WAEC BECE results for private students 2018

WAEC BECE results for private students 2018

The West African Examination Council, WAEC, has finally released the results of the Basic Education Certificate Examination, BECE. The students who took part in these exams can now check their WAEC BECE results and see where they rank. Here's all the information for private students.

WAEC BECE results for private students 2018

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Basic Education Certificate Examinations

BECE is currently the main examination body being used to give the students admissions into secondary and/or vocational schools in Ghana. To sit for this examination, you, first, have to go through 3 years of junior high schooling. This examination system and the WAEC BECE results are organized by the Ministry of Education of the country.

Ever since the WAECE release of BECE results, many candidates of the last BECE examination might be clueless about how they can access the BECE examination results. You can do this by logging into the official examination council’s website, waecdirect.org, and check for your WAEC BECE results 2018. Bear in mind that these are still the provisional results of the private candidate that sat for the 2018 BECE. The official examinations may be officially released sometime in August/September.

Mrs. Agnes, Deputy Director of Public Affairs, WAEC, said in a briefing that the results had already been posted at the council’s official website and were accessible to all candidates who sat for the exams. So, should you wish to check for your BECE examination results, you only need to get to the council’s website and do so.

However as many candidates rush to check WAEC BECE private results on the council’s website, some seven candidates had a sad story to tell. According to WAEC, however, the results of seven candidates who sat for the exams are being withheld. This follows allegations that the candidates may have committed examination malpractices during the period. The council has promised to release the WAEC BECE results 2018 of these candidates as soon as they are done with their investigations, and only if there is no strong evidence which may prove malpractice of the same.

Statistics of the candidates

According to the data collected during the examination period of WAEC BECE, a total of 11,886 candidates sat for the paper. And this number comprised of 5,000 and 6,886 females and males respectively. These candidates sat for the examinations in 41 centres which were situated throughout the country, Ghana.

Statistics also show that the total number of students who sat for the exams this time around is the highest ever since the inception of the program in 2015. In 2017, for instance, only 1,379 candidates took part in the examination. 1,181 and 1,418 candidates took the exams in 2015 and 2016 respectively. This means that more students are to be enrolled in the vocations and secondary schools after the WAEC BECE private results were released.

This data shows how steadily the number of students who are going through this program is rising.

Selection of schools

The Ghana Education Service (GES) made an announcement that the candidates who sat for the private BECE examinations in February can also check on the WAEC official website for their WAEC BECE results 2018. They can also check through the wide selection of senior schools on the website that they may want to join.

Ms. Cassandra Twum Ampofo, The Head of Public Relations of the GES issued a signed and released statement advising the candidates who sat for the exams to visit the www.waecinternetsoluton.org website. They would use this website to help them go through the senior school selection process and check whether they will be considered by their selected schools for placement for the next academic year, 2018/2019.


The council issued a statement advising all candidates to ensure that they carefully read through all the guidelines and instructions provided regarding their selection of the senior schools that they wish to join. It is vital that they do this before they begin the process. In the statement provided by the council, it was also clearly stated that the official deadline for the selection process by the candidates was 2nd July 2018.

How to check your WAEC BECE results for 2018/2019

As mentioned above, you can check WAEC BECE results online through the official WAEC website. You can also find your results using www.waecdirect.org.

The WAEC BECE results are meant for the certification and election of the qualified candidates to the senior high schools of their choices. You can also join the technical institutions in Ghana using these results. All students are eligible and need to take the BECE examinations after their Junior High School. It is vital to note that these examinations are held only once each year in June.

BECE 2018 admissions

WAEC BECE results for private students 2018

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Presently, admissions in BECE are done between October and November each year. This process normally takes about six weeks. The participating schools have to upload their official statement of entries plus school choice files via the internet for processing.

All schools that have been pre-approved by the Ghana Education Service are automatically eligible to register their students and participate in taking the BECE every year.

Subjects offered and examined in the BECE

The Basic Education Certificate Examination of 2018 offers the following subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • English language
  • Social Studies
  • Integrated Science
  • French
  • Religious and Moral Education
  • Basic Design and Technology
  • Ghanaian language
  • Information Communication and Technology

The BECE 2019 grading system

The WAEC BECE results and certificates are all based on a grading system, the candidates’ grades are, therefore, calculated based on their performances in the external examinations plus their Continuous Assessment scores that are provided by the candidates’ schools.

During the BECE grading system, a nine-point scale is used to determine the candidates’ grades. Thus, the candidates with Grade 1 denote the highest possible grades and performance from the BECE. And the candidates with Grade 9 are the lowest performed candidates.

The BECE 2018 school placement system

The candidate’s selection into the senior high schools in Ghana is done using computerized school selection and placement systems. This method of selection is used by the Ghana Education Service in an effort to place the coalified BECE candidates fairly in the senior high school system. It can also be used to please the candidates through the Technical institutes or the vocational institution institutes as well.

The successful candidates of the BECE examinations may get admissions in these education institutions at the start of the next academic year which is in September. Immediately the official WAECE BECE results 2018 are released, they are also sent to the schools that participate in the program without delay.

Any candidate who sat for the BECE examinations can, however also still access his/her results using his/her school.

You can also use the WAEC BECE private results checker to know your examination results. You simply need to follow the steps provided below:

  • Open your internet browser, e.g. Google Chrome
  • In the address bar, type, ghana.waecdirect.org, and then press enter to access the website
  • In the main window of the page, click “Result”
  • Under the result tab, you then click on the “result checker” tab and wait for the result checker tab to open
  • Enter your index number on the “index number” section
  • Afterward, you then need to select the specific examination type that you intend to check
  • You will then need to select the examination year that you intend to check
  • You will also need to include your correct date of birth
  • At the card serial number section, you have to input the card serial number which is found at the back of your scratch card
  • Enter the serial number which is a 12-digit pin. It looks something like this; 012345678911
  • You then need to input your index number and the examination year that you took the examination
  • Double check everything and ensure every information is correct
  • You can then click the submit button and wait for a few minutes for a popup window to appear on your display screen.

Remember, all the information that you provide on the WAEC BECE result checker tab MUST be correct if you want to get any result or feedback from the website. Any false information will prompt the website to decline your request.


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