Top trending Falz songs

Top trending Falz songs

Folarin Falana, or as we all know him as; Falz is an artist of Nigerian descent who is popular for writing music and also for his rap music. Falz doubles up as an actor. Falz songs have over the years become popular among people and has managed to build a fan base from people from Africa and also the rest of the world. His illustrious career started way back when he was just in secondary school. In high school he was part of a group, “The School Boys”. In 2009, the artist would then start his professional career. He can however dedicate his fame to 2015 when he bagged three nominations including the hotly contested "Best Collaboration of The Year" for his song “Marry Me” which featured Yemi Alade. That is when people got notice of the artist. Since then, the best of Falz songs have gained a lot of popularity.

Falz songs


Best of Falz songs

Here are some of the top songs by “ Falz the bad guy ” as he likes to call himself.

1. “Marry me” - Falz featuring Poe & Yemi Alade

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This is the Falz music that got him in the airwaves. This song is a song that talks about the “problems” that women go through. It talks about the women who fail to get married early and eventually get pressured by the society who are always on their backs. They end up pressuring men to marry them. The song was a hit and on its release it hit top of the radio charts for a while. The song was part of the 2015 Falz album called ‘Wazup Guy’.

2. “Ello bae” - Falz

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This song is an interesting song that brings out one thing that Falz is known for by his fans, smart lyrics. He talks of this woman he loves but is of a higher standing in the society whereas he is just a simple man. The song ends n a rather funny and somewhat interesting note as the guy who was taken in by the wealthy woman is seen in a room with another woman who has just come from the bathroom and is preparing to go away. And the guy is on phone with his girlfriend, was he cheating? Watch and conclude for yourself.

3. “This is Nigeria” - Falz

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This is one of the Falz latest song. It is similar to the song by Childish Gambino, “This is America”. The one by Falz is a song that speaks of the problems that are facing Nigeria. It talks of the different things that the people of Nigeria go through on a daily basis including corruption, theft and terrorism. This is why the song is so popular among Nigerians because it speaks of their lives and struggles they go through. Of all Falz new songs, this is the one that has caused a stir. The song features some interesting speeches cut short but still pass the message. Will it be part of Falz new album? Let's wait and see.

4. “Boogie” - Falz ft Sir Dauda

This is a smooth song that can potentially become a club banger. This is because it went on to get more than 60,000 views on YouTube on its third day. It was published on July 13th 2018. The song talks of a person who likes to see a girl dance and likes chilling with the girls. It is a soft song that the Falz fan base seems to accept and love.

5. “Next” - Falz ft. Maleek Berry, Medikal

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For the people who are fans of the ‘trap movement’ this is for you. It is a song that speaks of people who made a life for themselves after coming from rags. They speak of them being the ‘next’ thing. The videos theme is that of the old mixed with the new as they wear traditional England attire in a modern setting.

6. “Something Light” - Falz ft. YCee

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Falz something light is a song that features another one of the good artists from west Africa Ycee. It is a nice song that is sang like a conversation between two people explaining their plights to each other. It was an original peace that was recorded by Folarinde Falana & Oluwasesan Salami at BahdGuys Studios, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.

7. “La Fête” - Falz

Falz la fête


This song by Falz is a clear indication of the level of artistry this artist has. Falz la fête sees a mixture of five languages; Yoruba, English, French, Swahili and Pidgin in a single track. He gets cocky in this song as he brags of the money he has and claiming that he is not a light spender. The video features a number of girls who are seen dancing throughout the video.

8. “Wehdone sir” - Falz

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This is a song that speaks of the different people who are “frauds”. It is popular among the people because it is a socially conscious song. It talks of people who keep on lying about their identity and keep on telling people lies about their lives. It talks of the pastors who defraud their congregation by telling them to pay tithes which they use to fund their extravagant lives including paying for exotic holidays for themselves and their families.

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9. “Bahd baddo baddest” - Falz ft. Olamide, Davido

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This song featured some of the hottest Nigerian acts of this century. Davido and Olamide are revered artists in Nigeria and the whole of Africa as well. The 2016 song features an interesting video which shows why they call themselves the baddest. It shows a large amount of money and pretty women as well as well dressed men.

10. “Soldier” - Falz ft. SIMI

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In this song Falz teams up with the beautiful songstress SIMI. It is one of the SIMI, Falz chemistry songs. It is a fun video that talks of two people who view life totally different. It talks of an army officer who is so full of himself and thinks he is the ‘baddest’ because he is a soldier and expects the girl to automatically fall for him. The girl is reluctant and wants nothing to do with him. The song became so popular as it is a story told in a song in the best way. It gathered more than 3 million views on YouTube and still appeals to fans who post things like; “If only Internet and electricity isn't a problem in Nigeria, this would have got a billion views... Falz is a genius", “Im from kenya and I listen to this song again and again" and more encouraging comments.

11. “Foreign” - SIMI & Falz

Falz music


The song is very interesting and speaks of a person who says that he is a foreign guy. It is one of the Falz latest songs. It talks of how people who say they are foreign lie to the people. It talks of people who actually act as frauds by posting photoshoped photos of themselves in foreign countries, private jets and yet their realities are different. The song was published in YouTube on May 4th 2018 and has since gathered ore than 1.3 million views.

12. “Bad gang”- Ajebutter22 ft. Falz

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This song talks of the realities that the youth face. It talks of the way the youth are becoming more and more influences to do the wrong things. It talks of how the good girls and good boys go and join bad companies and in the end they end up doing all the bad things in life including piercing, uncontrolled sex, dropping out of school and all the other negative vices that the youth are encouraged by a bad influencer to engage in. it was published on YouTube in July 7th 2016 and has since been viewed more than 5 million times.

13. “Soft work” - Falz

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Falz soft work is an incredible nice song where the artist talks about how he made it. He speaks of how he drives foreign and all the advantages he is getting from the success he has had. It was an absolute banger. This saw a number of people who came forward and made dance videos for the song. It was a 2016 song that has since gotten more than 5 million views. This, like all of his recent songs was a product of Bahd Guys Entertainment.

14. “Jeje” - Falz

This song speaks of a man who is so into this girl. He is so into her that he goes to all the places he is sure to find her and speaks to her in a cordial way, how men speak to girls they are interested in...tsk. It was released in 2017 and was a product of the record label owned by Falz, Bahd Guys Records.

15. “Naija IssaGoal” (remix) - Naira Marley, Falz, Olamide, Simi, Lil Kesh and Slimcase

This song is a collaboration of the various Nigerian artists who were trying to promote and also give hope to the Nigerian team that went to the world cup 2018. although the team was knocked out, the song was and still is good.

Falz albums and awards

Falz has had three albums. They are Wazup Guy (2014), Stories That Touch (2015) and 27(2017)

Falz has over the years won 4 awards in both the movie and music industry. Falz has been nominated for over 20 awards. He has gone on to win four awards which are:

  • The 2106 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards. He won the award for ‘Best Actor in a Comedy Movie/Series’ for his role in Jenifa's Diary.
  • The 2016 BET Awards - ‘Viewer's Choice Best New International Act’.
  • The 2016 City People Entertainment Awards - ‘Album of the Year’ for his album ;Stories That Touch.
  • The 9th Nigeria Music Video Awards - ‘Best Afro Hip Hop Video’ which was the video of the song ‘Karashika’.

Falz songs emerging issues

Top trending Falz songs


Although his songs receive very positive feedback, one of the recent Falz songs, this is Nigeria was the point of talking after its release in July. The video had a part that featured some girls who were dressed in Hijab dance the ‘shaku shaku’ dance. This depiction was the beginning of backlash by one of the Muslim Rights group in the country. The group, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), would go as far as giving an ultimatum to Falz telling him to withdraw the video. They stated that of all Falz songs, this one was just unacceptable. The video depicted the girls dancing like they were drunk, that the video manifested ethnic bias against the Fulanis and that it was a hate video among other accusations. However, Falz refused to take down the video and dared the group to take the matter to court.

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