting the Ghanaian artistes and their work to the general public. It really is a great step in the right direction for the music industry to have an event as profound as this. It not only motivates these DJs who really are artistes in their own right, but it also fosters friendly completion musically speaking among the regions and among the best in the nation.

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