Top trending Tagoe Sisters songs

Top trending Tagoe Sisters songs

The interest of reputable singers in the genre of Gospel singing have cast a great spell on the entire nation and have always been a matter of rising inspiration worldwide. This article comprehensively presents a portion of the tidbits of their journey and the Tagoe Sisters songs, to quench the thirst of their fans from all ages.

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After reading this article, you would be able to get a much broader idea about them and it will certainly enhance your knowledge about the Tagoe sisters songs list.

Tagoe sisters reigning

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These two Tagoe sisters have been the reigning queens of the Gospel scene for the last two decades. Their gradual soar in their creative career has always been a noteworthy factor in the history of gospel spirit. Their contribution has been a turning point in the entire genre of gospel teaching that could have changed the general notion of spreading the gospel and introduced a change in the biblical preaching. Their way of preaching the gospel through songs have inspired many lives.

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Biography of Tagoe sisters

Top trending Tagoe Sisters songs, tagoe sisters all songs, tagoe sisters old songs playlist


The duo of Tagoe sisters has really reigned like a revolution in the genre of Gospel singing that hit the threshold almost two decades ago in the Ghanaian music industry. Despite possessing a strong instinct for melodious exploration of lyrics and tune from the very beginning, they could not easily start up with their musical experiment at the early stage of their life. These loopholes in starting their musical journey is primarily because of the disagreement of their parents to proceed with such a career. Finally, the wings of their musical genius got unfolded with their association with the church choir and the wave of their melodious rhythm flooded the country. Instead of singing, they satisfied the aim of their musical urge with mere musical collaboration and composition of songs, sung by famous gospel singers of that time.

Top trending Tagoe Sisters songs, lyrics of tagoe sisters songs, songs by tagoe sisters, tagoe sisters list of songs

Source: youtube, @KwesiErnestMedia

After completing their education in the capital of Ghana Accra, they started to gain knowledge about dress designing, before indulging themselves in the music performances between 1982 and 1983. The starting performances in the Open Bible Crusade throughout the country changed the measurement of their career by escalating the margin. The contribution of their spiritual leader Amoako, in 1985 is absolutely undeniable. The ripples of the melody of Tagoe sisters latest songs touched the nation with their first album that was an after effect of their performances in a musical concert in London, guided by Reverend Amoako.

Tagoe sisters all songs could be a perfect collection in the playlist of every Ghanaian who wants to devote and channel all their energy through the spirit. These pieces of Gospel songs are really going to provide a gracious charm in your mind that you can hardly let loose. Below is the list of some popular Tagoe sister songs that should definitely be in your bucket for a peaceful leisure.

Tagoe sisters list of songs

1. Orekyekye - Tagoe sisters

Top trending Tagoe Sisters songs, tagoe sisters list of songs, tagoe sisters new song, tagoe sisters songs list


This song of Tagoe sisters Orekyekye is an enchanting presentation of how Jesus relieving the race from their poignant suffering and making their spirit free in this world so that they would be able to enjoy the precious moments of their life. This is a must-keep in the Tagoes sisters list of songs.

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The 81,897 views of the song show the massive craze surrounding it. Though the total number of subscription is not more than 1k, the lists of subscribers are increasing day by day and it is expected to reach the standard subscription number like other popular songs by Tagoe sisters. Released in 2015, this song has been able to accumulate 217 likes on YouTube.

2. Boa Me Na Mehye Wo Anuonyam - Tagoe sisters

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The Tagoe sisters Boa Me Na Mehye Wo Anuonyam is undoubtedly a gorgeous bead in the thread of the Anka Matete album of these two sisters. The tranquil music is really like bliss to the restless mind for those who are in search for peace. The lyrics of Boa me truly shows the spark of Rev. Thomas who has a polished skill in his mind. This song like most of the other ones released in 2015 shows the charm that this duo has the potential to bring out. This song perfectly matches the trends of most of the Tagoe sisters songs lyrics that has induced the listeners with the aura of Gospel.

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3. Okamafo Jesus - Tagoe sisters

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The video of Tagoe sisters Okamafo Jesus was published on 14th September 2012, by the authentic Ghanamankofi to reach as many gospel listeners as they can. The endeavour of the publisher has achieved a grand success with more than 37,400 viewers on YouTube. Despite possessing number of subscribers of more than 80k, the list is increasing with each day. This song has been part of Great Collection Vol.2 album and has always enriched the list with it’s vivacious appeal that presents the divinity of Jesus. Okamafo Jesus is a bright star in the Tagoe sisters old songs playlist that can move anyone towards the spirituality, that a gospel can offer.

4. Nyame Ye kese - Tagoe sisters

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Source: youtube, @MegaBillyboy09

Tagoe sisters Nyame Ye kese God is great, it is a mesmerizing piece of gospel tune published by Ghana Culture Politics on 8th December 2012 and licensed by (Merline) Africori. This is an unforgettable part of the Great Collection Volume 1 album. It has got more than 100000 views on YouTube and more than 75k subscriptions. The mild touch of instrumental makes the lyrics of the song more heart rendering for its listeners, trying to find some solace in an aura of the Gospel. The artists of the song Rev. Thomas Yawson, have performed pretty well to make the song a perfect match for the album. The lyrics of the songs are perfectly in tune with the lyrics of Tagoe sisters songs that have filled the mind of the listener with utmost joy for so long.

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5. Yedi Nkunim - Tagoe sisters

Top trending Tagoe Sisters songs, tagoe sisters old songs, tagoe sisters okamafo jesus


The magical instrument of the Tagoe sisters Yedi Nkunim depicts the honed skill of these two sisters who have won the crowd of admirers, from each corner of the nation.

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The charm of their song should have been able to smash the so-called tradition that used to prevail among most of the gospel performers. This song like the other Tagoe sisters songs breaks the general norms of the Gospel songs. Comparatively, the less number of views does not do much justice to the emphatic essence of the lyrics of this song. This piece of song has been published in 2012 on YouTube to reach the young generation as well as the older one.

Some of the other songs of Tagoe sisters new song playlist which have been heard by the gospel listeners are Abandindin ne Wo Yehowah, Ayeyi Dwom, My Story will change, Osombo and so on. Each of these songs inevitably molds the listener’s mind to indulge in an elegant taste of Gospel with the Ghanaian flavor. All these Tagoe Sisters songs have been held in high esteem not only On YouTube but also on Spotify and other musical sites.


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