Top trending Nana Acheampong songs

Top trending Nana Acheampong songs

With fifteen years in the music industry, Nana Acheampong has indeed become a legend. He formed the "Sibo Brothers" group with Daddy Lumba and the group became popular in West Africa, especially in Ghana for popularizing burger high-life. The Nana Acheampong songs have been part of every household's music playlists because of his prowess, excellent talent, and diligence in his work. He always has something fresh for his fans.

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Nana Acheampong has had a successful musical journey, which has made him famous and influential. Other than making enviable sales from the sale of albums, Mr. Acheampong is paid handsomely for stage performances, corporate endorsements, and affiliations. In addition to that, he is a serial entrepreneur with one of his great projects being the Owoahene Studio in Kumasi, which he owns. He is also the executive producer and has produced most of Nana Acheampong new songs and other songs for other celebrated musicians in Ghana.

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It is of interest to see how Nana Acheampong has risen to fame despite singing most of his songs in his native language. It proves that good music knows no barrier as it is appreciated all over the world despite the language barrier. The instrumentation, composition and how the music cords are relayed are what draw fans from different parts of the world. Besides, he enjoys a good name from the music empire he has built over the years.

There is much we can talk about Nana Acheampong; his personal life, education profile, musical journey, relationships and family, business and so much more. However, let us keep that away and focus on what he is popularly known for – Nana Acheampong all songs. Herein, you will find some of the new and old songs by Nana Acheampong; their respective release dates, who produced them, and their popularity and online viewership. Below is the Nana Acheampong song list. It has some breathtaking songs you can listen to repeatedly for inspiration and entertainment, while some are educative and informative too.

List of Nana Acheampong songs

1. Na Anka Ebege Den – Nana Acheampong song

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Nana Acheampong Na Anka Ebeye Den is among many people's favorite songs by Nana Acheampong. It is in the 2015 release album Huhuhuhu Enye Mehu and many Ghanaians loved it. It is a massive project that has since its production experienced sweetness. He has been able to make an enviable fortune out of it.

Na Anka Ebege Den is generally a love diss song. He sings mockingly to the men who are eyeing a girl he is in love with. He says that when you bad mouth him behind his back, he loves her the more, why is it paining you, ‘Woreka no koraa no na meredɔ no more, More, uuh uuh, na anka ɛbɛyɛ dɛn na ayɛ wo ya …' He goes ahead tells them that he is an iron boy and knows that they wish he were dead or mad but the enemies cannot destroy her. They do not love her, but someone sure does. Who would not fall in love with the song; most of us at some point in our lives have been in such circumstances - this a song that would speak about what you would want them to hear.

It was produced in 2012 and has been a great hit since. You can listen to it on platforms like Spotify and YouTube. It is one of Nana Acheampong audio songs that was produced a while ago and its high-quality video is available too. On YouTube, the Na Anka Ebege Den song has 141,271 views, with many comments, likes and shares, which proves that this song is viral.

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2. Nnaada Me – Nana Acheampong

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Nana Acheampong Nnaada Me is a song that has been played massively by media houses and precisely radio stations in Ghana. It is a song from the Whe Nee Okyere album, which was released in 2015 and is about seven minutes and thirty-seven seconds long. Nnaada Me is in the classical, jazz African high-life genres and you can categorize Nana Acheampong all songs in those genres as well.

The song is available in digital format and falls under the category of Nana Acheampong old songs. However, it is still a hit track. It is especially because most people have shifted interests to things classical and cultural. It then makes Nana Acheampong songs standout as most of the other Ghanaian musicians have been lost in hip hop, RnB, and reggae genres.

3. Hwe Nea Okyere - Nana Acheampong

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Hwe Nea Okyere is among the Nana Acheampong songs in the Whe Nea Okyere album, which includes songs such as Enso Nyame Ye, Me Me Woa, Nnada Me, and Yebo Ho Ban. The original Hwe Nea Okyere song on YouTube has over 34,743 views with a standard YouTube license. It was uploaded in 2011. However, there are other versions of the same on YouTube. The song's length is either seven minutes and twenty-seven seconds or thirty-eight seconds. It is based on a story of a heartbroken man who is swallowed up in pain, anger, emotional torture and is struggling in life.

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4. You Drive Me Crazy- Nana Acheampong

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You Drive Me Crazy is one of the thrilling songs in the Loverboy album, which was produced in 2013. The album also includes tracks such as Maye Obi Dea, Enko Enya Makyi, and Obaatan Ena Ewin Na. Some of the songs are in rock, reggae and Afro African but the songs have great instrumentation that makes listeners play them repeatedly. The Loverboy album was uploaded on YouTube in 2012 and has 241, 370 views and runs for one hour two minutes and ten seconds.

It is easy to tell which topic the You Drive Me Crazy song addresses. It is a love song where lovers shower each other with all the sweet words and profess their undying love for each other. This a song that can cause the heart to skip a beat for panting with joy. Besides, who minds some heartfelt expression of love to whom you mutually love. This a song to show your love as you sing along.

5. Odo Kooye Aye - Nana Acheampong

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Odo Kooye Aye is another Nana Acheampong song produced in 2014 in the album Ado Nfitiasee, which comprises of momenta tracks such as Odo Nfitiasee and Dance To The Music. It is available in digital format for watching and downloading. The availability of Nana Acheampong audio songs in different formats makes it easy for his fans to access his music. Odo Kooye Aye is about five minutes and forty-eight seconds and was produced under his music empire. The song has been viewed over 91,000 times on YT. Even though this song is old, it remains a dance-able song, and you can check it out on this website.

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6. I Go Die 4 You - Nana Acheampong

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If there is anything that steadfastly remains a point of strength musically is Nana Acheampong's understanding of the thing native; from his music to his dress code, everything he begets is cultural and African. It amazes many that this Kumasi Technical Institute graduate can so severely love the native language despite being so educated. It lies more on passion than anything else.

Well, there are many things that lovers pledge to do for each other. Among them is remaining supportive in good and bad times, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health as Christian vow. Have you ever thought the height you would do for your lover? Is it sincere? Would you walk through dark tunnels for them? Well, this song states that they would die for their lover, this is true love- a love that knows no boundaries.

7. Casanova - Nana Acheampong

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Casanova is probably one of the most popular all songs of Nana Acheampong. It is a love song sang by the shores of either an ocean or a lake. Nana Acheampong is with three white girls dressed in bikini befitting the environment. One of the girls lies teasingly while Nana Acheampong watches from a distance. He sings that he needs some girl, some lover – Casanova. He needs some girl to stretch his back. After that, three black girls join in another whole new environment. Nana Acheampong is then faced with a hard task of choosing.

Many people can relate to the song. Its application in real life situation is typical. A man consumed by loneliness and pushed by natural factors to look for a lover. Casonava is a great song. It is about five minutes and forty-five seconds long and is a Nana Acheampong old song. It is composed, written and sang by Mr. Nana and was produced in 2007. The official Casanova video on YouTube has 262,610 views.

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8. Meko Odo Enkyen - Nana Acheampong

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The Meko Odo Enkyen song is one of the Nana Acheampong latest songs. It was released in 2015 and has since then played on our airwaves. It is one of the hit songs in the Huhhuhuenye mehu album of 2015 that birthed songs such as Asem De Nasem, Obi Awaame, Na Anka Ebeye Den and others.

Meko Odo Enkyen by Nana Acheampong is produced by Owoahene studios which are run and set up by none other than Nana Acheampong. It is about six minutes in length and available in both video and audio although this music star has not invested much in the video. Most of this song is audio meaning it falls under the Nana Acheampong audio songs list. On YouTube, Meko Odo Enkyen song has been able to garner over 87,000 views while on Shazam – yet another music channel, he has about 6,800 searches.

9. Eye Odo Nkoa - Nana Acheampong

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Again, this is one of Nana Acheampong old songs. It is a collaboration between Nana Acheampong and Daddy Lumba also known as Charles Kojo Fosu. The duo is the famous Sibo Brother of Highlife. The song ran for about six minutes and was released in 2011 under the album Eye Odo Nkooa, which was officially launched in 2015. The song predominantly focuses on Ghana culture and politics and is an excellent tune for those who are patriotic about their nation. Besides, it is entertaining and has 19,264 views online.

The above are some of Nana Acheampong songs, but this legendary musician has produced many more since he began his musical journey fifteen years ago. Nana Acheampong albums include:

  1. The Lover Boy – With songs such as Suro Nipa, Lover Boy, Medwene Meho, You Drive Me Crazy, Enko Enya Makyi, and Obaatan Na Awia Na.
  2. Huhuhuhuenye Mehu album - Na Anka Ebeye Den (the song responsible for his most significant breakthrough), Obi Awaame, and Meko Oddo Enkyen.
  3. Ultimate Classics – Nea Okyere
  4. Odo Nfitiaase – Odo Nfitiase, Odo Kooye Akye and Dance To The Music.
  5. Simeso – Woa Anka and Obrefo.
  6. Eye Odo Nkoaa - Owuo, Eye Odo Nkoa and Na Menim.

The above content is just a highlight of Nana Acheampong songs. This artiste has many varieties of songs, which include Nana Acheampong funeral songs. He never runs short of inspiration or ideas; hence he can compose and produce a song to a new treat for his fans. Besides, he has a music studio, hence recording and production is no hurdle for him. He is one of the most significant exports musically Ghana has ever produced. You need to check out the Nana Acheampong all songs list for more entertainment.

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