Romantic love messages for girlfriend or boyfriend

Romantic love messages for girlfriend or boyfriend

Love messages strengthen love bond between two love birds for they express how much they respect, appreciate, and love each other. You do not necessarily have to wait for Valentine’s Day to express your feelings towards him or her, but you can send love messages at anytime of the day. Love messages will definitely make her or him feel special, loved, not taken for granted, and respected.

love messages for girlfriend or boyfriend


If you are not sending her a love message cell phone or email, you can add red roses to accompany it and we bet that she will feel more loved and impressed. For a guy, its best if you accompany the love message with a sweet gift and he will feel that he holds a space in your heart. The trouble comes in when coming up with the right love messages romantic for him or her. Do not worry because we got you sorted. Here we have the most touching love messages for him or her that will help you find the right words to come up with a unique beautiful love message text for her. All you have to do is to keep scrolling.

Moving love messages for boyfriend

Guys love to be romanced with beautiful love messages text. Yes, one man said ‘actions speak louder than words’, but there some instances when words are vital as well. Below are sweet words that will definitely move his heart. You can send him a unique one as a wake up text, good night text, or anytime that you feel it is appropriate.

"Hello baby, I would love to tell you that my finger’s spaces fit awesomely with yours. We were definitely meant for each other, I love you so very much.”

This text will make him feel special no matter the time you send it. You can text him in the middle of a conversation with him or use it to start a conversation.

“Good morning honey, have a lovely day keeping in mind that you are more than an ordinary guy to me. You are my mentor, best friend, lover, as well as a well-wisher.”

Do you need love messages good morning that will do justice in expressing your honest feelings towards your boyfriend? Well, such messages will work magic because it will make him have an incredible day having in mind that he means a lot to you.

“Hey love, I feel so lucky to have you in my life. The 2 years we have spent together have been amazing, but I would love to assure you that best and incredible days are yet to come.”

It is an awesome text to send your boyfriend when you want to show him that you want a future with him. If you love him so much and you are afraid of losing him, send him this text and show him that you want nobody in your life if it is not him.

“I have come to realize that nobody knows me better than you do, not even myself. I will love and cherish you for the rest of my life”

Send him this text if he understands you when you are in either a good or a bad mood and he can be able to handle you. I love the fact that we care for each other in all circumstances

Love messages for her from the heart

Surprise your girlfriend today with I love you messages and give her a beautiful wide smile on her face. The good bit is that girls are easy to please because there are easily moved with small deeds from their boyfriend. She will love you more making you love glow day in day.

“I spent sleepless nights thinking of how to approach you because I wanted you to be mine. Now that God gave me you, I will definitely treat you right, I do not want to ever lose you. You make me complete; I love you honey”

Such romantic love messages for her will make her cry tears of joy. It means you want nobody else in your life, but her. You can send it as a good night or a wake up text. Surprise her and make her love you more.

“Good morning honey, our love is glowing everyday making me learn that we don’t have to be perfect, happiness is all we need.”

Such good morning love messages her will make her know that she is always on your mind. Girls love attention and such a wake up message will make her feel absolutely special.

“Hey sweetheart, it amazing that other humans require basic needs such as water, air, and food to survive. I on the other side is yarning for your smiles, kisses, as well as hugs to live.”

This text is not only romantic, but is very sweet. You will definitely be telling your lover that you can’t afford to live without him.

“I love you so much babe in that nowadays I only see the beauty in you instead of thinking of how pretty you are”

Such love messages to her will prove how much you spend more of your hours thinking about her personality. If she means the world to you, then you have to express your honest feelings towards her.

“We were first attracted to each other, love grew between us and it’s still keeping us. I love you deeply.

Deep love messages for her are supposed to be sincere and the above text is awesome. One thing about girls is that they love sincerity in a relationship.

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Funny love messages sweet for girlfriend or boyfriend

A sarcastic romantic text message for him or her will not only give your lover a wide smile on the face, but it will also make your life journey more enjoyable. The funny love texts here will make your life not fed up, but full of joyful moments.

“Good morning baby, I think it is the right time for me to confess how deeply I feel in love with your personality. I have a crush on your mind as well; your lovely looks are just an added bonus.”

This message is funny though very cute and romantic as well. If you send him or her such a text, you will express your true feelings towards him/her.

“Good night honey, don’t get too comfortable because the police are on their way to arrest you fro stealing and hijacking my heart as well as feelings. Why are you driving me insane? Well, you will answer that in court of law. I LOVE YOU.”

Such love messages good night for him or her can make your lover feel so special to an extent of dreaming with you. So sweet and funny. Right?

“Hey dear, am about to bet with my heart and mind that I will never ever stop loving and caring about you.” Don’t kill me am not a gambler, I have to because you mean a lot to me.”

Such a beautiful love message him or her that expresses how much you want to spend the rest of your life with your lover. It is a message that will definitely secure your love and feelings towards each other.

“Hey baby, I had an awful day at work and I think a beautiful smile from a pretty girl will make me feel better. Now can you afford a smile for me?”

This love message for him or her shows that you can’t live without your lover making them feel that they play a role in your life.

“Honestly, I have just discovered that me without you is like sneakers without laces, nerds that have no braces, and a non-spaced sentence. I need you in my life honey, without you my life will be meaningless.”

If you send her/him such a text, you will make your lover have a cheerful day knowing that you don’t take their love for granted.

“We are both criminals because you stole my heart and I stole yours as well.”

Funny short love messages for him or her proves that you both got each other in happy or sad moments, which is beautiful.

“Hey babe, I just feel like telling that you should not be mad when you see your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend flirting with some other chick/guy. You need to be an expert in donating old unused toys to ‘poor kids’.”

Such romantic love messages for her or him are perfect when your relationship is young and you are afraid of losing your lover. It is a funny text with a very powerful message.

Romantic love messages birthday images for him or her

If its your girlfriend/boyfriend ‘s birthday, you have to make it so special and find a beautiful image with a quote or text that expresses you inner feelings. Here are some of the bday love messages image that will blow your partner’s mind.

Love messages for girlfriend or boyfriend


Such birthday love messages to him will make his day cheerful, joyful, as well as great. He will feel so special as he turns an year older and desire to celebrate more birthdays with you by his side.

love messages for girlfriend or boyfriend


This birthday text is awesome to send to your lover if you want to spend your whole life with him or her. You give him/her an assurance that you will be there for them no matter the circumstance. Such birthday love messages for him or her just shows how much your lover means to you. You can either send them the birthday image message via email or whatsApp.

It does not matter if you are miles away from your lover. A birthday love you message will occupy your space on her special day.

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The correct method of expressing you love for your girlfriend or boyfriend sometimes feels unknown, but at least romantic love messages work. Try as much as possible to make your romantic words go hand in hand with your actions whenever you both are together. We hope that you found an appealing romantic text that will move your lover and let them know how special they are in your life.


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