Yvonne Nelson husband and daughter: beautiful photos and facts

Yvonne Nelson husband and daughter: beautiful photos and facts

Celebrities are indeed celebrated. Fans are just too invested in their lives that no gossip passes their scrutiny and prompt feedback. Often, the audience follows the all-too-rare social media updates, with the intent of getting a snippet or a taste of stardom. Yvonne Nelson, one of the most influential actresses in Ghana, sparks great interest and is a dominant popular personality. She perfectly fits this celebrated rhetoric in her country. Hence, people have been interested in Yvonne Nelson husband and other matters about her private life.

Yvonne Nelson husband
Yvonne Nelson baby daddy, Jamie Roberts (left) and Ghanaian actor Yvonne Nelson and daughter. Photo: @myeyeswide, @yencomgh (modified by author)
Source: Facebook

It is not uncommon for fans to yearn for more information from their adored prominent personalities. The entertainment industry has created this lookup to us image from actors and famous media personalities that invoke great interest on the most renowned. And it works pretty well in conveying more attention.

That is why Yvonne Nelson's wedding speculation is one of the biggest stories in Ghana. Fans are always searching social media platforms and other online venues for a glimpse of the presumed romantic union. Although there is a lot of information about Yvonne Nelson in the media, you are probably not aware of certain matters about her life.

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Yvonne Nelson marriage: Is she married?

Yvonne Nelson husband
Yvonne Nelson baby daddy, Jamie Roberts (left) and Ghanaian actor Yvonne Nelson and daughter. Photo: @Solomon D Pavalis
Source: Facebook

Are you wondering whether Yvonne Nelson is married? The Ghanaian star has been very vocal on marriage issues in society, and in certain instances reminded her fans that marriage is not an achievement. Yvonne responded to one of her fans that claimed she was getting old and needed to marry with the following words:

Marriage, like I always say, isn't an achievement for me. Real love, kids, education and happiness are. You can't tell me how to live my life. The society you want to please so much will kill you one day. No one cares about you, anyways. I'll live the way I want it. I can do the so-called marriage when it feels right.

Earlier in 2020, fans were speculating about Yvonne Nelson's wedding after she wrote the following on her Twitter page:

You’ll be bounced at my wedding if you don’t bring a gift. You cant come and eat my Jollof for free. This perperh life must stop.

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Although Yvonne Nelson has a child and a baby daddy, she is not married. According to her, she does not live life according to society's demands and status quo. Therefore, she will marry when she feels the time is right, and society cannot force her into what she doesn't want at the moment.

Yvonne Nelson husband: What you should know

Yvonne’s strong remarks about marriage are very confusing to her fans who thought she is married or was once married. Where does this controversy hail from? You have probably seen Yvonne Nelson daughter pictures together with another white man. Who is he and is Yvonne Nelson husband?

If you are wondering about Yvonne Nelson’s husband name, she doesn't have one. The guy is not her husband but her baby daddy as they are not married. The internet went crazy when people found out about Yvonne's baby daddy, who is a British fashion photographer. His name is Jamie Roberts popularly known as My Eyes Wide on social media.

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Jamie was regularly spotted with Yvonne in the last quarter of 2017 on each other’s social media platforms. However, in 2019, Yvonne eliminated all purported Yvonne Nelson and husband photos on her social media and stated that they were not together any more.

Yvonne Nelson engagement

Yvonne Nelson was once engaged. It is, however, in the past, as she is said to have terminated the relationship based on some complications.

Who was Miss Nelson engaged to? She was engaged to fellow actor John Dumelo. He is an established actor with a large portfolio. Yvonne Nelson terminated his engagement to John Dumelo because of residency.

It turns out that Dumelo had asked Miss Nelson to move to London with him. The talented actress was not ready to make the big change in her life then and chose to stay put in Ghana.

Yvonne Nelson daughter

Yvonne Nelson husband
Ghanaian actor Yvonne Nelson and daughter. Photo: @officialghlinks
Source: Facebook

The beautiful Ryn Roberts was born on October 29, 2017. Her mother, who says she was an answer to her prayer, announced her name on her Twitter feed accompanying a short prayer. Everyone has seen Yvonne Nelson movies, but many looked forward to the reality TV show about her pregnancy and journey to motherhood.

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Yvonne revealed her daughter’s face in the cover of Agoo Magazine. In the paper, she talked about being a mother and many other things about co-parenting. She said:

People have been saying all sorts about why I'm having a baby whilst I'm not married. This is an answered prayer for me; they have no idea. Maybe one day they'll get to hear my story.

Yvonne Nelson also made this announcement on her Twitter feed about a month after she announced her daughter’s name. All her fans were awaiting the announcement as well as Yvonne Nelson daughter pictures.

Even if her pregnancy threw her and her daughter into the tabloids, Yvonne Nelson took this as a great opportunity to put her best foot forward as a producer and try something new. The gorgeous Yvonne and her daughter Ryn are definitely a duo to reckon with. With matching outfits and beautiful pictures all over social media, the next step might be the branding of Ryn merchandise.

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Yvonne Nelson continues to practice her individuality and make great moves. She is not just an actress and film producer after attention, but she is also doing her part and helping the world philanthropically.

Despite tabloids creating unsubstantiated stories about Yvonne Nelson husband, the talented actress maintains her composure and focuses on her career. And that is why her reputation in the west African entertainment industry is growing at a fast pace.

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