Top trending R Kelly songs in Ghana

Top trending R Kelly songs in Ghana

R Kelly, full name Robert Sylvester Kelly is a 51- year-old American singer, record producer, songwriter, as well as a former professional basket player. Most if not all R Kelly songs, are widely accepted by the Ghanaians for his lyrical ability and his shifting powerful vocals from seductive alto to booming baritone. The gifted artist songs mainly fall under love & sex, inspiration, as well as spiritual topics. Kelly is a versatile artist in that he writes his songs from what he experiences everyday without writing down the lyrics.

R Kelly songs in Ghana


There will be no R&B and Soul music scenes with no R Kelly. He has over 12 solo studio albums and nobody does it better than him. He is the king of R&B and Pop-Soul meaning he is among the most successful artists in the world. We are therefore dedicated to present to you best R Kelly songs that went viral basing our judgments from factors such as the number of downloads, YouTube views, and airplays. All you have to do is to keep scrolling.

1. R Kelly - Step In The Name Of Love

‘Step In The Name Of Love’ was released back in 2003 in R Kelly ‘Chocolate Factory’ album. This song gained residency as R Kelly wedding song and currently it has over 70 million views on YouTube. It is a family-friendly song with beautiful lyrics, beats, vocals, performance, as well as video quality making the Ghanaians fall in love with it. The songs by R.Kelly are still viral in Ghana becoming the street club’s favorite as well as backyard party song. It has cool and soft danceable beats in that you can’t listen to it without moving your feet or head.

The lyrics of the song has a lovely message that is about R Kelly confessing his boundless love towards his partner. There is no harm if you dedicate this song to your lover. Getting the correct method to express your inner feelings towards your lover is a challenge to many, but this song will work magic. You can download it or send her a YouTube clip link of the song. You can also add this song to your wedding playlist, the lyrics fit in perfectly. The remix of the song also went viral topping in most countries charts within 70 weeks after the release.

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2. R Kelly - When A Woman’s Fed Up

‘When A Woman’s Fed Up’ is among songs by R Kelly released in his ‘R.’ album back in 1998. Currently it has 54 million views on YouTube and it also reached top in many country’s charts. Ghanaians love this contemporary R&B song for its great lyrics that are meant to be a cautionary tale for men. According to R Kelly, once a woman gets tired of forgiving his man’s wrongdoings, you can’t get her again. Our best lyric quotes are, “Cause when a woman's fed up, No matter how you beg, no, It ain't nothing you can do about it”

R Kelly even went ahead to tell his listeners to listen to the record play if they do not want to learn the hard way. He is a gifted artist who sings to express his point of view and not to impress his listeners. R Kelly is the king of R&B, what else do you expect? Apart from the powerful R Kelly song lyrics, the beats are friendly, the vocals on point, the flow of the song is awesome as always, the video killed it, and the performance was just perfect. This song has gained favor in Ghana for quite a long period and it seems it will never fade away.

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3. R Kelly - Ignition Remix

‘Ignition Remix’ is among the popular R Kelly songs in Ghana released back in 2003 in his ‘Chocolate Factor’ album. Currently it has over 161 Million views on YouTube proving how viral the song is. Honestly, the Ignition remix is far better than the original song. R Kelly is an expert in remixing his hit tracks to a science. This song is beautiful and we find it impossible for anyone to dislike it. The beats, performance, video, vocals, lyrics, are awesome and the rap crowning it all.

The lyrics of the song revolve around declaration of love. ‘Ignition Remix’ went viral and the Ghana streets accepted it in massive. It is like a ‘must-play’ in many clubs and parties that know the sweetness of the song. The good bit is that the song needs easy steps while dancing or just sit down and move your head waiting for the chorus. “Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce.”

Thumbs up to R Kelly, him being among the influential artist in the world has remained unquestioned; he kills it when it comes to contemporary R&B songs.

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4. R Kelly - Trapped in the Closet

R Kelly song lyrics of ‘Trapped in the Closet’ is a movie with 33 chapters. He released the music video from 2015 - 2012 and the flow is awesome considering the fact that it has different characters. Cat Wilson, Eric Lane, Ronaldo A. Boyce, Malik Middleton, and LeShay Tomlinson are the starring in this music video. Would you love to know the plot of the music video? Well, this song has a sequence of events that happen on a single day and the more the events the more the revealed lies, deceit, as well as sex. E major patterns follows and the melodic theme in all the chapters is basically the same. The song does not get boring, but you will find yourself carried away by the song.

The gifted artist proved to the world that he is full of creativity as well as originality. The mini-film went viral in many countries Ghana inclusive making his success to be described as undeniable and unbeatable. He was unique as he offered a great sense of cliffhanger as well as turmoil making his long list of fanatics and admirers to have that implores to continue watching the next chapter. Honestly, there very few music artists in the world that can dare to release such a music video

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5. R Kelly - When a Woman Loves

‘When a Woman Loves’ is one of the R Kelly song lists released in 2010 in his ‘Love Letter’ album. The song was great in that it got itself nominated at the Grammy Award for Best Traditional R&B Performances in 2011 and at Soul Train Music Awards: The Ashford & Simpson Songwriter’s Awards in 2010.

Currently the song has over 27 million views on YouTube majorly because of its great everything from his soulful voice to his wonderful performance. R Kelly showed off his lyrical prowess in this song. According to R Kelly, “When a woman loves, She, she, she loves for real.” This song is among the R Kelly love songs that earned favor in most Ghanaians playlist. Those who still value and appreciate the old R&B songs know the meaning of great music.

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6. R Kelly - The World’s Greatest

R Kelly the World’s Greatest is among the top 100 songs of all time in Ghana as well as many countries. It was released back in 2003 in R Kelly ‘Chocolate Factor’ album and still viral until date. Red color talks in this great hit video in that R Kelly boxing clothes are also red. This song is an a tribute to a popular boxer ‘Muhammad Ali’ and R Kelly played his part; that is the reason he is a boxer in this song.

Currently, the hit track has 56 million views on YouTube, the number of downloads increasing day in day, meaning that the song will never fade away. It is an inspiring song with beautiful beats giving many Goosebumps every time they listen to it. In fact, when you play R Kelly songs, his soulful voice will definitely give you Goosebumps. Bille Woodruff is the director of the hit song and he deserves to be appreciated.

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7. R Kelly - Sign of a Victory

‘Sign of a Victory’ is the best of R Kelly songs that became the FIFA 2010 World Cup anthem. The 2010 pop song features Soweto spiritual singers from South Africa who perfectly offered R Kelly with background vocals. Honestly, this hit song got positive reception from different peoples in different nations Ghana inclusive.

The video quality is awesome with very beautiful introduction settings. The short scenes had a great flow in that R Kelly is seen travelling in Africa and seen at the top of a Chicago tall building singing. His vocals were well captured and this song making it to be an official 2010 FIFA World Cup remains unquestioned. This song has over 13 million views on YouTube proving that it is an accepted song. It reminds the Ghanaians how they almost won the World Cup Trophy giving them hope that they can still do it. Ghana has a strong national team that is promising to the Africans.

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8. R Kelly - Happy People

Most if not all R Kelly songs are nominated at different events, ‘Happy People’ not excluded. It was released back in 2004 in his ‘U Saved Me’ album and got nominated at the Grammy Awards Male R&B Vocal Performance event. ‘Happy People’ is more like a re-union song making it so Zen. The talented artist gave the song his all making the Ghanaians to fall in love with it. The beats are friendly, performance incredible, R. Kelly vocals nailing it, and the video of the song awesome. Currently the song has 24 million views on YouTube proving how the world loved the hit track.

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9. R Kelly - I Believe I Can Fly

‘I Believe I Can Fly’ is among the R Kelly greatest songs that will forever stick in most Ghanaians lips. It was released back in 1996 in R Kelly ‘Space Jam’ album. This hit song earned the artist awards such as Grammy Award for Best Song for Visual Media in 1998, Grammy Award for Best R&B Song in 1998, Grammy Awards for Best Male R&B Vocals Performance in 1998, NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Song in 1997, and NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Music Video in 1997.

It is an inspiring song for it comforts the listener with a dream of succeeding. ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ is like a national anthem in Ghana and it proved that R Kelly can sing so flawlessly. Currently it has 93 million views on YouTube showing he moves very many listeners in the whole world. R Kelly is truly gifted; he is an amazing artist and that is the reason his music copies are the best selling in the world.

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10. R Kelly - The Storm Is Over Now

‘The Storm Is Over Now’ is one of the R Kelly gospel songs released back in 2000 in his ‘ album. Currently it has 22 million views on YouTube showing how continents accepted it. Most Ghanaians are Christians and the song going viral in the country remain unquestioned. The lyrics are very powerful with a message that revolve around giving hope to the discouraged. Nobody has an easy life with no challenges and therefore we should all believe that the ‘storm will be over’. R Kelly gifted considering the fact that he kills it in every music genre. The beats prepares one for the deep message and the background vocals of the choir crowning it all.

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R Kelly songs are beautiful and if we failed to nominate your favorite song, kindly inform us in our comment section. R Kelly songs 2016 such as ‘She Deserves’ are also viral in Ghana and other songs such as ‘Hotel.’ The American artist is truly a legend with great talent.


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