Yvonne Nelson daughter and baby daddy

Yvonne Nelson daughter and baby daddy

A Fante woman from cape coast, Yvonne Nelson was born in Accra, Ghana’s capital city. The actress, movie producer and philanthropist is widely known not only across Ghana but also across West Africa. She has made headlines severally with her multiple achievements but lately, Yvonne Nelson baby has been taking the spotlight.

Yvonne Nelson daughter and baby daddy

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In several TV discussions, it was clear Ghana was torn in their opinion of Yvonne Nelson pregnancy. Half of the population was happy for the new addition while the more conservative half questioned the fact that Yvonne nelson was not yet married.

Yvonne Nelson biography

Yvonne Nelson daughter and baby daddy

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How old is Yvonne Nelson? Born in 1985, Yvonne Nelson is turning 33 on the 12th of September 2018. She started out her education journey in St Martin de pores school in Accra Ghana. She then joined the Aggrey memorial senior high school in Accra. A well learned woman, miss Nelson also holds a bachelor degree in Human Resource Management from Central University college.

Yvonne Nelson says she always had a passion for the arts. That is how she first got into movie production. Yvonne Nelson was able to give her first production to the world in the year 2011 in her first movie dubbed “The Prince”. She did not stop there and went on to release her second film in 2012 called ”single and married “ and the hard working woman she was, she followed it up in 2013 with “house of gold”

Her career in film began in Ghana but she was soon thrust in to the huge Nigeian Nollywood Movie industry. Her career in Nollywood began before she was a movie producer. She featured in a movie with the well known Nigerian actress Genevive Nnaji in the year 2007. This pretty much thrust her carrer forward opening many doors of opportunity for the actress turned producer.

Yvonne Nelson founded the Yvonne Nelson glaucoma foundation in the 2010 to help create awareness on this illness that was generally not that well known in West Africa. She continues her philanthropic work by organizing the recording of an all-star single. The track that was recorded with the help and support of other Ghanaian artistes was to help people about glaucoma.

Yvonne Nelson marriage

Yvonne Nelson daughter and baby daddy

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One subject people cannot get over is on whether the beautiful bombshell Yvonne Nelson is married or not. There have been several rumors and several speculative comments regarding this subject. This has especially been true in the very recent past.

It did not much help when she announced her pregnancy and the debut of her show “Waiting for Ryn”. All this publicity regarding her child brought up lots of conversations regarding the ever popular Yvonne’s love life. One of the reasons a lot of people came forward with a lot of different opinions on Miss Nelsons pregnancy is based on some Yvonne Nelson and Chris Attoh wedding pictures that went viral. Chris Attoh is an award winning Nigerian actor in the expansive nollywood industry.

The whole speculation and the pictures from the apparent wedding was all actually from scenes in a movie that they did together. So is Yvonne Nelson married to Chris Attoh? The answer to that is no. Chris Attoh is actually happily married to a Nigerian woman by the name of Damilola Adedgbite.

The scene that was captured in a manner so real it had many convinced was a well-played wedding scene in their movie and it is actually reported that the pairs real parents were invited for the actual scene. It is no wonder that a big number of people were fooled into believing that the Yvonne Nelson married to Chris Attoh pictures were real.

Yvonne Nelson engagement

Yvonne Nelson daughter and baby daddy

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Before even proceeding to these more recent news on who Yvonne Nelson baby father is, it is necessary to mention that Yvonne Nelson was actually once engaged. It is however in the past tense as well because Yvonne Nelson is said to have terminated the relationship based on some complications that arose.

Who was Miss Nelson actually engaged to? None other than fellow actor John Dumelo. He is an established actor with a large portfolio to his name. Yvonne Nelson and John Dumelo engagement was terminated on grounds that John Dumelo had asked Miss Nelson to move to London with him. It turns out she was not ready to be making any big changes in her life at the moment.

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Who is Yvonne baby daddy?

Yvonne Nelson daughter and baby daddy

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The internet went crazy when people found out who Yvonne Nelson baby father was. A Briton fashion photographer, Jamie Roberts is the father to Ryn Roberts, Yvonne’s daughter.

This is a relationship that has gotten a lot of media attention and it was not long before it hit people’s ears that he is actually married. It seems that Jamie Roberts is married to a Nigerian woman and is the father to her children.

The woman whose name is Keela Harrison has come forward claiming he is still actually married to her even despite saying they are getting divorced. She came forward talking about Yvonne saying she lied to the media. The rantings of a broken heart or truth? I guess only they know the reality of the whole situation

In spite of all the drama and talks on her personal life, you will find Yvonne Nelson in African print looking gorgeous and showing off her precious daughter Ryn. Yvonne Nelson movies continue to be loved in the industry and she is definitely moving along seemingly very happy.

Getting into the real situation in Yvonne Nelsons love life, she is has also broken up with her baby daddy. This made many people get a window of speculation that set the tabloids on fire. Everyone wanted to see Yvonne Nelson and husband photos. Needless to say, this definitely pushed the entire Chris Attoh situation much out of proportion. However Yvonne Nelson was finally open with the identity of her baby daddy. This was not helpful in keeping this beautiful Ghanaian actress out of the lime light and the tabloids.

Yvonne Nelson daughter

Yvonne Nelson daughter and baby daddy

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The beautiful Ryn Roberts was born in October of 2017. Her mother who says she was an answer to her prayer announced her name on her twitter feed accompanying a short prayer. We have all seen Yvonne Nelson movies but everyone is looking forward to following the reality TV show that is about her pregnancy and journey to motherhood.

Yvonne Nelson also made this announcement on her twitter feed about a month after she announced her daughter’s name. All her fans were awaiting the announcement as well as the pictures of the little baby and the news was warmly received by her fans across Ghana and Nigeria.

Even if her pregnancy threw her and her daughter into the tabloids, we see Yvonne Nelson taking this as a great opportunity to put her best foot forward as a producer and try something new. It would be false to say that there hasn’t been enough negative press on Yvonne Nelson and her pregnancy. However, it takes a strong woman to march through that and make a TV show out of it/. It truly is commendable how Ms. Yvonne has continued to grow through it all.

From making news due to her alleged secret marriage to Chris Attoh and making news due to her pregnancy, Yvonne Nelson is definitely one to watch. She continues to grab the lime light by looking effortlessly gorgeous even post-partum. She has also managed to shut haters up by showing love to her daughter that they said was born out of wedlock.

The gorgeous Yvonne and her daughter Ryn are definitely a duo to reckon with. With matching outfits and beautiful pictures all over social media, the next step might just be branding of Ryn merchandise.

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For women across the globe, Yvonne Nelson continues to practice her individuality and make moves. She is not just an actress and film producer after attention but she is also doing her part and helping the world philanthropically.

Yvonne Nelson is a woman that has shown her strength and stood for the things that matter. This is even in the event of lots of rumors and fake news regarding her love life. A high achiever in every sense of the word, she continues to progress in her field of work and also as a parent to her young daughter Ryn.

We have seen this in her recent protests against the energy crisis in Ghana. This simply shows that in spite of tabloids and a torn nation on her Marriage status, she stands for a cause higher than herself and this is enough to place her in high regard and make her a worthy role model. Hoping soon to hear a real story of Yvonne Nelson and her husband.

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