6 rules about life all young Ghanaian men in their 20s must know

6 rules about life all young Ghanaian men in their 20s must know

Being a man in Ghana today comes with so many challenges. As a young man, you could be hit with various pressures from society and even within yourself.

Unfortunately, some of us fall under this pressure and make decisions that we later regret. In this article, we explore some rules you must take seriously especially if you are a man in your twenties.

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1. Never act on everything your peers tell you. Do thigs according to the strength within and not the pressure from outside

2. Your main priority as a young man in his twenties must be establishing your career and completing your tertiary education. This must be your focus and nothing else at this point in your life.

3. Do not fall for the comments by friends that you are stingy or (Armstrong). It is a clever decision to save while you are in your twenties. Spend less and save more. Your future is all that matters.

4. You risk losing focus in your life if you make women and girls your priority. Having girlfriends demands enough maturity, it is more about spending and giving out to help them stay by your side. In your twenties, this may sound like a bad idea for you.

5. Focus on your health, exercise regularly. Do not fall for this notion that drinking hard liquor makes you a man. It actually kills you, alcohol addiction is one of the major cause of hypertension and diabetes among young men and women in the country

6. As a young man in your 20s, you have to have a close friend who advises you on things that a normal friend does not. Your close friend must guide you with good counsel and also help you be the best person you could be.

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Remember that when all is said and done, your legacy as a man is all that will be used to measure your worth and impact on society. It all begins with you.

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