Kweku Baako hurts Anas's case more than he realises

Kweku Baako hurts Anas's case more than he realises

The periods before and after Anas Aremeyaw Anas' showing of his investigative pieces have always been filled with drama. But the recent documentary has brought a different sort of problem.

Anas' problems seem to be prolonged and even worsened by someone surprisingly closer to him: Abdul-Malik Kweku Baako. explains with three examples how this is so.

1. Confirming Anas was a classmate of late MP's wife

Kweku Baako is an experienced journalist. Areas such as information management, one can believe, are not new to him.

But it is strange how he of all people came to 'clarify' how Anas could have known the wife of late MP J.B. Danquah. According to Baako, Anas and the wife of the late MP are friends because they once were classmates.

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Kweku Baako hurts Anas's case more than he realises

Kennedy Agyapong insinuates that Anas and the wife of the late MP are lovers.

The question was posed by Kennedy Agyapong. But it was unnecessary to the matter at hand. The issue was that of Anas findings as well as his methods.

For Baako to have come to answer only gives credibility to all the barking Mr Agyapong does. The answer itself was worse because it allowed people to guess whatever Mr Agyapong was insinuating.

2. Calling Anas' detractors murderers

One can say that a good number of Anas' detractors do not make a good case. Some of them are basically shouting at him because they seem not to like he targeted their "friends" in "Number 12".

Generally, if you were on Anas' side, you would be defensive.You would like to speak to the matter and explain the facts in your favour.

But when Kweku Baako compared those who wanted to reveal Anas' identity to murderers, he lost the plot.

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Baako could have simply worked at getting enough security for Anas and his team. But he should not have lost sight of the fact that even a lot Anas' well-wishers would want to know his identity.

Anas is loved, obviously more than he is hated. And so would it mean everyone wanting to know him is comparable to a murderer?

3. Saying Anas was working with the BBC and having to apologise for it

This point might have stemmed from lack of proper information. This is because on Wednesday, BBC News Africa confirmed that they were in working alliance with Anas.

But earlier in the week, Kweku Baako had to apologise after it came out that the British media giants were not helping with Anas' work.

The fault could have been that of the BBC but the eagerness to get ahead of the story is certainly Baako's fault. And having to apologise for it certainly makes it worse.

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It is not known what he will do now that the BBC has walked back their denial. Will Baako also apologise for his apology?

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