Top trending Okyeame Kwame songs

Top trending Okyeame Kwame songs

Music has become one of the most important aspects of human life around the world which is why Okyeame Kwame songs may be trending as they are today. Musicians sing about everything surrounding them today. For many, music can be soothing and to some extent help fight depression and stress. Okyeame Kwame songs are among the most popular in Ghana especially for those that understand the Akan dialect. These songs are easy to sing along to in addition to being very dance-able. Check out some of the great singer's individual songs.

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okyeame kwame latest songs
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Okyeame Kwame list of songs

Okyeame Kwame is considered a great reward for the Ghanaian audience. This great artist has been in the industry ever since the 1990s. However, he has been on an on-off basis as he pursued music alongside his studies. Nevertheless, every time he released a song; quality and talent was revealed. His songs are proof that Okyeame is no ordinary artist. The following list of Okyeame Kwame all songs will go a long way in proving just how much talent the great Ghanaian artist has.

1. Okyeame Kwame – Woso

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Woso features among Okyeame Kwame latest songs. It is one of those common music industry songs in Ghana that is impossible to miss. It has been frequently described as the best ever produced lyrics by Mr. Versatile, his nick name. The encouraging rap song was released in 2014 by one mic entertainment which is owned by Okyeame Kwame. In this lyric, Mr. doctor describe himself as the best rapper alive. The song made him famous in Ghana and beyond.

2. Okyeame Kwame – Sika

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Another great song with remarkable Afro beats. Sika is loved by many especially those that are into Afro beats. The single was released in 2014. It featured Kesse. This is a production by one mic entertainment under the management of OM studios. Okyeame describes himself as boss in the song. The song has strong motivational message which is why many may have resonated with it. The singer urges listeners to use negativity as stepping stones rather than letting it get the better of them.

3. Okyeame Kwame - Small small

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This Okyeame Kwame ft Mzvee song small small has broken music records in Ghana and beyond. This amazing song was released in 2015. It narrates a strong love story of a girl the artist had loved from his youthful days. Okyeame Kwame describes his wishes of growing the relationship to end up in a beautiful marriage later on. He compliments the lady for her beauty and expresses his wishes of living with her. Okyeame Kwame and Mzvee song has not only made it big in the West African market but also in all corners of Africa.

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4. Okyeame Kwame – faithful

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Produced in 2016, this is yet another amazing love song by Okyeame Kwame. The song features Bertha. It was among the most selling songs of 2016/2017 by Mr. versatile. With more than 461,500 views in YouTube, it is easy to see that people love the story. It describes a faithful girl patiently waiting for her lover. With so much hope in love, it is not surprising that many people listen to the song on repeat mode. The video is even more rewarding since all the wait finally pays off.

5. Okyeama Kwame – Anaa

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This great work done by Okyeame and Morris Baby-Face made it to the list of the best songs in 2016. The love soft hip hop song describes the love for a girl, Anaa. The award winner was singing to show his deep love for Anaa, a girl he loves. The song is done both in English and Akan, Ghanaian native language. It is evident in the song that Okyeama Kwame cannot do anything without her. The song sweetly captures the love of a young man for a woman he strongly feels connected to. It is probably his unique way of expressing deep love emotions that keeps drawing listeners to his songs. Okyeama has a talent that can melt even the hardest of hearts especially when it comes to expressing love.

6. Okyeame Kwame – Woara

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Released in 2016, the popular Okyeame Kwame song Woara featured Raquel and Kessi who took important roles in the song. This love song is in Akan and English. With the strong emotional expression of love, it is not surprising that the song became one of the best in 2016. The song was produced by one mic entertainment and had over 543,500 views in YouTube. Its fame goes beyond the Ghanaian borders.In this song, Okyeama seeks to find out the meaning of love and what he can actually do to keep the love in his heart.

7. Okyeame Kwame - try another time

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Try another time by Okyeame Kwame is pure encouragement. The song features J martins. The song describes the daily obstacles of life and encourages one to remain strong even when things are not working out. It urges people to keep trying until success is inevitable.

8. Okyeame Kwame – Adonko

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Okyeame Kwame song Adonko was released in 2017. The song was produced in Akan. It features Kwabena Kwabena. Adonko is one of the most interesting local songs by Okyeame Kwame. It’s very popular in Ghana since most people can identify with it.

9. Okyeame Kwame – saucing

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Saucing is one of Okyeame Kwame new songs released in 2017. The Versatile rapper featured his children, sir Kwame and santé who are evidently upcoming young artists. The involvement of the two youngsters made the song all the more adorable. The song tends o appreciate the talent in Ghana and beyond. Okyeame Kwame song saucing is one of the most known and trending song in Ghana 2018. Almost every person can sing to this great tune that is not age-restrictive.

10. Okyeame Kwame – Hallelujah

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In a collaboration with Abochi, Hallelujah was released to become yet another hit and trending song in 2017. Okyeame Kwame hallelujah song is a gospel track that gives thanks to God for the favors that the rapper has enjoyed in his long music career. Okyeame Kwame explains his journey in music from 1992 and confesses that he has been seeing God's goodness all through. In this song, he encourages other people to be faithful to God and all will be well. This is one of the most popular songs by the artist in West Africa and beyond. Okyeame Kwame new song hallelujah made him famous and well known.

11. Okyeame Kwame – one in a million

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This is a collaborative piece between Okyeame Kwame and Carolina. The song was released in 2015. This song generally expresses great love between a man and a woman. Caroline explains the strong African man’s love here referring to Okyeame Kwame who according to her is all strong and nice for her. According to Okyeame, the lady is all beautiful. He describes her as one in a million. He describes her looks, legs and everything else about her. It is the ultimate praise love song. It would be perfect for a wedding or party of a similar nature.

12. Okyeame Kwame – mobile money

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As a form of advertisement for MTN mobile money Ghana, Okyeame Kwame together with Ebony produced a hit song in 2017 by the name mobile money. The chorus of the song features a lady who insists on being given mobile money if the man is really in love with her. Mobile money was one of the best selling songs in 2017. Okyeame Kwame song mobile money was considered the greatest entrepreneur song of 2017.

Apart from the already discussed sons above, Kwame is known for more songs that have made him famous over the years. These include:

1. Okyeame Kwame – hello maame

This is a song that was released in 2016 and is done in pure Ghanaian Akan language. It is a love song that was written to express great love for the women in his life. The song has an attractive video.

2. Okyeame Kwame – white wedding

Okyeame Kwame wedding song is not only beautiful but also one that is loved by many. This song by Okyeame and Ephya expresses the desire of a man to host a beautiful white wedding for his lover.

3. Okyeame Kwame – tension

This is a collaboration involving Okyeame, cabum, medical and sister Derbie which was produced and released in 2016. This great song generally expresses how people feel when other people succeed in whatever they do.

Okyeame Kwame hit songs

Okyeame Kwame first song did not attract so much following from fans probably because it was considered an introductory song. However, with time, his talent became difficult to miss as he released hit after another. The collaborations he did also contributed in growing him over time. Some of his well known hits include: Woso, Faithful, Small small and Sika. Most of his singles have also been nominated for various awards in the industry. With all the success following him, Okyeama Kwame has risen to be one of the most prominent rappers in Ghana. It is possible to download Okyeame Kwame old songs and new tracks from the internet if you are keen on following his progress.

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Okyeame Kwame latest song with his son

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Some of the most remarkable collaboration of Kwame are those involving his own son. In march 2017, Okyeame Kwame together with his son and daughter and released the popular saucing song. It was the best song of the year. His son is clearly following in the footsteps of the father. Currently, sir Kwame is the best kid rapper in Ghana. Okyeame Kwame new song saucing has not only brought him good money but also provides the right platform for his kids to be introduced to the world as great upcoming rappers. With Okyeame Kwame songs all over the internet, it is obvious that music runs in the family. It is exciting to know what the future has to offer.


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