Top trending 2face songs

Top trending 2face songs

2face Idibia, real name Innocent Ujah Idibia is a great Nigerian singer, record producer, songwriter, and a business mogul. The gifted star will be turning 43 years old on 18th September this year, 2018. 2face songs mostly fall under R&B, Reggae and Hip-hop genre. He is the king of R&B in Africa because nobody does it better than him. The ‘African Queen’ hit maker has a soulful voice and great lyrical ability making his songs to earn favor locally and beyond Nigerian boarders. We will offer you the top trendy 2face Idibia songs that will forever be stuck on the lips of his many fanatics and admires. Read on Tuface Idibia songs that have the most number of downloads, positive reception by his listeners, and quite a number of views on YouTube.

2face songs


2face trending songs

2face Idibia music journey has been full of challenges but his current state is proof that for those who are passionate about their dreams then no star is unreachable. Below is a comprehensive list of 2face songs that are most popular amongst his fans.

1. ‘African queen’ 2face Idibia

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2face Idibia African queen is a beautiful song released by 2Baba back in 2004 in his ‘Face 2Face’ album. This song was widely accepted by the Africans for its friendly beats, great lyrics, beautiful performance, and the soulful voice of 2Baba. In simple words, everything of this hit track is soothing making anyone who listens to it to move their head or even feet.

The lyrics had a sweet message of glorifying the beauty of African ladies. The dark skin tone is beautiful because it defines the beauty of Africa continent. 2face killed it with this song that appreciates the African beauty. Most African streets accepted the song in massive and it is still ‘a must play’ in most clubs, streets, and backyards that understands great music. A song with a message to its listeners, he did not sing to impress them.

2. ‘If love is a crime’ 2face Idibia

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‘If Love is a crime’ is among Tu face songs released in 2006 in his ‘Grass 2 Grace’ album. It features an amazing artist referred to as V.I.P. The love song proved that the Nigerian star can sing so flawlessly. In fact, when it comes to love declaration songs, nobody does it better that 2face. The lyrics have a message that revolved around 2 youngsters meeting, falling in love with each other, and the people backbiting them majorly because of jealousy.

One of the best lyric quotes are: “ For the one that God had sent to fulfill her kind of craving, A special kind of loving, One with love and understanding, Come raining come shining.”

The lyrics are powerful with well-played musical instruments at the background. The introduction setting is great and the soothing beats crown it all. 2Baba nailed it in this song and it becoming trendy up to date remains unquestioned. He just gave it his all making people to fall in love with it.

3. ‘True love’ 2face Idibia

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2face Idibia true love is a sweet song released in 2Baba ‘Grass 2 Grace’ album back in 2006. Do you believe in true love? Well, Tuface seems to understand the true qualities of true love. The qualities are included in the chorus, he needed a girl who will love him for who he is, a lover to satisfy him, and love him completely.

Love life is crazy until you meet someone that was meant to be yours by God. The flow was awesome because the lines are well arranged. He is a great entertainer as well as a philosopher via his sweet music.

4. ‘Only me’ 2face Idibia

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‘Only Me’ is a hit track by the king of contemporary R&B in Nigeria that was released in his ‘Unstoppable, International Edition' album back in 2008. 2face Idibia only me has deeper lyrics with a message that revolved around him praising himself at one point and inspiring his listeners. He advised his long list of fanatics and admirers not to let anybody to ever push them to the wall. He added that its better to be alone and stop caring about what people say or think about you. Something must be cooking on 2face mind when he was releasing this trendy track.

One thing that makes Tuface a favorite artist to many, is the fact that he is original and creative. He also believes in himself and tries to tell other upcoming artists that a song can be at the top of the chart without naked women dancing to its video. He is a true legend not only in Nigeria, but also in Africa as whole; his great everything is just undeniable.

5. ‘ See me so ’ 2face Idibia

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2face Idibia ‘ See me so ’ features a great artist called V.I.P. It was released in his ‘Grass 2 Grace album back in 2006. The beats are a killer in this song in that you can start moving in easy steps before 2Tuface even starts to sing. This rap song has deep lyrics that has a message that revolved around loving people around you. He adds that yes, you don’t care about anybody, but if there was nobody around you, you will find no one to show you care, no one to call a neighbor, and no one to call a brother.

In simple words, Tuface tried to portray a message of love to his listeners. Here is a lyric quote that is so touching, “Don't wana com across to you like just another nigga’ I know you cannot trust nobody, But you have to trust someone.” 2Baba is truly gifted and his message of love in this hit song just proved that he is a true entertainer.

6. ‘Oya come make we go’ 2face Idibia Ft. Sauti Sol

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2face all songs released in 2016 such ‘Oya Come Make We Go’ went viral and played in almost all airplays both locally and internationally. This song featured Kenyan heartthrob band referred to as ‘Sauti Sol. ‘Oya come make we go’ received positive reception from the artists long list of listeners making it trendy untill date. The powerful vocals of both the Nigerian star and the Kenyan boy band alternated perfectly giving the song a sweet flow and a wonderful performance.

J. Sleek is the producer of the hit song and to us, the song is great and he deserves thumbs up. The song has an encouraging message to the listeners. According to 2face and the boys' band, nothing comes easy in life and therefore people need to dream, learn and believe in themselves. If you don’t believe in yourself, who else do you want to believe in you? The song is just awesome.

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7. ‘Gaga shuffle’ 2face Idibia

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Most if not all 2face songs 2017 gained favor from the artist listeners ‘Gaga Shuttle’ not excluded. 2face was silent for a while and then came back with this banger song. His listeners were amused and proud of him. In fact, ‘Gaga shuffle’ is among 2Baba new songs with the highest YouTube views, currently it has over 4 million views proving that many fell in love with it. This Tuface new song’ has danceable beats and the video quality is just awesome.

‘Gaga shuffle’ has become a club song that is a ‘must play’. You just take slow steps and enjoy dancing to the song. Yes, some people gave negative response to the song but it doesn’t stop it from banging. The negative reception came in because some people thought that 2Baba was supposed to stick to his soothing songs and not the ‘Pon Pon’ wave or style. We think though that the gifted artist was in the mood of having crazy fun; he sang on the hook.

8. ‘4 instance’ 2face Idibia ft. V.I.P

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‘4 Instance’ is a great hit by 2Baba released in his ‘Grass 2Grace’ album back in 2006. The only backside is that Tuface never gave the song a video. It is an awesome hit will beautiful beats capturing the great voice of 2Baba. ‘4 Instance’ trending today makes one to place it among the Tuface latest song. It starts off with whistling and the flow is beautiful making lots of people to fall in love with it.

Tuface has displayed his ability to give a beautiful short story to his listeners inform of a song and that proves he is truly talented because most artist can’t do that. For example, ‘4 instance’ most touching lyric quotes are “All we get is a pursing glance, Anytime we stand for resistance, When them in the act of exploitance, Abi we just be living in a trance.” That tells what the sweet song is all about.

9. ‘Holy Holy’ 2face Idibia

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‘Holy Holy' is a Tuface new song released last year in 2017 as a single hit. This trendy hit earned the artist the Headies Award for "Best Reggae/ Dancehall Single award". Did you watch big brother show Nigeria grand finale? If yes, then we are sure that you noticed it was among the songs that were premiered.

The lyrics of the song again portray 2Baba lyrical prowess. It has a message that directed to those who take pleasure in criticizing others just to bring them down or even make them look bad. 2Baba told those kind of people that feel that they are holier than even Elijah to halt bashing as well as hating others. People should try to appreciate the efforts of others because they would also love to be appreciated. Right? Nobody is perfect and people learn from their mistakes, but we think everybody should try to condemn jealousy within their hearts.

Yes, ‘Holy Holy’ sounds exactly the same with his 2004 song ‘You No Holy Pass’ in his ‘Face 2 Face’ album, but it is a viral song that many fell in love with. There is no harm if you call it ‘You No Holy Pass’ remix.

10. ‘Coded tinz’ 2face Idibia Ft. Phyno & Chief Obi

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‘Coded tinz’ is a beautiful hip-hop song released in 2016. It features great Nigerian artist, Phyno and Chief Obi. The title of the song ‘Coded tinz’ requires a 2nd glance to understand. 2Baba used that title to demand a ‘low-key’ love affair. His lyrics quote that he is a jealous lover and he hates anyone who tries to mingle in his business. The love declaration song was awesome and they is no harm if a jealous boyfriend dedicates it to his lovely partner in his life. Being jealous is not a sin because it shows that there is love deep within.

Moe Musa is the director of the hit song and thumbs up to him for his great job. The chrome colors as people dance made the video great. Yes, the video did not actually give the viewers a reasonable plot that went hand in hand with the lyrics, but it was a great song worth downloading and adding to your favorite playlist. It is a heavy dancehall instrumental song that is a ‘must play’ in most clubs and parties. They artists gave it their all and the listeners could hesitate to show them some love.

2face all songs


2face songs make him a legend in Africa and the King of music scenes as well. He is not new in the music industry and he continues to influence upcoming artists to grow. Nowadays, most artists sing to impress listeners with awesome beats with no lyrical ability. Listeners need to learn something from songs. If we failed to dispute you favorite song by 2face in our list, feel free to nominate it in our comment section. We understand that 2face Idibia albums are among the most selling because most if not all songs by him are greatly accepted by massive.

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