Top trending Lucky Mensah songs

Top trending Lucky Mensah songs

Whenever Lucky Mensah is mentioned, so much comes to mind; his top trending songs for example, and his contribution to the music industry that is significant. Lucky Mensah songs are loved far and wide. The following is a breakdown of some of his most trending songs in Africa and beyond. It would be impossible to count musical stars in Ghana without featuring Mensah.

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Lucky Mensah may be known for several things but nothing identifies him as best as his great musical talent does. This is evident in the number of songs he has released so far. People seem to be captivated by the messages and lyrics that his songs represent. To get a touch of this, check out some of his most trending songs so far.

Top Trending Mensah songs

1. Lucky Mensah Woo ti akoma

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This is a song that anyone who cares to know about love challenges ought's to listen to. As much as the artist is not that good of a dancer, his singing prowess is heart moving. You will definitely find yourself moving to the beats.

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2. Lucky Mensa I miss you

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This song keeps the original Ghanaian music alive. It touches the depth of one's soul. It is no wonder that you can easily keep replaying it without noticing. If you are looking for a jam to keep you refreshed then this is it.

3. Lucky Mensah Aduu Sumo Akwadu

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Aduu Sumu Akwadu is a sweet song. If none of Mensah's songs have spoken to you yet, this will definitely do the trick. It is rated as one of Lucky Mensah latest songs that will make you fall in love with him. It is a song with a message that is relevant to our times and the future as well. Indeed, love knows no height, size or any other hindering factors.

4. Lucky Mensah Old School

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Meet the other side of Lucky Mensah. It is a song that brings out the emotional side of the star. You will definitely have tears rolling down your cheeks. Chances are that you will not get enough of this great song.

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5. Lucky Mensah Bottom of my heart

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Singing about love seems to be Mensah's specialty. This is yet another of his great love songs. This song works well as a special dedication to those you love. The lyrics are quite seductive, saying so much in very few words. Lucky Mensah is indeed a talented artist and this song just goes to prove it.

7. Lucky Mensah NPP Aseda

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This is the Lucky Mensah victory song. It was sung to thank God for the victory in the election. Lucky Mensah NPP Aseda, one of Lucky Mensah latest, expresses the joy of finally having Nana Addo as the president of the republic Ghana. A song that is really liked by those who are in support of the ruling regime. This can be considered as Lucky Mensah Nana Addo song showcasing his political contributions through song. It is Lucky Mensah latest track for NPP.

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10. Lucky Mensah I wanna know

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In this song, Lucky Mensah features Mike Pinodo. It is a masterpiece of fine artists working together. You can tell that two legends are doing what they love the most just by listening to the song.

8. Lucky Mensah Agogi Baby

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This song was released way back in 2001 but it is still rocking the music arena as if it is one of Lucky Mensah latest hits. It has maintained its position in the dynamic music industry because of its liveliness and charming sense of appeal.

9. Lucky Mensah Brofrie Nie

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It is one of the famous songs done by Lucky Mensah. In fact, it is safe to say that it is his favorite. This does not mean that he has put less effort in other songs. What stands out in this music is the length of the chorus. This makes the song more interesting and easy to sing along.

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10. Lucky Mensah Gome

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One of the best Lucky Mensah latest songs. It reminds you of the old times and brings fond memories to mind. These old school memories have something in common as they sometimes appear similar for all people. Listening to this song is emotion-invoking as it takes you way back.

11. Lucky Mensah I need u

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I need you ranks among his favorite releases. This song is slow which makes it easy for you to understand. It is the kind of song you would listen to a couple of times without getting enough of it. The fact that it is a slow jam makes it a perfect choice to listen to on your way to work especially when there is traffic. It is somehow soothing and relieving which will help calm you down.

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12. Lucky Mensah Mene wo Nni Asem

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In this song, Lucky Mensah features Nkasei. This interesting song will take you back to days of your youth. If you want a tune that will give you that step you had back in the days then this is a great jam to listen to. Call a few of your friends and reminisce.

Apart from the songs mentioned above, Mensah has done other songs that are worth noting. These include:

1. Lucky Mensah Onongbor

The song combines both vocals and instrumentals seamlessly. Sometimes that is all that is needed for music to be great. He solos are in a perfect manner that tempts you to keep listening to the song long after its done.

2. Lucky Mensah Atiaa tina

Song done in perfect voice and harmony.

3. Lucky Mensah Heche

Heche is a song in which Lucky Mensah features Kofi Kinaata. Heche means hatred.

This song provokes your thinking. The two artists try to tell you to ignore hatred. That is one way of living a peaceful life. Lucky Mensah heche may very well be one of the best songs in Ghana, considering its message. Everyone, regardless of age and gender gets to learn from this.

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4. Lucky Mensah Wope Ahwe

He may be getting older every day but his music still retains the taste it had in his younger years. This song is proof of his Mensah's agelessness as far as musical talent is concerned.

5. Lucky Mensah Sweety dzole

You may not truly understand who Lucky Mensah is until you listen to this song. Here, the artist portrays himself as the king of music.

6. Lucky Mensah Adwoa Fodwuo

This is the kind of music with fast beats. Even so, it has a soothing twist to it which makes it a favorite for many listeners.

7. Lucky Mensah Enda dinn

An elevating soul. The perfect choice for every tie you want to boost your mood.

8. Lucky Mensah Woote Akoma

Woote Akoma is one of Lucky Mensah latest songs. The music has received much play time and is common in most households in Ghana.

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9. Lucky Mensah Nakaa Nooni

This song brings out a perfect combination of vocals and beats in a song. It is no wonder that it stands to be counted among the best song ever played.

10. Lucky Mensah Come back to me

This is a classic song. It may not be one of Lucky Mensah new songs but one thing is for sure, the song has lived to prove the test of time. Old as it is, it still receives considerable play all over Ghana and Africa. This song will make you nostalgic as you remember the olden days.

11. Lucky Mensah Atian

Cool music to listen to. It could be confused with Lucky Mensah Atiaa tina song but they are very different songs altogether. The song has slow beats that make it easy to follow and sing along. They both keep the spirit of Ghana music alive.

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12. Lucky Mensah Esiraba

At the time of this song's release, Mensah was seen as a strong supporter of the ruling Party NDC. Many believe that the song was Lucky Mensah song for NDC

13. Lucky Mensah Meni Obiaa

Salsa dancers will appreciate this song. The inviting beats will get you on your feet and prompt you to dance.

14. Lucky Mensah Jah Jehova

Whoever thought that this would come? This is one of lucky Mensah new songs. He praises God in this one for the blessings he has granted him throughout his life. It is an inspirational song especially from one of the best.

15. Lucky Mensah Mpatam

Mpatam is yet another amazing piece from Lucky Mensah. If you want to listen to some nice and motivating music then Mpatam is the music to quench your desire.

16. Lucky Mensah Kokuara Me

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This a fabulous song in which he is featuring Bacteria. The collaboration between these two artists has never been a letdown. The song is amusing which makes it even more exciting.

17. Lucky Mensah Ka shen ko du

Ka shen ko du is yet another song with slow beats released by Lucky Mensah. The interesting part about this song is that you do not have to be too keen on it to enjoy. It is an easy jam that will help you relax.

18. Lucky Mensah Yenye Wo den ni

A very beautiful song to listen to. The song attracts your attention and elevates your soul. It is perfect for those days that you want to meditate. Have it as your background music and you will be good to go.

19. Lucky Mensah ye se sem

This is his political song in support of NPP. It is just like the Lucky Mensah ye se wo den ni hi song.

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Lucky Mensah is a star in his own right. Having come up with many songs in his time, one can only acknowledge that he was born to be a great artist.

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