Top trending Adekunle Gold songs

Top trending Adekunle Gold songs

Popular by his stage-name Adekunle Gold, Adekunle Kosoko is a renowned singer and songwriter from Nigeria. He was born in a royal and wealthy family in the city of Lagos in 1980. Apart from having a profession in singing, Adekunle is also a graphic designer. Adekunle Gold songs have been rolling on the African music scene for quite a while now, and he is doing great. His music boasts the genres of RnB and Urban has provided you with a collection of his best songs. So, why wait! Let’s go!

top 10 adekunle gold songs


As I have already mentioned, you are getting a collection of some of Adekunle Gold’s top trending songs. But that is not all; you can actually learn a little bit about the songs before you decide you want to move on to another. This way, it will become easy for you to understand what gets added to your new and refreshed playlist.

Top 10 Adekunle Gold songs

1. Pick Up - Adekunle Gold

Pick Up by Adekenle Gold is an iTunes chart-topping single from a few years back. He mostly makes songs about different lifestyles, and this is one of those. Pick up is about honest working people who might be earning small, but do it with a good heart and hard work. He asks God to answer to his call and help him from being a subject to laugh at.

It basically speaks of a person who is not wealthy and wants to reach a higher base which he/she dreams of. There are instances where he says he wants to drive a Range Rover and Bentley; which simply shows the wishes of a poor man. The song is nice and pretty good to listen to.

When it comes to the video, it has over 3.3M views on YouTube. It was published on 14th Dec 2015. The video was directed by Adasa Cookey and is as nice as the others. There is a story to tell in his music videos which make them all the more beautiful to watch.

Watch a poor boy who drives for a living and wants to earn a lot of money, dream big and stumble upon a big amount which does not belong to him. You can check the video out on YouTube. It is one of Adekunle Gold best songs.

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2. Orente - Adekunle Gold

A very fun song to watch out for; maybe I could describe this song in one word: adorable. The song is about love; the loyalty of a woman who loves her man for whatever he is.

Orente is a sweet, culturally themed song that will give you a very homely feeling as you listen to it. There is a constant beat that will keep you moving your body around without having to stop. Adekunle sings well and you can feel the professional touch in his voice.

In the video of Adekunle Gold Orente, you will see a lovely couple; they are really fun to watch as you see them playing around out in the open, all by themselves- they dance, sing, and tease each other. One of the most noticeable aspects here are the shots taken. I have got to admit, it has gone through professional production and the picture colours are vibrant and definitely eye-pleasing.

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3. Ire - Adekunle Gold

Okay, straight off, you are going to love how the song starts. The guitar plucking tunes you right into the song. You can trace a very different melodic pattern in this track. Perhaps that is what makes the song such an amazing one, and puts it to the top of the list.

Ire means “goodness” and the tone of the song is capable to actually make you feel the warmth of goodness. It is a soft song and the modern day music is really well-blended with a traditional beat rhythm. Ire has a very positive energy to it as Adekunle sings “goodness is calling out to me”. The lyrics are sober and so is the theme of this track.

Speaking of the video, Adekunle Gold Ire has 1.2M views on YouTube and it has barely been four months of publishing (23rd Feb 2018). When you watch the video, you will probably think there is no wonder it has so many hits. It has been directed by AJE Filmworks, and brought to you by Afro Urban Records.

Watch the video go in reverse smoothly and feel the emotions of the song’s soothing melody as you watch.

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4. Money - Adekunle Gold

What is cool about this song is that Adekunle Gold takes a very genuine approach towards the want or need for money. Even though we cannot buy every single thing with money, we still need it in our lives, and frankly, we do need quite a lot of it. This song is about Adekunle asking his creator to bring more money his way.

He sings, “Father plant money for my backyard” which is something that comes out as a joke, but if only that were possible, there wouldn't be poverty. The song is simple and it has a good beat to it. It is very groovy and a track you can dance to; fun for a nice party.

The video of Adekunle Gold money is really cool and well shot. What will catch your interest is the props used, especially the glass jars filled with all that money. He basically says that he wants plenty of money in his life so that he can shut those who mocked at him. It was put on YouTube on 6th December 2017 and has more than 941, 333 views as of now. The video was directed and shot by Aje Film Works.

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5. Surrenda - Adekunle Gold

Directed by Sam Kirk, the video has over 130K views on YouTube. It was published on 15th June of this year. What I should tell your beforehand is that it is one of the coolest videos you will run across. It is totally sci-fi and you will go all celestial as you plug in your earbuds and flow with this track.

A very good party track, this song will make your mood go all groovy. Surrenda is a great song to have you move that body of yours. It is a part of Adekunle Gold recent songs, from the album About 30.

Another one of his love songs, Surrenda sings about how he has been running far away from love because he thinks he does not stand up to it but that one girl makes him like he has it all. She is making him fall deeply for her and he is ready to love her. He surrenders.

The end of the video is a surprise and it will come out of nowhere. No spoilers, watch it yourself!

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6. Adekunle - Gold

This is another one of Adekunle Gold hit songs. It is a song for the lonely hearts out there. It describes a situation every person goes through in their lives. The lyrics are deep and simple. It describes those times when you feel lonely and distant, and even your own mother’s house does not feel like a place you want to be in, and you just feel alone.

The tune of the song is very ear-friendly and will reach your heart with ease as the lyrics guide you through the hum and rhythm of the track. People will tell you not to change but how can you grow if you do not change. Thoughts like that is the base for this song. Adekunle Gold has an amazing voice and he can relate his songs to you in some way.

Fame is one of Adekunle Gold latest songs and must I say, he sounds evolved and better. The video is simple and only deals with him and his lonely life as he feels lost in his room. The video was uploaded this year and has more than 237K views.

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7. Call On Me - Adekunle Gold

This song falls on the more fun side of life. It could be called a love song but you can expect a very groovy rhythm that will put you up on the dance floor. The song has got style as you hear him sing how he has done his best to attract that pretty girl.

Although there is a flirty tone to it, Adekunle Gold call on me is about him wanting the love of that one girl. She says he is cool but hangs out with the bad guys. The name of the song is what he mentions; for her to call him if she needs him. He also sings that he will change himself and even go bad if it is what can get him her love.

The video is set on a brilliant mood and the radiance of it will get you entertained. It is very trendy and the beats are cool. Watch some pretty ladies as they dance around while Adekunle decides to go ahead and try his luck. The video was released in July 2017 and has 867K views.

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8. Ready - Adekunle Gold

Adekunle Gold old songs were just as fun as his latest releases. Ready is a sweet song that sings about a man who wants to love and go out on dates just like others around him. He is single and searching for that one girl who would even the odds.

Ready has good beats and could very well be the track for your next beach party. The cute lyrics are accompanied by a good and fast rhythm. The tune is well-composed and so is the awesome video for the song. It is creative and portrays a lovely story of a crush. It stars Lola Oj who is beautiful and plays her part well, making the video beautiful.

Ready by Adekunle Gold has 1.4M YouTube hits in 2 years.

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9. Sade - Adekunle Gold

For those who didn’t know, Sade is a cover of One Direction’s hit song “Story of My Life”. Sade describes the different phases of breakups, and betrayal that so many people go through in their lives. But what matters the most is the end. Basically, what ends well is what matters.

The song is undoubtedly really nice and Adekunle has covered it very well. Additionally, he also released a video of this song on YouTube which secured over 2M views. It is emotional to watch but is very well-fit for the scenario.

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10. No Forget - Adekunle Gold ft. Simi

Adekunle Gold Simi song has been in the playlists of so many of us. The song is amazing and speaks of love in a deep sense. It is not always necessary to hold on to those you love, for love is more than just the physical presence of a being. Sometimes you have to let go in order to let that love become even stronger.

The lyrics are about the man telling his love to let him go. He won’t be gone for too long, and while he is gone, there will be others who will try to deceive her and she should be aware for he won’t be gone too long.

The rhythm, tune and the chorus; all together makes the song a brilliant composition. Simi enhances the aura of the music with her delightful vocals. Both of them blend in their melodies to give you something close to the heart and fine to the ears.

The video will get you hooked right off the bat, as you see a series of amazing acting done by the cast, Gold included. There is more to this song than just the composition. It is one of Adekunle Gold songs 2017 video. It is approximately a 7 minute video and scored 2.5M YouTube hits.

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Albums by Adekunle Gold

Adekunle Gold Gold [2016]

adekunle gold songs
adekunle gold songs 2017
adekunle gold about 30
adekunle gold ire


  1. Orente
  2. No Forget
  3. My Life
  4. Pick Up
  5. Ariwo Ko
  6. Friend Zone
  7. Work
  8. Nurse Alabere
  9. Sade
  10. Fight For You
  11. Ready
  12. Beautiful Night
  13. Sweet Me
  14. Temptation
  15. Paradise
  16. Gold

Adekunle Gold About 30 [2018]

adekunle gold songs
adekunle gold songs 2017
adekunle gold about 30
adekunle gold ire


  1. IRE
  2. Call on Me
  3. Money
  4. Fame
  5. Surrender
  6. Pablo Alakori
  7. Mama
  8. Original Gangster
  9. Damn, Delilah
  10. Somebody
  11. Yoyo
  12. Mr. Foolish
  13. Remember

There you go. You now have some of the best Adekunle Gold songs up to date. He makes awesome music and is pretty different when it comes to his style of videos and composition. There is a distinct touch to his music. All these aspects have made him one of the best in this line of work.


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